Why is the impending Nuclear Attack on Iran being treated as fait accompli?

Why is the impending Nuclear Attack on Iran being

treated as fait accompli?

(it can still be prevented)

Zahir Ebrahim

April 08, 2008.

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To: AfterDowningStreet.org

Subject: Why is [the impending] Nuclear Attack on Iran being treated as fait accompli?

Date: April 08, 2008.

Dear Conscionable peoples,


I arrived at this space from this essay: 'Conyers Threatens Impeachment if Iran Attacked' http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0804/S00088.htm

where, there is also this 'Heads-up warning to the American Peoples – Nuclear attack on Iran appears imminent!' http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0804/S00105.htm

Please permit me to share an uncomfortable observation in this space among friends who share a common cause [of preventing monumental crimes against humanity].

Most people in the dissent space, and that presumably also includes the audience and authors here, seem to feel that the nuclear attack on Iran is already a fait accompli, and are therefore putting energy in what will happen afterwards, including the respected Conyers. Even though, intellectually, some do proclaim it rightly:

"I know it seems bassackwards and we want impeachment before a new war, not after,"

But proclamations don't work, and haven't worked - only actions do, and then, only if they are situated at the right levels of abstraction that can lead to efficacy. The actions suggested here by David Swanson: "but this is a way for us to show Conyers the support that will be there any time he moves forward" bespeaks of the resignation to fate that attack on Iran is already fait accompli, and this seems to be permeating the back of many conscionable peoples' mind.

Surely the lives and tabula rasa of 70 million peoples in that densely populated region of humanity cannot be a foregone conclusion?

There must be a better way than just empty and entirely vacuous threats of what one will do afterwards, such as "impeachment". So what, even if this 'magic bullet' was magically unsheathed and lodged into a single instance of monumental criminals ex post facto? And they will be replaced by another of the same genre of 'hectoring hegemons' soon enough. What one does after the nuclear 'Rubicon' is crossed becomes rather irrelevant don't you think? The entire point must be that the [nuclear] Rubicon is NEVER ever crossed.

As is expressed in this humble letter by Project Humanbeingsfirst to the Journal of 911 studies distinguished scientists still busily engaged in figuring out how the towers fell:

I hope you would also permit me to share this one final lament. I sometimes sense that even well intentioned peoples in the United States often tend to forget that other's dead and destroyed are not mere statistics to their loved ones. Sitting 20,000 miles away from the murderous war zone, it is easy to become engrossed in solving the riddles of 911, or rehearsing interesting histories in conference halls that are already fait accompli. Can the conscionable peoples in this nation at least make it a point to also sometimes imagine, as a shocking thought experiment, that with every falling American bomb upon a 'lesser' peoples, paid for from their own tax dollars, their mom, dad, sister, brother, kids, wife, and the family dog is killed? What courses of action, and with what urgency, would one take then?

let's together renew focus on how to efficaciously prevent further "imperial mobilization" under any pretexts.

The following seed idea is based on one insight: "Imperial mobilization" is institutional. Yes a truism. But it leads to the following corollary: Any real resistance to "imperial mobilization", in order to be effective, also has to be institutional, and under institutional frame-works.

Please permit me to reproduce two or three paragraphs below from this Project Humanbeingsfirst's heads-up warning to the American peoples:

If astutely and vigilantly pursued - with 'moves' look-ahead, employing both 'pawn' tactics and strategies as in a geopolitical chess game played on the 'Grand Chessboard' against an 'ubermensch' Grandmaster - then it can surely create real impediments to new "imperial mobilizations". And certainly at this stage of the domestic 'game' when the American peoples are already war-weary, deception-weary, and precariously perched at the brink of financial bankruptcy.

In other words, the conditions are ripe [in America] for the following to become an efficacious measure, if it can be pulled off through proper 'political' planning before the inevitable “oops, too late!”.

The first quoted paragraph is obviously where the outstanding work already done by many conscionable peoples over the past several years on analyzing false pretexts for the previous phase of "imperial mobilization" to “birth-pang the new Middle East” based upon the “catalyzing event like a new pearl harbor" of 911 and the “doctrinal motivation” based upon the fiction of WMDs, can be useful. However, previous expositions of history is not sufficient, even though perhaps a necessary part of the bigger picture, because, the antagonist is not uni-dimensional – but rather 'uber' sophisticated, and imaginatively diabolical.

For instance, please also see the following recent letter to Messrs. Matthew Bunn of Harvard on his testimony before the Committee on Homeland Security on Nuclear Terrorism, and the following re-assessment of the so-called 'shocking' whistleblowing disclosures by the genuinely courageous Ms. Sibel Edmonds that is also occupying the attention-span of the 'dissent space' but the significance of which, in the humble opinion of this scribe, is really that of a political red-herring.

Thus, the new mantras being deftly spun, starting from the 'loose nukes' of Pakistan that will miraculously be hijacked by the 'al-qaeeda', to the presciently proclaimed 'The Day After' as noted by President George Bush himself, “that will make Sept. 11 pale by comparison”, are the obvious setups to be blamed upon Iran. Please see a plausible scenario in the following wakeup call to the Pakistani peoples.

This new “catalyzing event” will surely be so shocking, for what else can “make Sept. 11 pale by comparison”, that the Congress, which has a history of being arm-wrestled by the Executive into 'United we Stand' with them, will authorize a nuclear attack as “'defensive' US military action” (under normal circumstance, as is expected by everyone).

This is where there is an immediate institutional opportunity for intervention by the “populist democracy” that is projected to be “inimical to imperial mobilization”. [And] without recourse to public street protests etc., which are out of 'fashion' anyway and quite ineffectual.

Firstly, anything, including all 'nuclear terrorist acts' on American soil, or anywhere in the world, all shocking revelations by whistleblowers, all leaks in newspapers, and all phantasmal mantras that distract from the afore-stated goal, regardless of how compelling the reasons, must be treated by the unwary and gullible American public and its intellectual dissenting-chiefs, as red herrings, pretexts, and deceptions for premeditated "imperial mobilization" by their nation's rulers.


Secondly, if there is reason for the United States to nuclear decimate any country or any peoples in purported 'self-defense', the American peoples must demand a ratification of the decision to go to war through a public referendum – let its great “populist democracy” speak directly in the modernity of the 21st century before it is called upon to make its sacrifices, before it is called upon to pay its taxes to fund the war, and before it is called upon to acquire innocent blood on its hands!

The second quoted paragraph is what Project Humanbeingsfirst humbly proposes become the new focus of all conscionable peoples on how to derail “imperial mobilization” from within America by its genuine American patriots.

Thus, for domestic resistance to imperial barbarianism from within the United States, the idea is that enormous public pressure is immediately put on the Congress to create public hearings to examine the devolution of their powers to declare war, and to seek the pulse of the nation through direct public ratification in a public referendum, before using their own Constitutional powers to declare (or not declare) war. Please do examine this approach.

This is eminently within the existing Constitutional framework and does not require any Constitutional Amendment, as the Congress is merely creating another 'gating-input' to its decision making. Such a law would also mandate, in order to be practicable, creating credible 'systems' under which such public voting under any proposed 'declaration of war' by the Executive Branch under any circumstance can be affected within 24 to 72 hours - or that order of time-frame. It is the same time-frame under which the Congress itself labors, and thus, seeking external ratification will not hamper its own deliberation when done in parallel, but it will eventually be controlled by external public ratification – by a public whom they purportedly represent anyway under the Constitution.

Today, technologically speaking, such rapid public referendum is not only feasible, but quite practical, whereas it wasn't quite the case in the previous decades. Of course, we will not get into how 'such systems' can also be subverted-type red herring conversations here, except to note that by law, these 'systems' can also be mandated to be open-sourced, with 'legal' and public bodies mandated to oversee the systems, the processes, and the deployment and execution.

Furthermore, while the following may be thought by some as excessive polemics, it can be the real impetus for the 'next move' on the domestic 'Grand Chessboard', so to speak:

Even better, draw the soldiers, officers and war-technicians from the pool who vote for war! If they can vote yes to invade other nations and wantonly shatter the tabula rasa of a 'lesser humanity', then they must also first be willing to sign up for doing it themselves – instead of having a draft of economic conscription. Every 'yes' voting home in America must have at least one 'patriot' from the immediate family show up on the front-lines without exception – or their 'yes' vote is void!

I am sorry but that's all that this humble scribe can suggest at this time. The solution-space outlined here is but one institutional approach. There may be others.

But whatever the case, the resistance to “imperial mobilization” must be elevated to the national institutional-level framework somehow.

And the Congress compelled to setup public hearings on the very subject matter of 'prevention' before the fact, rather than 'reaction' ex post facto, in blanket recognition of their proclivity to be bulldozed by the Executive, and co-opted by special interest lobby groups.

Such public hearings can be used to further explore the solution space of how Congress can temper their non-independence from the Executive, and as in the case of the overarching suggestion made here, devolving some of their powers to create a limited checks and balance upon their own decision making powers for certain important national decisions through direct public referendum.

This idea also creates a more participative democracy, and without requiring any Constitutional changes (and that is an important consideration for the response time needed here). Additionally, since law making at some point involves the Executive to sign-off, the Congress can be compelled to devolve their powers as part of their own deliberation process, thus side-stepping the Executive. I can only speculate on the modalities of implementation, and peoples more capable must look at the issues involved – but not be deterred by roadblocks that are to be surely thrown ones' way by sophisticated Straussian 'hectoring hegemons' who can construct any 'Noble Lie' and any 'technique of infamy' on the fly.

This means that persons like the respected Conyers, and this illustrious group of courageous activists, start engaging in concerted preemption to “imperial mobilization”, rather than focus their good energies on ex post facto scenarios on the treadmill of inefficacy. There may still be time if media, prominent peoples, and prominent (former) statesmen are enlisted in this cause with an immediacy and urgency as if the lives of one's own family and loved pets depended on it! A dog thrown on the freeway in Los Angeles gets more sympathy from the entire American nation than the 'lesser' peoples who experienced, are experiencing, and surely will experience – unless the courageous peoples of America and the world put a stop to it – the imperial “algebra of infinite justice”.

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

email: humanbeingsfirst@gmail.com

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Why is the impending nuking of Iran already a fait accompli?

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