Counterpoint: Boston Marathon False Flag Operation

May 11, 2013
Caption Deputy Administrator of FEMA since October 2009, Richard Serino, while Chief of Department, Boston EMS and Asst. Director, Boston Public Health, architected the disaster preparedness integrated drill plan for Boston and its surrounding region which is documented in his 2008 public report for the City of Boston: Marathons – A Tale of Two Cities and the Running of a Planned Mass Casualty Event (source )
Caption Deputy Administrator of FEMA since October 2009, Richard Serino, while Chief of Department, Boston EMS and Asst. Director, Boston Public Health, architected the disaster preparedness integrated drill plan for Boston and its surrounding region which is documented in his 2008 public report for the City of Boston: Marathons – A Tale of Two Cities and the Running of a Planned Mass Casualty Event (click on link to download report: )
There is no implied question mark at the end of the article title. It is not a tentative statement. It is an emphatic statement without equivocation. From the limited data compiled by Project Humanbeingsfirst scouring the public sources, and with no knowledge from any insider source of information – but with at least a modicum of sophisticated understanding of the history of “imperial mobilization”, political science, fear psychology, voluntary servitude, and the engineering of consent to accomplish unpopular agendas when “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization” – it is now apparent beyond the shadow of a doubt to this author that the Boston Marathon criminal event was a staged false flag operation ab initio.
The data indicates that it was a complex operation and not a straightforward terrorist act reminiscent of Operation Gladio in Western Europe during the Cold War.
This compiled data and its attendant analysis is available for the public's and the worldwide law enforcement and juristic personals' inspection in the full 62 page report dated May 11, 2013, Domestic Terror and Police-State (PDF) (
This article summarizes the key findings and conclusions as of this writing, namely, that:
  • a covert planned propaganda psy-ops exercise was camouflaged as disaster preparedness drill with the blessings of the duly elected officials of the City of Boston, the State of Massachusetts, and the Federal Government of the United States of America;
  • it was was staged by actors hired to simulate injuries under the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) on explosion site one, and was initiated with a pyrotechnic explosion in front of 671 Boylston Street, shattering the Lens Crafters' windows onto the outside pavement;
  • the covert propaganda exercise went live in a second explosion on event site two at 755 Boylston street, a mere 183 meters and 12 seconds distant from the event site one, causing what appears to be real injuries and damage to the inside the Forum restaurant building as well as to spectators on the outside pavement.
The two events together comprise the diabolical Operation Gladio Boston. These two separate events, treated as a single event by the officialdom and newsmedia, though linked under the architecture of Operation Gladio, are in fact very distinct and separate sub-events:
  • The first sub-event, a staged production to simulate a terrorist act with simulated injuries, perhaps orchestrated as a “legal” event – by the enactment of appropriate laws, statutes, and the blessings of elected officials in the name of greater public good to deceive the public for their own protection by enacting a realistic drill with simulated injuries without the public's knowledge and without incurring legal culpability – but nevertheless a camouflaged covert exercise drill. It was intended to be entirely harmless to the actors beyond a pyrotechnic performance worthy of a permanent stage show exhibit at Marine World USA in California. It was designed for propaganda purposes only, to refresh the threat of “domestic terrorism” in the public mind. The Boston EMS, EMT, police, fire and other officialdom's integrated participation at this event was fully in the know, that it was a staged production with only simulated injuries. Only the public did not know.
  • The second sub-event, ostensibly a very tiny, but a very real explosion. It reportedly killed 3 civilians and injured a large number of bystanders enjoying the Boston Marathon finish on that Patriots day in America. That casualty number is variously claimed by the press to be somewhere between 100 and 280, with varying levels of lower extremity injuries spanning the gamut of real pain from lacerations to a few amputations. None of these facts have been independently verified by anyone other than being reported by the same officialdom and their partners in this drill, but one may tentatively accept this report of injuries and fatalities at face value as it does not alter the analysis one bit even if these numbers later turn out to untrue or boldly exaggerated. Also to footnote that there cannot have been any fatalities on explosion event site one as it was entirely staged. Any fatalities claimed for event site one can only be fictitious, or occurred on event site two, or elsewhere.
Who actually architected, planned, and carried out this combined Operation Gladio in Boston is unknown at this time. Who carried out the drill component is in plain-sight. It was the integrated execution by the City of Boston as outlined in the public documents listed below – except that it was to execute covertly, and for a political agenda rather than as a training event.
What the overarching motives were are also in plain-sight, as is the most obvious question asked in any criminal situation: cui bono – who benefits? The whodunit question however, meaning, which supra-terrorist intelligence organization, and their collaborating proxy assets in the know, directly planned and executed Operation Gladio Boston of which the disaster drill conducted by the City of Boston was but one small component, will surely never be known. It is indeed quite likely that many among those who participated in the covert drill component thinking they were only doing their patriotic duty, are just as shocked by their covert drill going live on event site two. No deepthroat will reveal anything substantive until perhaps the day when the obvious motives behind all these false flag terror events on American soil, are a complete fait accompli. Meaning, irreversible new realities on the ground have been constructed whereby the scholarly, the journalistic, and any whistle-blowing disclosures of what was previously a closely held secret and very effectively “plausibly denied”, can do nothing to alter these new hard realities and the public's notion of justice becomes obsolete or irrelevant.
Just as we now presume to know, ex post facto, at least something about Operation Gladio that was conducted in Western Europe of yesteryear when the USSR no longer exists today. Therefore, what's administering justice to the criminals in that situation mean? It is now not only a moot, but entirely meaningless construct.
This is Machiavelli at its utmost best. This modus operandi is even openly admitted by the White House, and with irresolute chutzpah worthy of its owners, also openly printed by the New York Times whose own motto, “All the news that's fit to print”, makes such bold admission of Machiavellian statecraft public knowledge:
We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” (Ron Suskind, quoting George W. Bush's senior White House Advisor, New York Times, Oct. 17, 2004)
The following official public documents created by the Federal government of the United States and the City of Boston, are crucial in understanding the theory behind the first drill event. These are labeled by Exhibit number, as is everything else of evidentiary nature.
The following video depicts how trained amputee actors sporting moulage injuries are used for realistic exercise drills and synthetic training exercises for the American military fighting the terrorists overseas:
Video Image Amputee Actors Train Soldiers For Combat - Boston Bombing Hoax looks real with Amputee actors help image1Video Image Amputee Actors Train Soldiers For Combat - Boston Bombing Hoax looks real with Amputee actors help image2
Caption Amputee actors in role playing in the name of “national security” and for “saving American lives”. Click on video image to watch Americans soldiers in full military gear train for catastrophic injuries in the field in the simulated environment of a realistically staged exercise drill.
The following documentary by BBC Timewatch is crucial in understanding Operation Gladio of yesteryear:
Click to watch: Operation Gladio - BBC Time Watch 3 Part Series June 1992
Caption “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State” James Jesus Angleton, Head of CIA Counter Intelligence 1954-1974
The following short video news bulletin highlights what was achieved in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon Operation Gladio:
The following short commentary by a former session court judge makes the point of synthetic terror to catch the terrorists in an entrapment scam rather obvious when put in context of staging a diabolical Operation Gladio. Using dupes and patsies in FBI entrapment exercises which, when they go live for real enactment of terror rather than for averting the terror which is how these entrapments are legally justified before the American public by the blessings of the juristic fraternity, provide convenient patsies to hang the blame upon:
Finally, following is the image broadcast by Fox News on worldwide television of the rescue of one named “Jeff Bauman” by Boston EMT, EMS, and the man in the cowboy hat named Carlos Arredondo. The photographs that captured that absurd scene are shown underneath.
Caption Superman victim identified as Jeff Bauman Jr., holding both his blown-up legs sitting upright and looking alert being rescued on wheelchair by a Boston EMT, Boston EMS, and man in cowboy hat identified as superhero Carlos Arredondo, about 6 minutes and 43 seconds later in the theatre of the most absurd (Image from Fox News footage, April 15, 2013)
Meet Miracle-man Mr. Jeff Bauman - Boston Marathon bombing victim Image via
Enlarge frames to high resolution images: E10-1, E10-2, E10-3
Caption Superman victim identified as Jeff Bauman Jr., holding both his blown-up legs while sitting upright and looking alert, being rescued on wheelchair by a Boston EMT, Boston EMS, and man in cowboy hat identified as superhero Carlos Arredondo, about 6 minutes and 43 seconds after the first explosion in the theatre of the most absurd (Image Fox News footage, April 15, 2013, photographers unknown for other images. Open Letter URL:
We can see that for event site one, none of the recommendation in E1 were actually followed. The emergency response evacuation was done in the most absurd manner. This implies that all those participating on event site one were in on the drama that these were only simulated injuries and their purpose was photo-ops.
We can also observe from the evidence of photographs of event site two (not included in this article but publicly available, including professional photographer brianjdamico's photostream on Flickr titled “Boston Marathon 2013 Bombing - Full Set of Images” taken at 755 Boylston street), that proper emergency response procedures were followed. Fire trucks and ambulances, the real emergency response, immediately arrived at the scene. The injured were properly handled, correctly immobilized and strapped on gurneys, and transported in ambulances. The area of event site two also appears to have far fewer people congregating, and professionally managed, in stark contrast to event site one only 183 meters away on the same street, which clearly has the appearance of a mêlée.
Exhibit E6, the video of amputees with simulated moulage injuries training American soldiers for overseas combat operations against the “Islamofascist terrorists”, is most revealing of the dysfunctional psychology behind that holy endeavor.
These American amputees train American soldiers to go kill "terrorists" in Muslim nations, and are even happy doing so in the name of “war on terror”. They feel gratified, as admitted by themselves in the above video, simulating moulage injuries for the sake of saving American lives. It is their thespian profession, their bread and butter, and also their two-bit patriotic flag-waiving contribution to American civilization and patriotism. What does it matter to them where their theatrical production is staged, or which American combat troupe goes through their training facility – the ones serving overseas fighting international terrorists, the likes of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, Sadaam Hussein, militant Islam, and Pakistani loose nuke's threat to American soil from across the ocean. Or the dedicated domestic EMS teams across American cities fighting the domestic terrorists? The 'War on Terror' after all is everywhere, the terrorism threat real. And now that Osama Bin Laden has mercifully been laid to rest, the threat is surely increasing in its domestic tenor as continually reported in the news media. What if the armed right-winger militias, internet bloggers, skeptics, and constitutionalists alarmed at what's happening to their beloved nation and almost willing to take matters into their own hands, have their rising discontent harvested by Al Qaeda? That is a pretty powerful motivation to join in any staged drill across the United States – and the video is proof that such people exist to fill all the job advertisements by HSEEP and FEMA.
It is more empirical than just speculatively imaginable that amputee actors were engaged for the Boston Marathon to enact the theatre of the absurd. From that staged act was broadcast the propaganda scene of the legless victim Jeff Bauman Jr. being rescued on wheelchair by Boston EMT and Boston EMS on worldwide television to play on public sympathies worldwide. It is for certain that no real injured victim exhibits such behavior medically as the actor in wheelchair, and no real EMT and EMS rescue operation behaves in that asinine manner unless they have been sold on the project that it is a Planned Mass Casualty Event exercise drill for a good cause, that it is to be a photo-ops, and is not a real event. No EMT and EMS will behave that way in a real emergency for fear of having their professional licenses revoked, and being held criminally negligent in the exercise of their trained, checklisted, and strictly laid out duties on how to handle such emergencies.
Therefore, as the inevitability of sound and rational logical reasoning always condemning the indefensible and the guilty, since this first event was a Planned Mass Casualty drill, the poor Muslim patsies, the Tsarnaev brothers, were also just innocent stooges setup in the usual manner by the FBI (Exhibit E9 Judge Napolitano) to take the fall for a realistic enactment of practicing Martial Law in Boston. The real criminals are at this time most certainly doubling up with laughter at the American people's expense, and at their own brilliance for once again having successfully got away with scapegoating Islam and Muslims.
However, if the officialdom of City of Boston will insist that this first event was real in order to save face in public because the Planned Mass Casualty Event actually went live and there were real casualties by their own admission and statistics, then the images shown on worldwide television of the legless victim in a wheelchair are outright fake.
No trained EMS and EMT will rescue someone whose legs have been blown up in that absurd way as is obvious from how the second sub-event was handled where the injuries were deemed real and it was known by the EMT and EMS to not be an exercise drill. The images show real fire brigade trucks and ambulances handling the injured in a completely different and commonsensical evacuation protocol than was observed at the first site where the simulation was known to being enacted. Therefore, they would have to accept that the broadcasting of the absurd rescue of Jeff Bauman Jr., on wheelchair on mainstream television news worldwide was faked, if they would insist that the first event itself was not a fake.
That double jeopardy, Mr. and Mrs. Law enforcement and rapidly atrophying legal minds of America, namely,
  • either the acceptance that event one was a covert HSEEP Planned Mass Casualty Event instead of the overt exercise drill as per their own planning documents, and the victims were only simulating moulage injuries,
  • or the acceptance that the images broadcast on television were faked (as no real EMT and EMS operation is trained to perform rescue in that absurd way, and were they to respond in that fashion they would be immediately held liable for criminal negligence in this most litigative nation where lawyers abound),
is the checkmate!
This checkmate, with expert testimony by medical and EMT practitioners of just describing their own normal procedures from their own textbooks and emergency procedure manuals, can stand in any court of law. It is not obvious for what precise charges however; perhaps minimally to publicly admit the truth as stated above, and as future hazard mitigation of drills inexplicably going live, to legally put a blanket moratorium on all such Planned training exercises by the executive branch of any administration, whether local, state, or federal, in which the pubic is not a priori informed – the way they were repeatedly informed of the planned Operation Shield 2012 Boston exercise much in advance.
As documented in the public documents above, the hiring of actors and amputees for disaster preparedness exercise drills is a Homeland Security and FEMA operational fact, not speculation. And so is actual conducting of Mass Casualty Event drills for which these stage-hands are routinely hired and asked to sign non disclosure agreement on national security grounds. These drills are used to rope unemployed people as well as pertinent officialdom into role play as their patriotic duty in the 'war on terror' preparedness; to officially stand down any real emergency services as responsible people think this is only a drill and only those participating in the drill from officialdom are on stage and scripted into the act; and subsequently, these drills are easily turned into a false flag operation either by collusion of all concerned, or solely by a supra covert agency of the national security state conducting a compartmentalized covert-ops terroristic act with “camouflage, patsies taking the blame, and deception” for which the drills provide the most excellent official cover and stand-down of real response.
That happened on the 9/11 catastrophic terrorism event (no NORAD response to the supposed airliner hijackings as the entire air defence system of the United States was standing down thinking it was the pre-planned exercise drills many of which were simultaneously in progress on that date). And we can see this same scenario in action replay in the Boston Marathon refresher small-terrorism event, where no ambulances or fire engines showed up for a long time, and the actors sporting moulage injuries were evacuated in wheelchairs for media photo-ops. The frightening thing to observe here is the level of complacency of the Boston citizens. A medical city, none of its doctors and professors of medicine have risen up to assert their expert testimony that these images of injuries and the emergency response of licensed and trained EMTs appears to be a spoof movie rather than something that they as professors of medicine either teach or practice in their own hospitals.
As we see transpiring in Boston and explained above, this drills method for overlaying Operation Gladio covert-ops also easily co-opts the officialdom and actors who were only participating in the drills part, into adopting stoned silence given the real destruction, and real fatalities and injuries, for fear of criminal culpability for deceiving the public – not to mention the non disclosures they already signed any violation of which they minimally risk legal charges if not outright assassination by the same national security state apparatus which carried out the Operation Gladio death operation on the unwary public.
This diabolical modus operandi of training drills going live, is one up on the more primitive Operation Gladio in Western Europe. The false flag events there were not necessarily assisted by their officialdom, and was conducted by NATO intelligence principally to convince both the state's elected officialdom and the public electing them, of the fictitious threat of Communist invasion of Western Europe. The difference with the latter day Operation Gladios anywhere in the Western world, including in the United States, is that the national state machinery is already a part of the Hegelian Dialectic of 'War on Terror'. It is mainly their respective public that needs periodic convincing why they should be better off living in a police-state in order to protect them from an equally fictitious threat from domestic terrorists --- a Machiavellian modus operandi for the construction of a global police state piece-meal with the active connivance of officialdom under the cover of “plausible deniability”.
Once again, all matters current already presaged by Bertrand Russell in the Impact of Science on Society in 1951:
There is, it must be confessed, a psychological difficulty about a single world government. The chief source of social cohesion in the past, I repeat, has been war: the passions that inspire feeling of unity are hate and fear. These depend upon the existence of an enemy, actual or potential. It seems to follow that a world government could only be kept in being by force, not by the spontaneous loyalty that now inspires a nation at war.”
Who those overarching planners are who continue to hijack drills and training exercises to make them go live, is unknown. The masterminds can never really be pinpointed – unless under a victor's justice as witnessed at Nuremberg Military Tribunals where the Nazi's 'Operation Canned Goods' was easily apprehended as the diabolical pretext “to goosestep the Herrenvolk across international frontiers” (Justice Robert H. Jackson), and for which many among the surviving Nazi leadership were hanged. I desist from speculating without hard evidence, except to state the obvious fact of the matter. That, whichsoever this supranational organization is, and whosoever its real leaders, planners, controllers and field agents are who have repeatedly carried out Operation Gladio on both American and international soil with brazen impunity, can only be a secretive and highly compartmentalized part of officialdom space of the supranational security state that controls not only the sole superpower, but also many Western nations.
Without officialdom's active and tacit quid pro quo protection of this supranational security state apparatus within the facade of elected governance, this criminal enterprise running Operation Gladios worldwide cannot ever succeed.
Since the overarching motivation of officialdom – who are already known to merely be the elected front faces for the oligarchy that rules the United States with complete control – is known to be global governance in a global police state, therefore, all methods and modus operandi which take the world there, by hook or by crook, by the straightforward logic of the matter, are also its own.

Credits: This report is indebted to the tireless labors of many an unknown activist worldwide who researched and gathered the raw data from videos and photographs making these invaluable resources available to other researchers for analysis. A special hat tip to Marlena Doucette in Boston who also contributed to some of the research and analysis. This report is a testimony to the power of the internet and its ability to facilitate the distributed cooperation across the globe among non potted plant human beings actively sharing in the same common aspiration for truth, justice, and peace.

The author, an ordinary researcher and writer on contemporary geopolitics, a minor justice activist, grew up in Pakistan, studied EECS at MIT, engineered for a while in high-tech Silicon Valley ( ), and retired early to pursue other responsible interests. His maiden 2003 book was rejected by numerous publishers and can be read on the web at He may be reached at Verbatim reproduction license at

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