Response to Greg Palast on 'The Theft of 2008'

Response to Greg Palast on 'The Theft of 2008'

Zahir Ebrahim

October 15, 2008

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To: Mr. Greg Palast and Newsnight,

Subject: 'The Theft of 2008'

Date: October 15, 2008.

Thank you for this report. It indeed provides new methods and ideas to the so called emerging democracies in the third world for running their own elections by learning from the beacon of democratic dispensation.

And I am slightly confused by your emphasis on these elections.

If both candidates are supported by the same oligarchs, backed by the same brains and ideologues, both keep the main mantras of "war on terror" against an "indomitable" and illusive foe sitting on his rump in the Hindu-Kush intact, and both parties, Democrats as well as the Republicans, in a truly bipartisan way, standup and salute the President of the United States on his every suggestion to pass oppressive legislation, bailout bills, and more monies to wage more "imperial mobilization", what is the purpose of paying so much attention to these elections?

In a sense, you are perpetuating the mythology among the common mainstream Americans that these elections matter – when they really don't, even if fairly contested.

You seem to be intent on pushing the puppetshow of election on center stage, keep the attention of the people embroiled on the contest, get them excited by showing off the voter fraud issues, while the entire time, you keep the attention from the puppetmasters away.

I expected better than that – Greg!

I don't know about BBC and Newsnight and whom they are beholden to for their purse-strings and their permissible 'operational-envelope', but having read your books, I know you are a conscientious American who is trying to do his best deeds for his peoples.

Then why this lapse of reference to puppetmasters in this video? Why is there no mention of how both parties have become merely the two sides of the same imperial coin beholden to the same oligarchic interests? Why not identify those oligarchic interests? Why not name the common names behind both the leaders contesting for the White House? They aren't particularly secret.

Surely none of this is a surprise?

If it is, then you and the producers of Newsnight might visit my website for some data and forensic analysis that is apparently missing in your documentary. It might assist you in a followup documentary on the elections that is a bit more realistic in its unveiling of the grotesque bipartisan reality of the construction of world-government unfolding before our very eyes, as the good gullible peoples are kept busy in various 'katputli tamashas' (puppet shows), and embroiled in various manufactured "revolutionary times" using the 'technique of infamy'.

The voter fraud shenanigans would be significant and pertinent if there was a real choice in policy making.

Since there really isn't, as the same think-tanks and the same policy-makers back both parties for the agendas on the 'Grand Chessboard', and both are funded by the same oligarchs behind the scenes – those who so trivially prevailed upon Congress to pass this trillion dollar bailout package for the banksters – you are actually directly complicit in their designs by your banal emphasis on what doesn't matter. “I didn't know” is hardly a defense for a stellar investigative journalist like yourself.

But since I do not wish to impute such motivation and such guilt to such a stellar and resourceful journalist, I am therefore slightly confused as to why such a grotesquely dancing, trumpeting, defecating elephant in the newlywed's bed is being ignored.

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim


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Response to Greg Palast on 'The Theft of 2008' BBC Newsnight Documentary October 15, 2008

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