Some Important Big Lies of our time

June 19, 2018
Dear friends:
When I came to the United States to get educated at MIT from UET Lahore, I never imagined that I would become one of the 'nut-jobs' of modernity, i.e., the uber-skeptic of official narratives. Beyond that, that I would even help unravel some of the greatest Big Lies of our time which have directly contributed to creating deadly havoc upon humanity. What has surprised me is that I have even been able to do this at all, because, firstly, I don't rank myself very highly in either possessing a superior intellect or a superior morality. In fact, among my stellar friends throughout the world, I value myself at the bottom in relation to their global successes, piety, virtues, and all that is deemed motherhood and apple pie. Secondly, and surprisingly, this hasn't been terribly hard to figure out! I don't understand how I have been able to do it but not a single one among my many illustrious friends and teachers? They have elected to stay publicly silent even if they may have figured any of this out in the private quarters of their mind and living rooms ---- and these people are the most well-known and valued members of society. They are counted among the most imposing intellectuals of our time holding lofty academic, social, philanthropic, humanitarian, and moral credentials. Can I be permitted to say: what the fck?

Letter to Friends of Humanity: Some Important Big Lies of Our Time

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