Secular Humanism: Bane of Civilizations


Secular Humanism is intended to become the “religion” of the World Order in the making. Its purpose is to disarm the populations of all resistance by removing theism from their midst; the higher moral authority that confers absolute standards and invites mankind toward hope and breaking the bonds of servitude to fellow man. It is easier to make slaves of the public mind with no higher authority other than the world government, big brother if you will, which shall rule the public mind in such a way that mankind shall come to love its own servitude. That's the agenda. It will come to naught without a doubt – for the religion of Islam stands in its way; the only impediment to achieving full spectrum control of the human species by the financial oligarchy. Its visible champions among commoners span the gamut of useful idiots from likkha-parrha jahils pretending to be the avant-garde in intellectual thought to ordinary a-religious people fed up with moral policing.
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The purpose of this pamphlet is to warn of the perfidiousness of this new “religion” behind its lure of compassion, equality, human rights, supremacy of reason over Higher Authority, etceteras. The pamphlet dives right in the midst of the Secular Humanists and challenges their crippled epistemology in the hope of getting them to realize they are being made useful idiots --- for I can't really believe that all of them are petty mercenaries or Übermensch. I like to think that they are just mistaken --- for the idea does sound rather nice to the irreligious at the most facile level. But like the syphilis ridden new bride, all one has to do is look under the virginal gown and one shall know. This pamphlet does exactly that. I have never met a secular humanist who can stand scrutiny. They tend to run and congregate among their own kind in the safety and comfort of incestuous self-reinforcement. Don't be a fool and become useful idiot agents of social engineers. Examine the premise, the axioms, and see for oneself how cunning and guile are being used to usher in one of the most subversive values among mankind. I believe most secular humanists are inclined to be kind-hearted folks in search of solutions for the issues facing mankind. Under that premise, this pamphlet is addressed to the well-intentioned ones to get them to see that the first order fundamental problem facing mankind is Primacy! This discovery is not really a classified state secret that was leaked to me. It is rather obvious and self-evident. But for some, it evidently requires heavy dosage of intellectual vitamins to glean. Here is one such vitamin regimen.
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Zahir Ebrahim
October 22, 2019

Pamphlet Secular Humanism: Bane of Civilizations ---- From Secular Humanism To Islam - The Only Solution

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