Letter to Sibel Edmonds on 'Pakistan's Bomb, U.S. Cover-up'

Zahir Ebrahim
March 18, 2008.
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To: The courageous Sibel Edmonds (via email)
Founder, National Security Whistleblowers Coalition,
Alexandria, VA 22320.
March 18, 2008.

Dear Ms. Sibel Edmonds,
I chanced upon your work today from Daniel Ellsberg's essay “Pakistan's Bomb, U.S. Cover-up” (http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7884), and followed up on some of your fascinating disclosures and courageous efforts.
First of all, please accept a humble 'keep your chin up' message of encouragement and gratitude from Project Humanbeingsfirst. Just as Rachel Corrie had to stand up to the bulldozer (http://humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2008/03/reremembering-rachel-corrie-2008.html), you too are surely driven by the same compulsion for truth and justice to stand up to another colossus 'bulldozer', but I hope with more efficacious and certainly more pleasanter outcome. There is however, always a price to pay for an awakened conscience. Thanks for being a tremendous role model for other conscientious denizens of the world. As Daniel Ellsberg – the 'mother' of all whistleblowers – states, and as your founding of the NSWBC.org encourages, I too humbly hope that other whistleblowers in the 'know' do not wait but come out directly to the public on such crucial matters of monumental criminality when they suspect treason and lies being told to subvert the populist notion of the 'American way'. Especially, to prevent the impending nuclear attack on Iran under variously contrived pretexts (A, B). To the credit of this nation whose worthy citizen you are, such 'outings' and quests for truth and justice are still only possible in this country despite your onerous struggles to this effect. Which is why, I also still continue to live in this nation as a permanent resident despite being a citizen of Pakistan. If you are interested, you may read a bit about me here.
Secondly, and more to the point, this letter is mainly about the interpretation you have given to the facts that you discovered. It is not about your long and horrendous ordeal in getting the U.S. Government and the newsmedia to acknowledge that you indeed did speak truthfully about your discoveries and of your experiences and ordeals while attempting to bring them to light as a patriotic and concerned citizen.
The following observation by Daniel Ellsberg in his essay pointing out your work is intriguing:
' ... various American journalists in the last weeks have reportedly received calls from "intelligence sources" hinting that "what Sibel Edmonds stumbled onto" is not a rogue operation by American officials and congressmen working to their own advantage -- as believed by Edmonds and some other former or active FBI officials -- but a sensitive covert operation authorized at high levels. ... '
Indeed, the absence of this sense from your own writings, public disclosures, and the recent Times articles, in itself is intriguing to me. As one close to the investigations and to the 'gagged' data, i.e., being an informed insider, and also surely far better well versed than most among the public with the notion captured in this pithy saying of a former CIA counter intelligence chief (of over 2 decades) “deception is the state of the mind; and the mind of the state”, why is this line of inquiry missing from your own public assessments of your discoveries in the FBI recordings and in its files?
The consistent impression one gets from your articulations of your profound discoveries is one of mercenarial 'criminal rogue operators'. The Times article of January 8, 2008, too is sensationally titled “For sale: West’s deadly nuclear secrets”. Looking at 'Iran-Contra' in the same light (had such data been available) would certainly have led to an altogether different conclusion space. Whereas in reality, as known to all and sundry today, it was an officially sanctioned White House covert-policy to get Iran and Iraq to fight it out by arming them both in order to neutralize and contain the Iranian people's revolution, 'plausible deniability' and Presidential pardons among the guilty at the highest levels not notwithstanding. And what were these pardons for when it all unraveled? Not for devilishly getting two nations to fight and the fratricidal death of a million Muslims on both sides. But for subverting US laws that precluded officially sending arms to Iran. So a convoluted covert method for doing it was crafted, and when it unraveled, that was determined to be the only crime in the matter for which the criminals were later pardoned! You can perhaps not sense the outrage among the peoples of the world at the hubris of the world's most autocratic and diabolical superpower – that its secretive foreign policy calculus of setting up two nations to fight each other to death is never questioned in the Congressional inquiry or in the newsmedia, but only on the method used to arm one of the foes. That is how the underlying envelope of 'legality' is defined for you. And that is also how 'rogue' versus 'kosher' is delineated. This aspect is revisited again in the concluding paragraphs of this letter to bring out the key meta question to pursue as the highest order bit of the matter in order to achieve real, measurable, and enduring change from your immense effort to speak out which is already surely at great personal cost to you.
But to the point here, in your case too, such a rational conclusion-space seems inescapable as well, that what you have discovered are merely the covert leaves of an officially sanctioned foreign policy calculus rooted in the DNA of hubris and conquest on the 'Grand Chessboard'. Especially by the weight of your own testimony of consistent thwarting of the official investigations that happened multiple times, across multiple agencies, including within your own, and still continues to happen to this day across the board to the point that “... the FBI took the highly unusual step of retroactively classifying information it gave to Congress two years ago about the Sibel Edmonds case” (CBS). The fact that small sums of money are changing hands may be the clever red herring learnt from the unraveling of 'Iran Contra'. Please permit me to explore this single aspect in some depth in the rest of the letter.
What are the chances that all of a sudden, so many simultaneous 'treasonous peoples' materialized in the USA on this very matter on which the National Security Apparatus of the world's sole superpower spends a trillion dollars every couple of years in its defense budget, and which is the crown jewels [of its nuclear primacy] that enables it to become the 'hectoring hegemon' in the world [under the stewardship of the very same 'treasonous' peoples]?
And what is the probability that it is a deliberate, multi-tiered, overarching, compartmentalized covert-ops that transcends Administrations based on perhaps an unwritten or highly and deeply classified foreign policy principle – as the real powers and architects behind all of the Administrations largely remain the same in an institutionalized revolving door consisting of Administration, Academe, Military, Think-Tanks, and sometimes Corporation board rooms?
Just as one illustrative example of enduring policies and long lived strategic policy craftsmen across multiple Administrations, witness Zbigniew Brzezinski laying out the 'chess moves' on the 'Grand Chessboard': serving as National Security Advisor to a Democrat President while “giving to the USSR its Vietnam War”, and then advising and guiding the subsequent Republican and Democrat Administrations equally in continuation of the 'chess moves', all of which are entirely blue-printed by him in his remarkable 1996 book. Its strategies for “imperial mobilization” to maintain “American Primacy” seem to have been adopted in its entirety by the present Administration, and is likely to remain the guiding policy aspect of the overarching American Foreign Policy calculus in the near term no matter who comes to occupy the living quarters in the White House. This is really no different from the so called 'Truman Doctrine' which ran the American Foreign Policy calculus during the hey day of Communism for over four decades after World War II. Have you had an opportunity to examine 'Operation Gladio' (pdf here), to appreciate the depth of devilishly orchestrated, often convoluted, compartmentalized layerings that are possible in long term covert-ops when instrumented under overarching covert-policy principles?
Thus please permit me to ask whether you considered examining your data and conducting your forensic analysis in the light of this perspective of unraveling the multi-tiered and highly complex calculus of the geostrategic chessgame of an 'empire'? If not, then why not. If you have done so, then why is it missing in your public exposition?
Why do you base your entire comprehension of the snippets of data that you have so far gleaned as only a 'rogue' operation? There must surely be some rational and convincingly arguable reason for your perspective. What is it? The missing 'pink panther glove' to prove that it was officially sanctioned covert-ops? That will never be found – and surely you must know that! In case you are interested, this issue is fleshed out in some detail in http://humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2007/03/dialog-among-civilizations-whytalksfail.html.
It is easy to forget that whatever one may learn of secretive 'contemporary history' as it unfolds in near 'realtime', is likely only a tiny slice, a snapshot, a fragment, or multiple fragments, of a much bigger highly 'compartmentalized' picture, especially when it pertains to 'national security', covert-ops, and “imperial mobilization”. I am surely pushing an open door here and preaching to the choir when I utter this self-evident bit of truism. However, it forms an essential underlying axiom, often unarticulated and ignored, of accurate and rational 'model building' to comprehend hidden and secretive overarching compartmentalized realities based on fragmentary and often misleading or misinterpreted data acquired from manifest reality – the modus operandi and starting premise of all good forensic detectives – despite the attendant trail of deliberately cultivated red herrings and bread crumbs.
As you will surely agree, higher the level of the secretive nature of covert-ops and greater its criminality (moral or legal), and longer the planning and execution horizon, greater and more convoluted are the red herrings surrounding them to keep the public (and other branches of the bureaucracy) from discovering the big picture while the covert-ops are still 'hot'. This modus operandi of cloaking secrets in sophisticated deception is often referred to as the 'technique of infamy' as you surely already must know. Why ignore it in your forensic analysis of your discoveries? Why could red herrings also not be planted to mislead other agencies of the Government in case something prematurely blows up in an ultra-high sensitivity global intelligence covert-ops in the geostrategic policy-plane that is to transcend Administrations and is designed to possibly create covert proxy wars and mayhem against powerful foes in the future?
The following is what leads me to think that your interpretation of these recorded conversations and its extrapolation to the bigger picture that America's nuclear secrets were being sold, may be a red herring deliberately set up to be interpreted that way if exposed. For fundamentally, you are echoing your theories in the backdrop of the same official narratives of the Pentagon and the White House, that there is a rogue network, that there is the 'al qaeeda', and that America is threatened by external enemies who perpetrated 9/11. Thus you are accomplishing two things simultaneously. One, lending credence to the official narrative of the threat to America being from external outlaw 'pirates', and two, swallowing their decoy. The first point is not addressed in this letter further. Please see Webster Tarpley's book “9/11 Synthetic Terror” (pdf) for a good analysis of how such an external terror threat might be a complete fabrication, and that the real enemy might well be within, or see Michel Chossudovsky's website http://globalresearch.ca, or see my rather plebeian book “Prisoners of the Cave” that examines it from the lens of Zbigniew Brzezinski's book 'the Grand Chessboard'. Please permit me however to point out a few anomalies for the second aspect as a reality check based on my limited experience.
The monies you mention changing hands is really pocket change, almost as if a couple of zeros are missing. Why would senior career administration folks jeopardize their good name for petty cash - regardless of the country they are from? Why would diplomats risk their own daughters in covert-ops? I don't see George Bush or Dick Cheney risk theirs. Why would you think that people in other nations love themselves and their kin any less? You evidently seem to have little idea how trivial it is for most recipients of American aid or World Bank loans to repeatedly skim several billion dollars from the top. Or how the state's apparatus rewards its operatives and supporters in developing nations like Pakistan and Turkey with unaccountable military governments having a free hand over the national treasury and public commons. They can trivially loot with both hands, and quite legally too – since the military (or the dictator du jour in civilian clothes) pretty much dictates the laws to the parliament! Yes a few zeroes are indeed missing to make these amounts even sound tempting. There are far easier ways for them to make far larger amounts of monies than to be stealing secrets from the world's most shockingly powerful superpower in its own den that is crawling with its sophisticated security apparatus and uncompromisingly patriotic field agents!
Thus, in a nutshell, the motive for doing this risky trade by the Turks for a pecuniary gain is highly suspicious, and less than convincing. Same for the high ranking Americans – they have far too much to lose, and far too much smarts to be caught this way in a phone conversation selling state secrets! These aren't just ordinary peoples.
Furthermore, if these treasonous operatives are so smart that they can indulge in such covert activities so successfully in the world's largest security state, and yet be so dumb that they don't know or have never heard of the NSA, the Echelon system, or that the United States of America runs the largest most extensive intelligence network in the history of civilizations under its DIA [ see signals intelligence in sections 1.11 and 1.12 of EO12333 ] with budgets which run into unaccountable billions of black-ops dollars and with backdoors to almost all secure communication channels to instantly decipher all communications in near realtime (even if a myth but largely believed by most people), and so nonchalantly and openly be speaking of their drops and pickups and using a location that is easy to identify back to their own countries which, despite their diplomatic immunities, can have severe consequences for their nation if found out, is almost akin to the Pentagon and the White House suggesting that “Bin Laden” is so smart and resourceful that it can hijack 4 airliners simultaneously in the air, outwit all of America's vast air defenses, and run them into tall buildings of the most armed to the teeth superpower nation at 500 mph, and yet be so dumb that his operatives would draw so much attention to themselves the night before the dastardly deed so that anything could go wrong potentially, openly disclose that they didn't want to learn how to land to their instructors as they learnt how to fly jet airliners only on simulators and have that be needlessly remembered or raise suspicions, and leave well identifiable calling cards behind the day of the crime so that America would know exactly where to drop their retaliatory payloads!
Thus, not to deny that these recordings that you were asked to interpret are genuine, but only to ponder at the nonsequitur conclusions that you have been propounding so energetically which leads one to believe that morons were executing this sophisticated covert-ops for petty cash!
The only rational explanation that credibly explains your discoveries is that these operatives were following policy directives that were agreed to at the highest levels of their respective governments, with assurances and guidance in what they operationally ought to be doing, whether or not each one of them may have known the big picture – most likely not due to rigid compartmentalization of such covert processes which you surely must know much more accurately about than ordinary members of the public brought up on Hollywood.
After the outing of 'Iran-Contra' that went straight into unraveling the government's covertly sanctioned policy at the highest levels, it is much easier to blame pecuniary greed if things ever blow up prematurely. All this blame upon A.Q. Khan under his forced confessional, that his unbridled greed was behind his proliferation network, is the most facile of explanations for it all. He likely had signed blank checks drawn on numbered Swiss accounts in his pockets all through the 1970s until at least the fall of the Berlin Wall – if money is what he wanted, he had plenty of millions by the blessings of his bosses and the magic of carte blanche. But that mercenarial explanation for a pecuniary gain is more useful than the unraveling of the entire official collusion space, and is thus in repeated replay since 'Iran-Contra'!
Just to play the devil's advocate to further this analysis, please allow me to ask why the following line of reasoning is so trivially rejectable that it is entirely absent in your analysis: that Pakistan may have been 'officially' armed with nuclear technology* as a covert-policy to check India's (and China's) advances in the long term on the 'Grand Chessboard'?
Creating a three-way manipulatable tie-up between China-India-Pakistan in favor of the 'hectoring hegemons' can be far more advantageous on the 'Grand Chessboard' with a wildcard like Pakistan in the fray. It has the real potential of neutralizing any unexpected threatening alliances between the two most burgeoning challengers to “American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives” by engaging them in proxy-warfare with a nuclear armed client-state next door if the need ever arises!
Pakistan was, after all, largely 'blessed' out of the Indian sub-continent deliberately as a patsy client-state on the evolving 'Grand Chessboard' of the time by the active collusion and sanction of the waning and the emerging imperial masters of the time! In case you are interested, please see this Open Letter to a Pakistani General to further examine this line of reasoning, written from the perspective of how Pakistan can actually get out of its client-state status to genuinely serve the aspirations of its own long suffering peoples. For indeed, your whistleblowing data also tends to far more rationally support this notion of a deliberate patsy client state being primed on the geostrategic plane in the aftermath of India making its first nuclear explosion in 1974, than a mere 'rogue operation' of how Pakistan clandestinely acquired its nuclear weapons in plainsight of the world's most watchful superpower, and how these might today be conveniently hijacked by the 'al-qaeeda' as the famed 'loose nukes' despite being guarded by the world's 5th largest standing army (see wakeup call at http://Humanbeingsfirst.org).
Certainly, to effectively carry out devious long term covert operations under hegemonic state-doctrines, requires a concert of mercenaries, patsies, moles, and patriotic soldiers, but also ideological masterminds and policy frameworks to strategically guide its execution, and many cloaking devices, red herrings, and psyops to hide the operations. To deny this is to deny the hegemonic history of the United States of America in the face of plenty of ex post facto historical evidence already in plainsight.
And what lends further substance to the idea that a covert 'official' sanction may also be the situation in your case, is the almost bipartisan nature of 'hush ups' being seamlessly observed here. And if there is any truth to any of this analysis, then it is easy to predict that this 'hushing up' will continue into the next Administration, and that what you seek – the public inquiry – will either never be allowed to materialize, or become another “9/11 Commissions Report” if public pressure ever piles up!
Because of this predictable inefficacy of the end result of your call for public hearings, it is perhaps more useful to ask and explore the following meta question which was also briefly alluded to at the beginning of this letter: is it a 'crime' if the matter is deemed to be an 'official' (even if covert) American Foreign Policy Initiative to nuclearize Pakistan and Israel? Or is the only crime here that it may have employed mercenaries, moles, patsies, and client-states in its operational execution without first getting the right Congressional laws on the books (which they very well could have at the risk of tipping off their hands to the world prematurely)? Thus note that Turkey has recently been approved (or is about to be approved) for nuclear cooperation – thus Turkey's role in this covert-ops may (retroactively) no longer be defined as a crime in the strictly legal sense. So what exactly is the definition of a crime? What exactly have you discovered that you think is a crime? The fact that money changed hands? Or the fact that Pakistan was given nuclear technology? All these appear to be merely matters of semantics in defining what is a crime and what isn't, and the underlying real substantial issues are indeed not being addressed by focussing on the leaves of the tree and not its DNA.
Witness that the decimation of Vietnam and millions of its peoples is yet to be classified as a monumental crime against humanity, and its harbingers went to their graves without ever being hung by their balls. And what was one of them threatened with at best? Impeachment because of lying about illegally breaking into a building! Also witness that the 'Truman Doctrine' which criminally held hostage the entire world at the brink of Armageddon for almost the entire second half of the twentieth century, and which culminated in the decimation of Afghanistan and its millions of peoples in order to finally take down the USSR in a proxy war on another's lands with another's blood, is often hailed as a major success of America's foreign policy. Its harbingers are still vigorously pursuing their 'American Dreams' in various think-tanks and academe in your neck of the woods while planning more decimations under its successor doctrine, the 'Bush Doctrine'.
You tread a rather vacuous line if you use the existing model and definition of 'justice' and 'legality' to uncover this crime as well. However, if you were to move over to a more rational and equitable set of universally applied norms for fairness and legality – let's say for example, acknowledging the overwhelming superiority of the Judeo-Christian heritage, the Ten Commandments and the Biblical Golden Rule are both suitably 'secularized' and applied to American Foreign Policy calculus and the Congress is prevailed upon to make laws in accordance with these – you may more efficaciously be able to hang the real monumental criminals at the altar of real justice. I suspect if such fundamental matters enter the public consciousness and are openly debated, it may yet change the complexion of this nation.
Otherwise what really changes? Unless you are bold enough to assert that “imperial mobilization” is itself a monumental crime; that it is counter to the democratic aspirations of the peoples of the United States of America because “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization” and thus its covert pursuit is treasonous by definition under any pretext, even when couched as 'American Foreign Policy Initiative' or 'preemptive self-defense'; that the very exercise of 'hegemony' is the prime-mover that leads to covert-ops in the first place, and to the wanton usurpation of the 'lesser' humanity; and that both its advocates and harbingers alike are the worst monumental criminals of humanity to be sent off to Guantanamo Bay for eternity; unless you boldly assert all these commonsensical truths, at best, after you are done successfully prosecuting your investigations at the FBI and getting your public Congressional hearings on them, what do you get? One set of dispensable 'hectoring hegemons' is simply replaced by another, but in continuation of the same overarching policies of 'empire'. The 'party' still continues! Witness that the underlying themes of dealing in “straight power concepts” articulated by George Kennan in 1948 still hold sway in 2008, and are directly responsible for the unspeakable horrors committed from Vietnam to Iraq, and perhaps now in Iran and Pakistan!
One final note: You might find the following rebuttal essay on 'Nuclear Security' thought provoking in the context of your public disclosures and concern for nuclear security (http://humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2007/12/response-toziamian-nuclear-security.html). The essay argues that a fair calculus of nuclear security should not just be limited to protection of the 'empire' from the terrorist acts of the so called 'pirates' and 'rogue' states acquiring 'loose nukes' and/or developing their own crude arsenal, but also include protection from the predatory impulses of the 'emperor' to threaten preemptive nuclear first-strikes on non-nuclear nations to get them to heel. And further include protection from the emperor's vengeful retaliatory nuclear strikes in the event of any wanton nuclear terrorist act that is unilaterally blamed upon the lowly non-nuclear state merely because that darn stateless terrorist master actor, “Bin Laden”, is cited within its borders and releases a confessional video!
A sound nuclear security calculus [and global systems of checks and balances] must be able to [at least] deter both these [nuclear primacy] scenarios (A, B), and must become the focus of concerned whistleblowers as the likely near term threat facing a vast majority of innocent peoples. Would you agree that this poses a far greater threat to the world's security and peace prospects then the 7 or 8 year old FBI [recorded] conversations in Turkish? And would you further agree that more you insist on visiting old information, more current information and present risks will be swept under the rug? Thus it isn't surprising to me that Rupert Murdoc's newspaper in England leaked your story out at this time when America is getting ready to attack Iran – for to my cynical mind, it's a wonderfully distracting and vacuous mystery chase that can occupy the otherwise sharp minds focussed on matters of more pressing urgency!
I hope this was useful. It may be entirely off the mark as well, as it is just an outsider's view trying to make sense of it all. However, as you may well have learnt listening to the FBI tapes, the concept of independent 'nation-states' is now quite passé, and we are entering a New World Order in which “The United States has overstepped its borders in all spheres -- economic, political and humanitarian and has imposed itself on other states.” This “unipolar” world “means in practice one thing: one center of power, one center of force, one center of decision-making, a world of one master, one sovereign,” which makes the world “extremely dangerous.” (Putin, February 10, 2007). A recognition of this blatant fact must [surely] enter into the forensic interpretation of any data that pertains to covert-ops on the 'Grand Chessboard'. Nothing is at face value.
With best wishes for continued success in your on-going quest for real truth and justice as 'just a citizen' that can make a lasting and substantial impact on the calculus of your nation's foreign policy initiatives for the benefit and welfare of the entire world's peoples.
This letter will be posted at http://Humanbeingsfirst.org.
Kind Regards
Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

* Since this writing, further research by this scribe has revealed that it is very likely that the so called rogue network of American intelligence operatives was working hand-in-glove with the Pakistani metallurgist Dr. A. Q. Khan to in fact sabotage, compromise, and/or delay Pakistan's nuclear weapons program by planting false and/or unworkable products, technologies, purchases, and leads. The evidence based on the actual role of Dr. A. Q. Khan in Pakistan's nuclear weapons development which was indeed minuscule, suggests that Dr. A. Q. Khan may have been a Trojan Horse diabolically planted in Pakistan by Western intelligence to subvert the genuine efforts of Pakistani scientists like Dr. Munir Ahmad Khan at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Private conversations with several Pakistani scientists and researchers reveal an entirely different perspective from the one publicly promulgated in the West as well as in Pakistan. Unable to sabotage the nuclear weapons development directly, the 'loose nukes' has been fashioned for plans B and C – saving Pakistan and the world from their falling into the hands of Ali Baba.

[ Caveat Lector: As the saying goes on state secrets: Those who know don't speak, those who speak don't know! The conjecture of Dr. A. Q. Khan possibly being a double agent falls within the cracks of closely guarded state secrets of at least two nations, Pakistan and the United States, and therefore will likely never be adjudicated as fact. Dr. A. Q. Khan has remained cloaked in controversy from the very beginning when he first wrote to prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in September 1974, gratuitously offering his services as a great Pakistani patriot after India exploded their first nuclear bomb which created an existential threat for Pakistan. In the cloak and dagger world of compartmentalized intelligence ops and military ops of a national security state, there is more between heaven and earth than the best public minds can possibly dream of. The official narratives in the public domain on Pakistan's nuclear weapons program have been put there deliberately by both nations -- the truth can be something else entirely. Even deathbed confessions cannot be trusted in such cases. Intelligence operatives and all those working on state secrets and sworn to secrecy as part of their job, only take their real secrets to the grave, if not in the name of patriotism, than at least for the fear of reprisals to the loved ones left behind. That is the hard reality which cannot be ignored when examining the “confessions” of “whistleblowers”! Even official looking “secret documents” can be manufactured for public disclosure as part of the famed “declassification” process, or cunningly leaked, for writing the public version of official history. Whistleblowers of state secrets therefore, especially when it pertains to national security, are either a Trojan horse, or, patsies and useful idiots still unwittingly serving their former masters in the name of conscience. That appears to be the case with Sibel Edmonds as demonstrated in the letter to her. Her meaningless revelations of low level chatter are mere tunes of the Mighty Wurlitzer. The opinions of Pakistani nuclear scientists also cannot be trusted for the same reasons. They will never disclose any real state secrets! The same is true of officialdom. Since his downfall from grace after his shameful public confession on February 4, 2004, on Pakistan television of illegally participating in nuclear proliferation without the knowledge and permission of the state, thus saving Pakistan from any backlash were it also implicated, it has become fashionable to speak ill of the sacrificial lamb who can hardly defend himself with any moral standing after that public performance. Dr. A. Q. Khan will surely take all his state secrets of both nations silently to his grave. He may well be the true patriot, or he may be the double agent recruited by Uncle Sam, or his own self-serving agent, or, all three! His recompense will surely be in his grave (from Allah!)]

The author, an ordinary researcher and writer on contemporary geopolitics, a minor justice activist, grew up in Pakistan, studied EECS at MIT, engineered for a while in high-tech Silicon Valley (patents here), and retired early to pursue other responsible interests. His maiden 2003 book was rejected by six publishers and can be read on the web at http://PrisonersoftheCave.org. He may be reached at http://Humanbeingsfirst.org.
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