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Please take me to Pakistan's Destabilization (faq)

Pakistan's Endgame

I am the President of Pakistan and I don't have much time – can you give me a brief recipe that can help me save Pakistan's ass now that I have messed things up?

I am Pakistani Military and how can I save Pakistan's ass? Please tell me frankly and I won't hang you under the Army Act 2007!

I am Pakistani ruling elite and I so want to understand what this 'war on terror' is really all about and why Pakistan is being destabilized – the big picture. But I am just too busy and don't have time to read a lot.

I am Pakistani Intelligence, no it's not a nonsequitur, and I want to know who killed Benazir Bhutto?

I am a Pakistani journalist and I witnessed poor Benazir Bhutto being blown up by the Al Qaeeda! I know who killed her. “Why is it difficult to believe that the same Islamist network that tried to eliminate President Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz, Aftab Sherpao and Benazir Bhutto on October 18 may be responsible for her murder on December 27?”

I am a genuinely patriotic Pakistani politician and I think Al Qaeeda is more than just real; it is the biggest threat to humanity since Hitler. I too believe 'that the fight against militants is “our war”, not just America’s war'!

I am the famous patriotic Pakistani Black-Coats and I know all about 'rule of law' and legalism, including international law, Pakistani law, signing the PCO, not signing the PCO, the role of Pakistani judiciary in aiding and abetting Pakistani military dictators and then protesting in Black after the hearty meal of 900 mice, crime and punishment, pirates and emperors, and of course, all about the proper functioning of a working democracy which serves its peoples rather than the imperial interests. As I am well read in both Machiavellian and Orwellian state-craft, and especially in the 'technique of infamy', I judicially assert that this 'Al Qaeeda' menace is for real and that they will indeed hijack our 'loose nukes'! We must relentlessly wage a war of terror upon this “very petri dish of international terrorism” and I will not permit any challenges to this governmental policy in my patriotic court rooms!

I am a liberal moderate Pakistani and I think the 'radical islamists' have really made Pakistan 'Terror Central'!

I am a conservative religious Pakistani Muslim and I think this is West's war against Islam!

I am a brilliant Pakistani academic, a notable scientist, an astute political thinker, a prominent gadfly, a Human Rights activist, and Bin Laden is certainly for real! He magically carried out 911 from his cave in Afghanistan just like the Pentagon says it did; and Al-Qaeeda is an enormous 'threat from within' to Pakistan and to the rest of the world just like the White House says it is! And yes I am a gadfly – look, I even call what America is doing to the world “imperialism”. In this 'war on terror', we are faced with an epic battle “Between Imperialism and Islamism”!

I am a left-wing enlightened Pakistani, an atheist, a secular humanist, and all these religion-totting antediluvian fundos are incurably suffering from 'god delusion'!

I am a right-wing conservative Pakistani and I think all these Westernized secularized godless left-wingers who claim 'humanism' as their god are destined for hell!

I am a brilliant Washington Post columnist and I assert: “Pakistan, with its two dozen nuclear weapons, popular and official support for Kashmiri and Taliban terrorism, and political instability, is ultimately a greater threat to world peace than Afghanistan and Iraq combined.”

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Please be advised that Project HumanbeingsfirstTM fully cooperates with all law enforcement and other governmental agencies worldwide in rooting out Terrorism in all its nuanced shades and stripes in order to end its Neanderthal reign of terror upon all who are human beings first. Project Humanbeingsfirst does not distinguish between terrorists clad in turbans and those wearing suits, nor between the predatory rampages of the pirates vs. the emperors, albeit each is apportioned the measure of crime and guilt commensurate to their respective station of power and impact on their victims. Law enforcement personnel worldwide, but especially in the United States and the West, are encouraged to participate with Project Humanbeingsfirst. It is essential for all nations' state security apparatus to learn how to forensically identify the monumental supreme terrorists hiding in plain sight among us under legal cover, the real merchants of death, while they dutifully chase down the easy to spot handful of often deliberately manufactured pirates at sea.