Pakistan Case Study in National Loss of Ethics

November 21, 2018 | Last updated November 30, 2018
The academic fraud I had serendipitously uncovered in 2011 is simply momentous in its implications of how a corrupt system itself creates the self-sustaining problem of fraud and deceit in Pakistan's academe. The system automatically creates a state of equilibrium where people are inextricably caught in the very “banality of evil”, rising to the highest levels of mediocrity in the course of natural adjustment to it. Intellectual and ethical corruption is systemic in Pakistan's academia. Those tasked with policing are themselves co-opted and thriving comfortably in the system without ethics, in the society without ethics, in the nation without ethics --- and from which all the rest of the evils naturally follow!
Not having ethics and moral compunction in Pakistan is considered being pragmatist, savvy, street smart and going places; those with any moral compunction simply languish in obscurity and are thought to be plain stupid. A nation of cowards and sycophants living off the public exchequer deserve a lot more... From top to bottom, our national character has become thuggery in virginal dresses and white shirts. Every one of them a scholar and saint!
Is this state of affairs by happenstance alone due to Pakistanis' inexplicable innate mediocrity and poor sense of ethics compared to other nations --- or, is this state of affairs by Machiavellian design? Pakistani society has systematically eaten itself up from within from its once stellar position in the early 1960s through early 1970s when ethical standards and intellectual calibre stood out.
The destruction of Pakistan's higher and lower education systems ever since Pakistan became a nuclear power, has visibly manufactured mainly multi-generational human resource supply-chain fodder, of fanatics, useful idiots, mental midgets and mercenaries as the main bulwark of its intellectual, political, social, economic, and military fronts --- is it merely coincidental that nuclear Pakistan ever since, is also ruled by house niggers always out with a begging bowl, irrespective of the style of government, from military dictatorship to faux democracy?

Pakistan Case Study in National Loss of Ethics 2011-2018 By Zahir Ebrahim

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