The Missing Link - Full Spectrum Deterrence

The Missing Link To Full Spectrum Dominance – Full Spectrum Deterrence

Zahir Ebrahim

August 09, 2007.

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'Axel Brot' in his amazing three part article "Germany, the Re-Engineered Ally" only misses out on one minor detail in his very lucid elaboration upon the power-plays on 'the Grand Chessboard': the solution-space of how to deter the hectoring hegemons' wet dreams of “full spectrum dominance” - 'full spectrum deterrence'. How is it that this rather obvious, commonsensical, and rational self-defense measure through 'full spectrum alliance' among the nations of the Global South, most importantly Asia, is being co-opted into non-existence, possibly by its very own ruling elites!

In reference to Axel Brot's three part article "Germany, the Re-Engineered Ally" [1], both Atimes and the author must be congratulated. The former because it has unusually carried a perspective that is quite common among the plebeians albeit only outside the shores of the US continent. Despite being a most widespread sentiment among the peoples of the Global South, it is rarely if ever, carried in their own news media or even analyzed publicly among their own intelligentsia. The world's press and its prominent mainstream erudite pundits have all inexplicably become adjunct echoers of the propagandist mantra of 'global war on terror' whose devilishly crafty realization is so Orwellianly being synthesized by the assorted "hectoring hegemons" [2] and their venal accouterments in the Global North, and dutifully reproduced in the Global South with only minor variations.
The difference in the public discourse and mainstream news coverage between the two hemispheres is primarily that the 'freedom' loving Northern mainstream press willingly discloses various monumental crimes of their own Governments, and sometimes also its affect upon the victims, with far more candidness and panache than the victims' own mainstream press, but invariably both keep the main premise behind the 'War on Terror' quite intact – that there is a genuine global 'militant Islam' with its accompaniment of fanatical 'jihadis' who did '911' and who continue to wage a real asymmetric 'terror' war against the West to establish their antediluvian notions of 'global Islam'. Thus, both the mainstreams, and their ruling elite, allege in unison that there is indeed a real 'Clash of Civilizations' underway which must be defeated at all costs (mainly to the 'unworthy victims').
So it is heartening to see a courageous and prominent news outlet, '', willing to reflect the views of the ordinary peoples - as opposed to those of their ruling elite - even if expressed by someone with the dubious distinction of wishing to remain anonymous under the nom de plume 'Axel Brat' and identifying himself or herself only as a "former intelligence officer". The latter designation of course being a contradiction in terms as intelligence agents, like assorted hectoring hegemons and their monumentally criminal aiders and abettors, empirically only become 'former' once they are safely tucked six feet under or behind bars! Be that as it may, the author too must be congratulated, because the essay presumably fills in certain 'factual data' and connects the proverbial dots that most people on the streets in the Global South do not know the 'how' of, albeit they quite understand the 'why' of it, and are often unable to argue or comprehend coherently how the various pieces of disparate news items all come together in making them a waiting morsel for the predators.
The plebeians of course well understand that they are being made a meal, and why, but not the complexities of how the tangled web of competing interests and deception games on the Grand Chessboard, and the systematic local covert-ops and co-optations in their own backyards, are gradually doing it to them such that even the right of self-defense is being stripped from them. Since they are unable to diagnose the mechanics of their being made a meal with any degree of precision, they are also unable to come up with efficacious antidotes in their own self-defense even as they are being deftly carved up and served on the platter of neoliberalism and neoconservatism. Most invariably end up fatalistically lamenting on this and that cleverly planted red herrings and contrived puppet shows in synchronous harmony with their drum-beating ruling elite, while also realizing fully well that all the dazzling and exploding effects eventually only lead to the same 'pre-ordained' destination of servitude.
As an investigative and independent free-lance journalist, I often talk to the ordinary 'taxi driver', i.e., common man, of the Global South, primarily in my native country, and they will echo the principle sentiments that are so eloquently expressed by Axel Brot, but often also with a fatalist resignation, simplistically and stereotypically blaming the 'Jews' or the 'Americans' or the 'West as being against Islam' in general.
For instance, many of them easily observe what is manifest for all rational plebeian peoples to see even in the global North (which the latter inexplicably don't seem to notice), that how the nations of the Global North are continually uniting among themselves into larger administrative, collaborative, and security entities, but the Global South is deliberately being made to divide in all sorts of ways even further. That 'divide and conquer' is at play on their shores is visible to all and sundry, and even when they may not be able to articulate it as elegantly as some erudite hectoring hegemons in the West who seek its vainglorious justification, as in "Hegemony is as old as mankind" [3], they surely recognize it trivially, being on its receiving end.
Even the 'uneducated' but surprisingly astute taxi driver in the developing nations of the Global South insightfully observes that even in their own minimal self-defence, China and Russia are unable to draw into a "full spectrum" alliance when each of these two burgeoning superpowers can clearly perceive that the Global North led by the sole superpower hectoring hegemon is out for "full spectrum dominance" [4]. And the taxi driver knows that both the intended victims on the Grand Chessboard can quite comprehend that the 'great game' is being replayed in Central Asia and the Middle East at the indigenous peoples' expense and that neither is being fooled by the 'global war on terror' mantra. Thus, the plebeian surmises, both must surely also be well aware that their anemic and guarded attempts at SCO collaboration that falls far short of the “full spectrum alliance” necessary to thwart the 'great game' of "full spectrum dominance" being wrecked upon all of "space, sea, land, air, and information" [5] by the top 'baboon' du jour, is merely a toothless and inefficacious show-dog sentry.
Any ordinary person in the street in the impoverished Global South - the general sympathies among whom for the enormous wealth and power controlled by the Global North historically always being in the negative, and now rapidly approaching its nadir with the rise of the new 'Mandarins' heralding in the elite-favored and elite-enabled 'New World Order' - knows that for instance, the pending American-Israeli invasion plan for the destruction of a defenseless Iran can be trivially thwarted by a full spectrum NATO-EU like security-and-trade alliance immediately emerging within the SCO, with India, Pakistan, and Iran being made full time mutual-defense-pact treaty members to safeguard the Asian Continent homeland from all external marauders. It is rather commonsensical to fathom that further extending such 'Treaties' and 'Unions' among similarly fated nations of South America and even Africa can create a relatively stable "full spectrum deterrence" all across the Global South.
This is the most obvious and immediate self-defense-and-trading-partners pact among the 'lowly', which despite the doctrine of naked preemptive aggression of nuclear first-strike preeminence claimed by the 'baboons' du jour, and which is also jingoistically projected to target Russia and China [6], no external economic sanctions and saber-rattling by the "hectoring hegemons" can subvert and co-opt without a full scale 'Armageddon' in which all manifestly lose! Even the realpolitik hegemons don't want 'Armageddon' – the tortuous notion is entirely for the feeble minded among them to keep them geopolitically motivated for 'imperial mobilization'!
As in any power-posturing and bluffing in uber-realist Chess and Poker on the Grand Chessboard, there are many standoffs and postures, alliances and treaties, that can lead to a credible and manageable 'MAD' like conclusive détente of equitable peace and relative security (as during the Cold War) even today.
And this can easily transpire despite the somewhat 'lowly' status of the Russian-Chinese economies and their perceived military under-preparedness compared to the Hectoring Hegemons'. The fantastic interdependence of the global economies and the fluidity of global finance alone can become primal guarantors of peace if the 'checkmating' moves are judiciously and collaboratively played! When a superpower's lifelines become global trade, world stock markets and offshore manufacture, and its national debt is held by others, it also becomes its Achilles heal.
Thus it is profound shortsightedness to only include military prowess, and GDP and domestic spending based econometric dominance in the calculus of détente. Economic and resource vulnerability under Globalization are just as essential pieces on the Grand Chessboard. While the 'Hectoring Hegemons' spearheading the Global North's hegemony over the Global South seem to realize this acutely as they form Unions and Alliances and put up global military bases across the 'Arc of Crises' (as of 2004 more than 700 [7]), to construct the global supermarket for a neo-liberal "fast [food] world" [8], the resource rich and yet criminally impoverished nations of the South do not seem to be able to capitalize on this god-sent serendipitous asset already sitting in their pathetically divided laps.
It is so incredibly bizarre that it should occur to the commonest of commoner taxi-driver to ask the obvious question "what right has god granted to the West to come pillaging in our lands and dictate to us how we should live or govern ourselves" when it doesn't seem to occur to his ruling elite in their policy planning calculus, and who continually seem to bow and scrape to just a single phone call from their Masters du jour. It is indeed heartening to hear the plebeians' unconstrained imagination soar with various self-defense scenarios to safeguard ones' independence and self-determination - but only after one has plied them with a hearty meal in dignified settings and got them to open up a window into their genuine plebeian thoughts - that is bar none. The common 'uneducated' man in his moralist and freedom-aspiring flights of fancy can easily give the best of Hollywood script writers a run for their money (who, it is rumored, often do create the 'reality' of war-game scenarios for the Pentagon that are not just limited to publicly viewable blockbusters like 'Dr. Strangelove').
Unfortunately, these lofty thoughts for freedom from injustices and hegemony in the quest for a more equitable distribution of the world's wealth with liberty afforded to all human beings to pursue the pleasures of life and happiness - yes even those in the Global South - are still only flights of fancy because morality presumably died with Prophet Moses, or perhaps it was stillborn. When was the last time that the glorious Ten Commandments was the basis of any nation's foreign policy? In fact, the only nation that any fair student of political science and political history can even point to in the accurately recorded annals of history as being based entirely upon the 'Law Givers' own moral teachings, is what the Prophet of Islam founded in Medina 1400 years ago and ruled the new nation-state of Islam for 10 years until his death.
Unfortunately, its universally acknowledged moral temper too died with the Prophet of Islam, the meritorious spread of Islam after the Prophet's demise and its global preeminence for 700 years notwithstanding. Lots of empires have flourished over the ages, morality being quite orthogonal to their emergence and dominance. Hence global preeminence and dominant civilization as an 'empire' is not a prima facie evidence of its morality and zenith of humanity in its relation to other 'lesser' nations anymore for Muslims' rise during the European 'Dark Ages', than it is of America's rise today as a global superpower during the Muslims' and the Global South's 'Dark Age'.
All rulers have generally ruled with the 'ubermensch' "might makes right" political philosophy with rare exceptions, and all struggles for freedom from their respective 'la mission civilisatrice' du jour have been waged only by peoples and nations of unflinching courage and determination who unequivocally refused to accept the suzerainty of any 'Hectoring Hegemons' upon them. Such is the amazing unforgettable history of mankind, right alongside the ruling elite's "hegemony is old as mankind".
One wonders then, that when such 'flights of fancy' scenarios for self-defense to acquire and retain full sovereignty and genuine independence - a never ending struggle as old as mankind - can occur even to the lowly 'taxi-driver' and is the documented history of the world, they must surely also occur to the burgeoning Asian powers, to the smaller surrounding nations, and certainly to the vastly more seasoned and sophisticated policy planners and strategic thinkers inhabiting their august corridors of power.
So then, the ordinary plebeian 'taxi-driver' – quite representative of the ordinary masses with street smarts - rightly ponders, why is such collectivist self-defense not occurring?
The astute plebeian is unfortunately not privy to the corridors of power and cannot comprehend the mechanics of how its own ruling elite is repeatedly coerced and co-opted into becoming so impotent that they are unable to enter into any sort of "full spectrum" deterrence alliance either among themselves, or with their immediate geographical neighbors with whom the beleaguered nations share borders and cultures, or in conjunction with the bigger minnows even if at a distance, no matter how corrupted and self-serving the ruling might be.
Shouldn't rational self-defense trump unbridled greed, he asks? Only the obvious moral truisms and commonsense is within his limited ken and purview, not the Machiavellian obfuscation and deceptions surrounding the mechanics of power-plays as he does not posses either the intellectual tools nor the time to unravel them.
So he can unbeguilingly only observe that even the murderous gangster Mafiosos are wont to make alliances to protect their territories from outside invaders! He can trivially only ask what has happened to courage, to self-respect, to self-determination, to chutzpah? Has it all been hogged by the defenseless Iran and Venezuela? And he can only emotionally lament that the ruling elite in the rest of Global South seems to be walking on its knees and entirely co-opted one way or another.
But he cannot comprehend what makes such acquiescence to hectoring hegemon happen when many clear paths of alliances and mutual cooperation are plainly visible to all and sundry despite the variegated fog of contrived enmities and competing geopolitical interests?
If a EU can transpire, and a NU is in the clandestine offing, what prevents an AU from transpiring? Surely when the house is on fire, all must unite to put out the fire before arguing about domestic matters?
Unless of course, he conjectures, the ruling elite have become the fifth columnist for empire and are indeed the arsonists in the fire brigade! Such is the profound intelligence as well as the ineptitude of the common man for he simply cannot fathom the mechanics of how such cowardly co-optation to the hectoring hegemons is continually brought to fruition.
What is 'Alice in Wonderland' dream state, what is Hollywood-like contrived reality, and what is the naked truth of the matter when 'Alice' is awake - the distinction is now so blurred between the insanity of "you are with us or with the terrorists" and the extremes of 'off with the head' and real "shock and awe" elocution of the 'Queen' to the synchronized singing of “United We Stand” at the absurd 'Unbirthday Party' of the 'Mad Hatter' - that the ordinary man in the street is unable to comprehend how such co-optation into giving up ones' own rational and commonsensical self-defense against the hegemons du jour is being deftly orchestrated through the complex wheeling-dealing of real world power-plays to which he is not privy.
Thus it appears to him, if he is among the one billion+ Muslims for instance who are presently bearing the full brunt of this fiction of 'war on terror', that the West is genuinely against Islam and is waging a real war against this lofty religion of a billion plus peoples to conquer Muslim lands. The goal is appreciated correctly, not the devious mechanism employed to achieve it. While he quite understands that this 'global war on terror' is fake, he fails to comprehend the real mechanics of how it is deliberately crafted with covert-ops and black-ops a plenty to actually provoke its natural auto-pilot sustainment into existence for a lifetime - because that is what the hectoring hegemons have publicly proclaimed it will take to achieve "full spectrum dominance" through a "World War IV".
And he therefore fails to perceive that 'militant Islam' is merely the well managed patsy du jour, that it is not a happenstance consequence due to 'blow-back' or the so called 'triumphalism' of 'Islam the religion' as the veritable neo-con and closet-Straussian Bernard Lewis would like the world to believe, but a deliberate pre-meditated contrivance ab-initio that originated in the Orwellian minds of the hectoring hegemons decades ago.
The latter are, after all, inimitable masters of psyops and sociological control with a profound understanding of "doctrinal motivations" and how to mobilize an unwilling largely ignorant Western public for conquest; as the hectoring hegemons believe (rightfully or not) that their well fed "democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization" and requires a constant and believable danger as the 'scare-crow' to motivate its 'populist democracy' into continually accepting shedding their young blood for the absurd doctrine of "preemptive self defense" in far off lands.
Thus in a nutshell, the plebeians of the world well know that 'uniting' is the key principle that is required for any self-defense, it is not that profound. What they don't understand is how and why it is not transpiring; what red herrings and covert-ops and co-optations and "techniques of infamy" are systematically disenabling them of natural unity that is normally borne of a shared plight, especially given the plethora of other natural conducive factors such as geographical proximity, cultural, and long-historical affiliations?
Perhaps Axel Brot can continue his incredible analysis in a future part-4 of his excellent essay series discussing how "full spectrum" deterrence can actually be achieved in the backdrop of the power-plays that he has so eruditely outlined in the first three parts [9]. If these essays are read widely in the Global South, they will surely increase the peoples understanding of the mechanical details of power-plays, especially those transpiring in Europe. There are still many pieces missing in the analysis, and perhaps there are also some (inadvertent) red herrings, but most utility will be served immediately by focusing on the mechanics of bringing about the obvious cure!
For ultimately, human beings aren't the famed wildebeests of the hectoring hegemons' tortuous imagination who should willingly lie down to make a tasty meal! And yet this is precisely what we of the Global South collectively seem to be doing. And as wisdom might dictate, like all cures, accurate diagnosis and timeliness of administering the curing protocol is critical, as it would hardly matter after faits accomplis have extracted its irrecoverable toll upon the human soul for a millennium of servitude and shattered the tabula rasa of a large mass of humanity.



1: The three part essay by Axel Brot can be read at (PDF Cached):
Part-1: "Readiness for endless war"
Part-2: "Everything is broken"
Part-3: "Hail to the chief, or else”
2: The vainglorious term "Hectoring Hegemons" is the 'ubermensch' self-description by the Neocon authors of "Rebuilding America's Defenses – A Report of the Project for the New American Century", September 2000. It appears in the properties of the PDF file in the author's field. A snapshot can be seen here:
3: Zbigniew Brzezinski in "The Grand Chessboard - American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives". New York: Basic Books, 1997.
4: Key term in "Joint Vision 2020" approved by General Henry H. Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director for Strategic Plans and Policy, J5; Strategy Division; published by US Government Printing Office, Washington DC, June 2000. It was for a time available publicly from PDF Part-1: , PDF Part-2: Also see its summary by Jim Garamone from the American Forces Press Service in: "Joint Vision 2020 Emphasizes Full-spectrum Dominance". The full quote in context from Chapter 3 of JV 2020 titled Full Spectrum Dominance is as follows:
“The label full spectrum dominance implies that US forces are able to conduct prompt, sustained, and synchronized operations with combinations of forces tailored to specific situations and with access to and freedom to operate in all domains – space, sea, land, air, and information. Additionally, given the global nature of our interests and obligations, the United States must maintain its overseas presence forces and the ability to rapidly project power worldwide in order to achieve full spectrum dominance.”
5: Ibid. It commonsensically begs the question in the minds of most plebeians of the Global South: which morality, or god, gave the vainglorious United States of America the right to acquire the "global nature of our interests and obligations" and to mobilize for "full spectrum dominance" upon "space, sea, land, air, and information"? Is it the obvious 'elephant in the room' prerogative of "might makes right" and has been so since the very inception of mankind - as the 'Nietzscheian superman' Zbigniew Brzezinski would have the 'lesser' world complacently accept as their pre-ordained destiny?
In his very 'American Mein Kampf', 'The Grand Chessboard', with his frighteningly unabashed and undisguised amoral pronouncements of 'ubermensch' realism such as "Hegemony is as old as mankind", he directs the lone preeminent superpower to exercise its considerable lead in primacy with full force and deliberation in order to mold the world in its own best interests and future prosperity before its unilateral exercise of such power is made obsolete by the rise of other powers eventually leading to a new détente!
This manifest agenda and premeditated intent for "imperial mobilization" further begs the even more profound question which is the central theme under discussion, that what mechanics and power-plays enable the superpower to continue on with its self-ascribed 'moral' mission of hegemony from 'god'? How many devilishly different flavors does its exercise come in? It supposedly varies considerably between the impatient and petulant latter day Neo-cons with the need for immediate ejaculation, and the seasoned old guard more attuned to the dance of the tarantula through proxy services and more sophisticated persuasion techniques. 'Axel Brot' in his three-part essay has only touched upon exposing some of these power-plays on the European continent.
Also see some other aspects of such power-plays in this scribe's maiden book "Prisoners of the Cave" at and also in his other essays and letters on
6: Nuclear Posture Review, 2002.
7: “The United States maintains an extensive network of overseas military bases, as it has since the end of World War II. Those installations--scattered throughout the world and numbering more than 700--enable the U.S. military to maintain a permanent presence on all seven continents.” Congressional Budget Office, May 2004. Also see: “The Arithmetic of America's Military Bases Abroad: What Does It All Add Up to?” by Chalmers Johnson.
8: "A Manifesto For a Fast World" by Thomas L. Friedman, 1999,
9: Most writers in the rational dissent space, like 'Axel Brot', mainly contend with exposing the power-plays and connecting the dots. Hardly anyone explores the solution space on how to defeat the hectoring hegemons. Why? Is it because it may now actually be (or getting to become) illegal to do so most everywhere in the world - as any attempts to interfere with the fiction of "global war on terror", and dismantling and derailing its Orwellian mass paralysis, may see the conscionable anti-war, peace and justice activists and courageous protesters themselves behind bars charged with 'anti-Orwellian terrorism' of obstructing the State in the commission of its monumental crimes? The newly introduced 'police-state' laws on the books in many nations, including in the United States, commencing from its infamous 'Patriot Acts' and spanning the gamut from the 'Military Commissions Act' to the latest and greatest Presidential Executive Orders to incrementally curtail even thought 'crimes' in the best rendition of '1984'. I gave up trying to keep up with all of the modalities of thought control, for now it makes little sense to worry about how deep in a 'pig-pen' one sits, when one is already in it, and 'stinking'!

The author, an ordinary researcher and writer on contemporary geopolitics, a minor justice activist, grew up in Pakistan, studied EECS at MIT, engineered for a while in high-tech Silicon Valley (patents here), and retired early to pursue other responsible interests. His maiden 2003 book was rejected by six publishers and can be read on the web at He may be reached at
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