Averting Shia-Sunni World War

Friday, January 08, 2016
AsSalaam-O-Alekum, to Muslims and Non-Muslims alike --- all that word means in English vernacular is “Peace be with you”. I like that greeting. Peace be with you. Why can't I greet all my fellow man with that greeting? I find no such restriction in the Holy Qur'an which enjoins peace as well as justice to be established among all mankind. So I like that greeting. Perhaps a more pertinent greeting might have been “Justice and Peace be with you”. But that is not the traditional greeting of Islam which calls itself the religion of justice and peace. The Islamic greeting is only “peace be with you”. I wonder why?
And I wonder why Muslim historiography suggests that AsSalaam-O-Alekum is to only be used for greeting among the Muslims themselves, not for greeting non-Muslims, despite the categorical universal teaching of the Holy Qur'an being in direct contradiction to that Jewish-like feeling of exceptionalism. And most Muslims buy it. The more religious ones actually frown when non-Muslims are greeted with AsSalaam-O-Alekum. I say frown on – for the sands of time shall soon leave you on the antediluvian shores of history you source your religion from.
Even more bizarre, what does this greeting mean when Muslims are seen to be killing each other across the planet, and the non-Muslims stare at us in befuddlement? What peace? Muslims are killers and should even be kept away from the United States of America --- that is even the charged political slogan of the newest presidential campaign for the 2016 presidential elections.
The manufactured reality that has been accorded to “Islamic” terror and its soldiers of heaven, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, Daesh, good terrorists vs. bad terrorists, good rebels vs. bad rebels, the new Saudi-Iran confrontation on the brew, holy Muslim nations flying the flag of Islam seen to be vying with each other for seeking heaven with Western weapons while the Western alliance keeps bombing and/or sanctioning them to smithereens – only to record the few immediate headlines that greet the general public on a daily basis – what is this fiction of “peace” that Muslims imagine themselves to be the sponsors of, must surely occur to every non-Muslim spectator on planet earth.
Non-Muslims must surely wonder how civilizationally primitive we bunch of Muslims are, 1.6 billion to 2 billion in number, and none the wiser on how to live in amity in our own modernity with any degree of sophistication and wherewithal. They see us continuing to live in antiquity --- divided as we are along ancient historical lines of Shia and Sunni. What is that all about --- non-Muslims can never quite get their heads wrapped around that display of “peace and harmony” among Muslims themselves for their fourteen century long history of antagonism towards each other despite their common Good Book and common beloved Prophet. Just like the Muslims cannot get their heads wrapped around Catholics vs. Protestants, both sharing the same Good Book and common sweet Jesus, and still fighting each other to death through the ages in the name of the same peace-loving Jesus Christ. The last ferocious battle witnessed in my own times, in Ireland. The Catholics and Protestants seem to have as much in common with each other beyond their Good Book and their beloved Savior as the Shias and Sunnis.
I can't and don't wish to speak to the Christian diversity, let Christians solve their own problems if they deem it to be a problem without Muslims pretending to be holier than thou, but I can sure speak, and must speak, to the problem of my own heritage, for it is indeed a problem. Muslims have a common Good Book --- yet virtually all sects among Muslims understand its meaning differently. Why? Because each and every sect among Muslims lives in history. We let historical narratives penned by the hand of man inform us of our religion Islam instead of the singular common scripture of Islam, the Holy Qur'an, inform us of our understanding of Islam. This fact has been true in every single generation after the Prophet of Islam. The previous generations defined what Islam was for the succeeding generations in virtually a geometric progression instead of the Holy Qur'an determining it exclusively. Today what Islam is among Muslims and what Islam is in the Holy Qur'an can appear to someone like Mr. Spock of the Star Trek fable, to even be separate religions. For what else can explain Saudi Arabia vs. Iran today --- the custodian of the two most sacred pilgrimage sites of Islam pitted against the self-proclaimed valih-e-faqih-e-muslimeen?
War among Muslims today may be made imminent no differently than how it was made imminent between Iran and Iraq for eight long years just three decades ago. I hope I am wrong but these clouds of war have been most Machiavellianly setup to quickly mutate into an all out war between Sunnidom vs. Shiadom --- that's bringing into its blood-fold the sympathies and loyalties for one side or other all 1.6 to 2 billion Muslim peoples. Peace? What peace? And Justice, never mind that platitude --- for it hasn't been practiced among any people from time immemorial.

Averting Shia-Sunni World War

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