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January 25, 2011 | Last Updated Dec 04, 2011
Seeding the 'Clash of Planets' and the 'War of the Worlds' to cement one-World Government
The Agenda Behind Aliens and UFOs - A Hegelian Mind-Fck Part-II By Zahir EbrahimCaption The Agenda Behind Aliens and UFOs - A Hegelian Mind-Fck Part-II By Zahir Ebrahim. Secret : those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know; those who know and speak always sleep with the fishes. State : Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State. Therefore, leaking a State-Secret : only a tune played by the Mighty Wurlitzer (Image via TFC
Continuing from Part-1, January 04, 2011, where, in response to the mainstream news and other reports on Julian Assange/Wikileaks threatening to reveal secret documents pertaining to UFOs: “it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive there are indeed references to UFOs”, I had observed:
'If you use political science to understand this absurdity, it does not appear to be an absurdity at all, but a very important unveiling of the new ‘big lie’ that has been a long time in the making, beginning with Orson Wells’ dramatization in New York in 1938 of H. G. Wells ‘War of the Worlds’! That social engineering project prototype to study mass panic behavior was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, as it later came out. Read the condensed summary paper by Hadley Cantril (PDF), 1947, to glean some insight into group categories and how people reacted then under the implanted false belief. Would masses react any differently now?'
This topic has intrigued me for many years, not just as entertaining science fiction of which I have been an avid reader since at least 6th grade when I first encountered Arthur C. Clarke in the British Council Library Lahore, Pakistan, but from the perspective of social engineering by ubermensch predators to create a new super Ali Baba++ threat to terrorize mankind to continue on with the next stages of “imperial mobilization”. Especially since the used-up Ali Baba was finally retired on May 1, 2011. (See The Mighty Wurlitzer by Zahir Ebrahim)
Zbigniew Brzezinski had both forthrightly and self-servingly presaged the power of social engineering to manufacture consent among the modern unwashed masses in Western democracies, especially in the sole superpower, for the unpopular narrow agendas of the elites, in his 1997 book The Grand Chessboard:
Fabricating a public discourse on an absurd fantasy as if it's something real by couching it in the veneer of science (or declassified State-Secrets/whistleblowing/leaks), and then self-servingly reacting to that fabrication as a threat to national security at supra-national levels from the United Nations to the Catholic Church to justify and dignify the expenditure chasing the new immanent threat, only legitimizes such discourse among the public as plausible. It fertilizes the stage for the subsequent creation of a new insurmountable global threat, the Clash of Planets. If political scientists are to be believed on the utility of diabolical protocols for “imperial mobilization”, then, “that exercise requires a high degree of doctrinal motivation, intellectual commitment, and patriotic gratification.” Its doctrinal seeds must be planted years in advance. This new shock-therapy threat too will also of course be launched with the dialectical ultimatum: “either you are with us, or with the aliens”!
The earlier empires were built by aristocratic political elites and were in most cases ruled by essentially authoritarian or absolutist regimes. The bulk of the populations of the imperial states were either politically indifferent, ... or infected by imperialist emotions ...a quest for national glory, 'the white man's burden', 'la mission civilisatrice', not to speak of the opportunities for personal profit - all served to mobilize support for imperial adventures to sustain essentially hierarchical imperial power pyramids. The attitude of American public toward the external projection of American power has been more ambivalent. The public supported America's engagement in WWII largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. .... After the Cold War had ended, the emergence of the United States as the single global power did not evoke much public gloating but rather elicited an inclination toward more limited definitions of American responsibilities abroad. Public opinion polls conducted in 1995 – 1996 indicated a general public preference for 'sharing' power with others, rather than for its monopolistic exercise.” (ibid. pgs. 24,25)
It is also a fact that America is too democratic at home to be autocratic abroad. This limits the use of America's power, especially its capacity for military intimidation. Never before has a populist democracy attained international supremacy. But the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public's sense of domestic well-being. The economic self-denial (that is defense spending), and the human sacrifice (casualties even among professional soldiers) required in the effort are uncongenial to democratic instincts. Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization.” (ibid. pgs. 35,36)
Public opinion polls suggest that only a small minority (13 percent) of Americans favor the proposition that 'as the sole remaining superpower, the US should continue to be the preeminent world leader in solving international problems'. ... Moreover, as America becomes an increasingly multicultural society, it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat. .... More generally, cultural change in America may also be uncongenial to the sustained exercise abroad of genuinely imperial power. That exercise requires a high degree of doctrinal motivation, intellectual commitment, and patriotic gratification. ... Mass communications have been playing a particularly important role in that regard, generating a strong revulsion against any selective use of force that entails even low levels of casualties .... In brief, the U.S. Policy goals must be un-apologetically twofold: to perpetuate America's own dominant position for at least a generation and preferably longer,...” (ibid. pgs. 211-215)
Having been a malcontent student of many a hectoring hegemon long before the catalyzing event of the New Pearl Harbor was inflicted upon mankind on September 11, 2001, I have been diligently studying all facets of engineering consent especially since. I have also learned how to parse the layered writings of the hectoring hegemons. At one level, Brzezinski wants to “perpetuate America's own dominant position for at least a generation and preferably longer,”.
But at another level, empiricism betrays that the blueprint in the Grand Chessboard for waging endless wars, is in fact designed to bankrupt America in order to end its national sovereignty (see “A Note on Unlayering the Middle East War Agenda: Making Sense of Absurdities”). Zbigniew Brzezinski is himself the representative of the globalists, being a leading thinker for the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission which he co-founded with David Rockefeller and was its first Executive Director, etceteras. And the globalist stated agenda is just the opposite from what's deceptively narrated in the Grand Chessboard – to usher in Global Governance in a World Government where nation states are just the municipalities of local administration, perhaps continuing to fly their own national flags but nothing else is theirs.
All governance laws, economics, military, policing, planning, production, harvesting natural resources under their own national soil, and even core social values which have affectionately come to be called “secular humanism”, to be driven from a centralized planning oligarchy, much like what's envisioned in Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto! If one examines the 10 points of his architecture to restructure society, the increasing resemblance to modernity is only co-incidental of course (sic!).
The globalist openly proclaim their own modus operandi, so that we won't have to guess at either their motives, or their methods, and be labeled conspiracy theorists – too bad so few people read, even fewer think (some suggest less than 2% people actually think, 8% think they think, and 90% would not be caught dead thinking). Here is Richard N. Gardner of the Council on Foreign Relations, helping those who can actually think understand way back in April 1974 in his article “The Hard Road To World Order”, how the globalist plan to subvert nation states with “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece [which] will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”:
In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.
Of course, for political as well as administrative reasons, some of these specialized arrangements should be brought into an appropriate relationship with the central institutions of the U.N. system, but the main thing is that the essential functions be performed.
The question is whether this more modest approach can do the job. Can it really bring mankind into the twenty-first century with reasonable prospects for peace, welfare and human dignity? The argument thus far suggests it better had, for there seems to be no alternative. But the evidence also suggests some grounds for cautious optimism.” (ibid. pgs. 558-559)
It should be self-evident by now that implanting the fear of some new super boogyman to supplant the existing Ali Baba of terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, with Extraterrestrials, UFOs, Aliens, other global and galactic catastrophes, as enabling myths, serves those very globalist interests hand in glove. Who does not understand the import of engineered myths to statecraft? Evidently the vast majority who 'United We Stand' with them. Even though, the hectoring hegemons once again go through the inordinate bother of explaining it themselves to save us the trouble of having to figure it all out by reverse engineering some coherent sense from the unfurling visible reality which otherwise only appears steeped in absurdities. I have already examined the import of their own words in “Wikileaks and Imperial Mobilization” and the following passage captures it sufficiently for our purpose here:
Caption The memo that ‘proves aliens landed at Roswell’… released online by the FBI - How to fabricate Aliens and UFOs Myth using State-Secrets
Caption 'Proof of (alien) life? A copy of the 1950 memo that recounts the discovery of flying saucers and aliens in New Mexico. The memo has been published on the FBI website' --- UK Daily Mail 9th April 2011.
A more perceptive caption however would read: 'The Art of the Mighty Wurlitzer: How to fabricate Aliens and UFOs Myths using the ploy of leaking State-Secrets'
'The Mighty Wurlitzer operates on the core premise which has been empirically shown to psychologically motivate most human action. That premise was elegantly captured in the following insightful observation made at the so called “Terrorism Study Group”, that “'Public Assumptions' Shape Views of History: Such presumptions are beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community. The sources for such presumptions are both personal (from direct experience) and vicarious (from books, movies, and myths).” Successfully implanting such presumptions and pre-suppositions among any group is to motivate its overall actions in accordance with those implanted beliefs. Thus, many intelligent peoples for whom it is otherwise inexplicable to understand why they persist in 'United We Stand' with absurdities, are motivated to react sympathetically to those absurdities.'
I had already stated the implication of all this in my April 2009 newsletter on Financial and State Terrorism, and re-emphasized in my December 2009 tutorial “The Brilliant Construction of World Order – Or a children's bedtime story” (see Sidebars below):
'It will be the coup de grace for bringing the fractious humanity finally together in one-world government “if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet.” As President Ronald Reagan had read out loud from his script at the United Nations podium in 1987: “we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”. Coming soon to your local friendly skies, complete with the 'messiah' and the 'mahdi' descending from the heavens on the wings of dove, or the chariots of fire, in their final return to save the now united mankind against the common threats. Maybe there is something to this 'dajjal' story, the 'false messiah' lore after all! Brought to you courtesy of NASA's Universal Holographic Satellite Projection System.'
Caption CIA Document on using Flying Saucers phenomena for psychological operations. (via
Caption CIA Document on using Flying Saucers phenomena for psychological operations (via Full Text:
Memorandum To: Director, Psychological Strategy Board
Subject: Flying Saucers
1. I am today transmitting to the National Security Council a proposal (TAB A) in which it is concluded that the problems connected with unidentified flying objects appear to have implications for psychological warfare as well as for intelligence and operations.
2. The background for this view is presented in some detail in TAB B.
3. I suggest that we discuss at an early board meeting the possible offensive or defensive utilization of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes.
Walter B. Smith
What the CIA memo's careful wording does not say is admit that the intelligence apparatus is itself constructing the flying saucers phenomena! (See Disambiguating Religion, Science and Psychological Warfare Operations)
With the aforementioned rehash form my previous writings as the essential backdrop, let's turn back to the present. But before I do that, first, just some necessary words on why the rehash. One of the problems I continually face as an activist-writer is that the majority of ordinary peoples I encounter have very short term memories which, when not being outright selective, contain minimal context. This is evidently true even among the uber-learned who make much ado about their brilliant scholarship and great achievements of the 'American Dream' (see: “The Ivy League Morons Syndrome” and “Why Not Be An Ostrich?”).
While such collective public amnesia works nicely in favor of those engineering consent to get peoples across all walks of life and economic/social class to 'United We Stand' with the mantras du jour, it works terribly against those who instead dare to stand up to the hectoring hegemons by trying to inform the insolvent public mind of the vile Machiavellianess of statecraft. And therefore, I often have to restate things to continually recreate the overarching context before I can add the one new item I have uncovered to their already over-taxed consciousness in its full context. Otherwise, I find that most people simply refuse to evaluate only the new discovery in the full context on their own.
I am also constantly asked for proof – and my website has proofs in writings up the wazoo but no, I have to provide it each time afresh because clicking on a link is way too much trouble for many. Oh sure, everyone wants to see copious references all right, nicely formatted, which evidently imparts the warm-fuzzy feeling of imposing “expert” scholarship at work, automatically increasing with the number of footnotes and endnotes. But strangely, I have noticed that most people don't actually bother reading them carefully except to note their presence, never mind analyzing their veracity and reasonableness for themselves by studying the cited material.
Therefore, when I am unlayering and unraveling the most absurd in Realityspeak, as is the case here, I make the effort to carry the context along – because this one essay is all anyone will ever read, if one ever bothers reading a plebeian that is.
The UFO-Alien Disclosure Project of Steven Greer
Over the last few days I have been studying this Dr. Steven Greer fellow of the Aliens Disclosure Project, his UFO testimonies, his Free Energy mantras, his perpetual motion machine pitch and other bullshit to solve all the imaginary and manmade mantras du jour such as global warming (imaginary), global energy/food/water shortage and global poverty (manmade), etc. All mankind's intractable problems finally made soluble thanks to the miraculous but still vilely hidden technologies reverse engineered from aliens' crashed spacecrafts by the secretive black-projects of the national security state! If only they'd reveal it – and hence the raison d'être for Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure/Orion Projects.
Before a couple of days ago, I had never heard of this brilliant fellow with such a phenomenal access to black-ops engineers who could so trivially reverse engineer an alien's (from another world) machine in the 1950s, and not only figure out how it works, but duplicate it with our existing rather primitive technological base and limited understanding of science (otherwise we'd have been visiting their planet instead of their coming here)! Wow! I must have gone to the wrong school – should have joined Skunkworks!
I must have watched about 7-8 hours of these videos, including the 4 hours of Steven Greer's Disclosure DVD, and the hour long rather mind-blowing interview with this US Air Force techie, William Pawelec:

The Reality Behind Flying Saucers and UFOs -- The U.S. Air Force first began experimenting with flying saucers in the 1950s. See flying UFO models adapted from special purposes fighter-type planes in the images below. Of what conceivable use is a flying saucer (and its mantra) to the United States Government? To comprehend such asininity which on the surface makes no rational sense, one must first comprehend what was learned in the 1938 Hadley Cantril led study of mass panic behavior with the first radio broadcast of War of the Worlds! (See Hadley Cantril) Second, see Area 51 below. It is not beyond these people that artistic spy surveillance planes were flown as UFOs both for a mind-fck and for lending credence to psychological warfare mantra.
The Reality Behind Flying Saucers and UFOs - The U.S. Air Force first began experimenting with flying saucers in the 1950s.
The Reality Behind Flying Saucers and UFOs - The U.S. Air Force first began experimenting with flying saucers in the 1950s.
The Reality Behind Flying Saucers and UFOs - The U.S. Air Force first began experimenting with flying saucers in the 1950s.
The Reality Behind Flying Saucers and UFOs - The U.S. Air Force first began experimenting with flying saucers in the 1950s.
The Reality Behind Flying Saucers and UFOs - The U.S. Air Force first began experimenting with flying saucers in the 1950s.
'No word yet on alien starships, but now that many Cold War-era Area 51 documents have been declassified, veterans of the secret U.S. base are revealing some of the clever—and surprisingly low-tech—ways they hid futuristic prototypes from prying eyes.
The CIA created Area 51 in 1955 to test and develop top secret U.S. military projects in the remote Nevada desert. More than 50 years later, the base still doesn't officially exist and appears on no public U.S. government maps.
In the 1950s and '60s, Area 51 was the epicenter of the OXCART project, intended to create the successor for the U-2 spy plane.' --- National Geographic, May 20, 2011
Click here to watch: National Geographic Channel Show Ponders The Possibility of an Alien Attack
It should be as statistical as human nature, for example, that there's going to be good guys and bad guys,” says Dr. Travis Taylor, who's with the U.S. Space and Missile Command Department and has worked with the Department of Defense and NASA for 20 years.
What we would hope is that the good guys show up first, and that would be really nice. But the point of this wasn't to debate whether they are or they aren't, it's what happens if they did. Do we have a plan? What type of plan should we put together, and how would we defend the planet?” Taylor has also written the handbook for harrying aliens, An Introduction to Planetary Defense.
Lt. Col. Brian De Toy, director of defense and strategic studies program at West Point, doesn't buy the premise. “I am a skeptical believer in miracles. So a year ago right now I was in Iraq, and I'm more worried about Iraq and Afghanistan right now and the aliens that I'm dealing with there. And so right now, I'm pretty skeptical about the others.”' --- National Geographic, Reported by Boston Herald May 17, 2011

Click here to watch: President Ronald Reagan Ponders The Beneficial Consequences of an Alien Threat from Another Planet, Speaking at the UN General Assembly, September 21, 1987
“If suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet,” President Ronald Reagan had read out loud from his script at the United Nations General Assembly podium in 1987, “in our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish, if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world!” --- President Ronald Reagan, Speaking at the UN General Assembly, September 21, 1987
'Aliens might have souls and could choose to be baptised if humans ever met them, a Vatican scientist said today. The official also dismissed intelligent design as “bad theology” that had been “hijacked” by American creationist fundamentalists.
Guy Consolmagno, who is one of the pope's astronomers, said he would be “delighted” if intelligent life was found among the stars. “But the odds of us finding it, of it being intelligent and us being able to communicate with it – when you add them up it's probably not a practical question.”
Speaking ahead of a talk at the British Science Festival in Birmingham tomorrow, he said that the traditional definition of a soul was to have intelligence, free will, freedom to love and freedom to make decisions. “Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul.” Would he baptise an alien? “Only if they asked.”' --- UK Guardian 17 Sep 2010
'Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, is set to be tasked with co-ordinating humanity’s response if and when extraterrestrials make contact.
Aliens who landed on earth and asked: “Take me to your leader” would be directed to Mrs Othman.
She will set out the details of her proposed new role at a Royal Society conference in Buckinghamshire next week. The 58-year-old is expected to tell delegates that the proposal has been prompted by the recent discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting other starts, which is thought to make the discovery of extraterrestrial life more probable than ever before. Mrs Othman is currently head of the UN’s little known Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa).
Opinion is divided about how future extraterrestrial visitors should be greeted. Under the Outer Space Treaty on 1967, which Unoosa oversees, UN members agreed to protect Earth against contamination by alien species by “sterilising” them. Mrs Othman is understood to support a more tolerant approach.
But Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that alien interlopers should be treated with caution. He said: “I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. The outcome for us would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”' --- UK Telegraph 26 Sep 2010
That latter interview with William Pawelec is what got me interested in spending the other 6-7 hours studying what else Dr. Greer and company had to say about such matters. In the above interview, Pawelec discloses some fascinating black technology which existed in 1980s, such as a RFID chip with a transponding range of 120 km with just a two inch coiled antenna, and it could be read from satellites in earth orbit! Since I am a EE techie from MIT and thought I understood antenna theory rather well in my heyday, this fascinated me. It simultaneously sounds both gibberish, and also fascinating if true, that they had this kind of remote sensing and RFID tracking technology way back in 1980 (with some exaggerations attenuated of course)!
The one contradictory aspect to Pawelec's tales which immediately struck me is that if the black-magic science and technology of the super-secretive military-industrial complex have so leap-frogged the public domain science and technologies as Dr. Steven Greer would like us to believe, then, this 1980s RFID implantable microchip for instance, by Pawelec's own admission, was invented by some lowly civilian academic in a non-classified backoffice of a university which Pawelec had to go sell to the CIA and to the black-projects of the super-secretive military-industrial complex. These meetings, according to Pawelec, were attended by super-secret spooks from the highest echelons of spookishness in the country, including the department of Agriculture and the Treasury, inquiring to know what its capabilities were! How can both be true? Are the spooks super-ahead in some secret sciences or aren't they? These implantable microchips the size of a grain, as Pawelec described it, were subsequently manufactured in the billions using the same civilian semiconductor process technology which fab-based companies in Silicon Valley at the time had. I used to work for one of them myself.
So, it is not immediately obvious what super-secret super-advanced know-how the black-projects have had over civilian public science and technologies that they could reverse-engineer, never mind re-construct, an alien spacecraft with all its attendant new technologies, when a lowly civilian academic from the public sector is called upon to teach them – except of course, in an Isaac Asimov sci-fi tale of Gaia's visitation by the godly seed bearers!
The first I ever heard of human-implantable RFID microchips was after Gillette teamed up with MIT to start an RFID project on MIT campus in either 1997 or 1998. Evidently, this fellow David Icke had heard of this even earlier, as evidenced from his own 1996 video The Turning of the Tide. Where had David Icke learned it from? Hollywood? Their movies do seem to be rather prescient (sic!) in anticipating vile technologies to run modern day dystopia, don't they? And so too, in successfully implanting enabling myths into public consciousness as already discussed.
In any case, I diligently went through hours of Disclosure Project videos, fascinated with the black-ops technology William Pawelec had talked about, as well as about the sacred structure of institutional secrecy in the military-industrial complex, “compartmentalization within compartmentalization within compartmentalization,” and how easy it was to maintain state-secrets for a very very long time if they really wanted to:
The ability of our government to keep secrets (is actually) has a long history of being very valid. There is a lot of programs that were successfully kept quiet for decades, if not close to half a century. And during the last ten years we have seen a lot of announcements of programs that were kept very secret by our government.” (Time 0:40:45),
But nothing technical came up in the rest of the videos, except interesting, and on the surface rather credible sounding testimonies from a 100+ people about UFO sightings (of which only a couple dozen are on the 4 hour DVD video available on youtube). And I asked myself: how difficult is it to get a 100 former military types trained to obey orders, some other civilian ATC persons and pilots, psychologically primed to tell a tale after selecting them through careful profiling for susceptibility/suggestibility, and appropriately dishing them some hegelian mind-fck on the ground and in the air, to eventually sing any tune of the Mighty Wurlitzer? If they can so spectacularly pull off 911 before billions of peoples, this could be a short piece of cake! (See The Mighty Wurlitzer by Zahir Ebrahim)
Simple psychological profiling before selecting appropriate stooges to do the dirty work of empire is an art as old as hegemony, as old as mankind. And I am not even speaking of mind control ala MK ULTRA.
Just flying the experimental aircraft from USAF like those whose images are shown on the right, past any airliner cockpit to set the pilots up for UFO testimonies, should do the trick!
And if the pilots have been properly profiled, they would believe the evidence of their own eyes and would make the most sincere patsies passing even the most sophisticated lie detector tests with ease.
For instance, John Perkins disclosed in the opening pages his 2004 book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, how he was psychologically profiled by the NSA in 1965 as he sought draft-deferment, to probe for his natural weaknesses and susceptibilities. Much later on he was recruited in 1971 by Chas. T. Main (MAIN) and successfully groomed by a beautiful woman, “Claudine”, to prepare him for his diabolical role: “My assignment is to mold you into an economic hit man. No one can know about your involvement – not even your wife. Once you're in, you're in for life.”
Perkins explained: “Claudine's role is a fascinating example of the manipulation that underlies the business I had entered. Beautiful and intelligent, she was highly effective; she understood my weaknesses and used them to her greatest advantage. Her job and the way she executed it exemplify the subtlety of the people behind this system.”
Perkins further noted that during his recruitment to MAIN: “When I mentioned that I had been accepted by the NSA before joining the Peace Corps, and that I was considering going back to them, he informed me that he sometimes acted as an NSA liaison; he gave me a look that made me suspect that part of his assignment was to evaluate my capabilities. I now believe that he was updating my profile, and especially sizing up my abilities to survive in environments most North Americans would find hostile.” (Ch. 1)
Military echelons and mission critical operations like Air Traffic Control, piloting an airliner, etc., absolutely must rely on psychological profiling for recruitment, advancement, special mission assignments, etc. as their standard HR practices. Even major corporations do psychological profiling. So what about very specialized recruitment for a calculated Hegelian mind-fck then?
In Dr. Steven Greer's May 2001 press conference at the National Press Club, he paraded about a dozen zealots asserting that they will swear their respective UFO mantras before the United States Congress – the same pusillanimous leaders who are behind the eager endorsement of all state mantras du jour from the War on Terror to Global Warming, never mind the trillions in bankster bailouts despite the public's aversion to it – and I am supposed to quiver in my boots singing hallelujah, I see the UFO lights?
I watched that entire dog and pony show, introduced by none other than a Hollywood actor to boot as if also mocking the public's lack of intelligence on purpose, and wondered what inherent value there is in swearing anything before the same almighty United States Congress by persons most likely selected and “groomed” for their respective roles minimally in the same mold as the Economic Hit Man (EHM)? Watch yourself:

Okay, so I am not totally impressed by any of these testimonies of the PHM (Public Hit Man)... even though, some of them, like the following documentary linked to by Dr. Steven Greer from his website, is pretty darn fascinating. I don't really know what to fully make of it just yet. My first standard operating principle for parsing all statecraft is the statement attributed to the Head of CIA Counter Intelligence (1954-1974), James Jesus Angleton: “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State”. Watch yourself:
Why can't I see the damn UFOs when I go out at night for a walk? Or during the day hikes? Or when I am flying? I am sure I will see them too in Room 101!
The UFO card is as old as the Federal Reserve, and just like they can plan out things 50 years in advance to the founding of Israel on the clock, they sure can plan out any diabolical acts, stochastically, based on game theory scenarios in which there are not deterministic guarantees of outcome, but likely probabilities of outcome, years in advance for sure. Like Brzezinski had noted in his interview in 1998, the United States had increased the odds in its favor that the Soviet Union will intervene in Afghanistan due to the increased aid to the Mujahideens prior to their invasion in December 1979. Increasing the odds to turn them into one's own favor is a game which the hectoring hegemons evidently have much real world experience of, as vouched by Brzezinski, when he subsequently unleashed the “opportunity to give to the USSR its Vietnam War”.)
I think this is what's going on here – some very well-thought out, and very well executed, stochastically hedged, psychological mind-fck with these UFO sightings.
If there are really UFOs, and I am really entirely agnostic on that issue of aliens serendipitously choosing to invade earth during my humble and tiny lifetime in the timescale of the cosmos, then my rational take on the UFO sightings and alien visitation in our epoch when the impetus towards World Government is already almost a fait accompli, is decided by the response to the following scientific proposition even if an alien landed tomorrow and asked me: “Take me to your leader”:
1) what's the probability that the aliens will just time their arrival to earth in the span of a few million years in just those last 100 years when world government is being constructed piecemeal, and for which, the alien invasion is already deemed to be the final trump card ;
2) the further conditional probability given item 1) above, that the damn alien UFOs will choose to boldly unveil themselves to the ordinary peoples the world over, finally visible to all and sundry without exception, solely with the naked eye and caught in 70 mm cinematic capture on the latest high resolution HD camcorders, as opposed to the present-day crappy Osama Bin Laden style grainy flying-saucer youtube renditions made by intelligence ops and visible only to the selected elite peoples ;
3) the further conditional probability given 1) and 2) above, that the UFOs will also choose to land on earth in people-visible ways and invade/make-friends with the poor earthlings also precisely at that epoch when all the preparations towards Global Governance are finally completed just awaiting for that last and final global threat to fck mankind into accepting world government? ;
4) the final conditional probability given all of the above, that this UFO alien threat is also accurately anticipated by the earthlings, especially a script-reading President of the United States, Ronald Reagan in 1987, when he made the following bizarre statement at the United Nations podium: “we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”. Watch:

If that final number for the cumulative probability of the UFOs and aliens arriving just in time to usher in one-world Government, with the globalists exactly anticipating and waiting for their arrival, is a reasonable number, like something between 0.1 and something less than 1, okay, I'll buy the UFO sightings as possibly real and unrelated.
However, if that probability number is minuscule, which I believe it to be, something of the order of ten to the power minus 6 and smaller, then the probability of actually seeing Aliens majestically alighting from the UFOs, just like in Orson Well's depiction of H. G. Wells' sci-fi novel War of the Worlds in 1938, might as well be 1 – BECAUSE, it is a stage-managed event all right! It will look like the blue-team/red-team war-exercise scenario with live ammunition – but in full public view this time!
Returning from that digression back to pertinently listing my final study video of Dr. Steven Greer, I watched the following last one hour of interview with Project Camelot. It has now capped my weekend study and I really only learned one thing of significance in all this, and that is to ask that one surprising new principal question which came out of this entire study:
Is Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project also a Mossad-Intelligence Agent?

In all of those hours video watching, I noted several errors made by Dr. Steven Greer, which I kept attributing to the medical doctor not being a scientist, and thus just making the blunders of any innocent domain-ignorant chap who is being bamboozled and is reading from a script. On the face of it, Dr. Greer seemed to believe in what he was doing, rather like a passionate jihadi, i.e., patsy or stooge, who believed he would be in heaven shortly, and parroting back on screen what he had learned. Steven Greer evidently didn't (and doesn't still) understand what gibberish he is uttering, as he is fancifully throwing about new jargonized vocabulary to impress his largely scientifically illiterate public audience.
For instance, in the following video on his own website, the Orion Project, whose stated agenda is to harvest the alien technology to solve the world's energy and mankind's many problems, Dr. Steven Greer utters the following rubbish on camera (at minute 3:48):

Unfortunately, you can't really go to MIT or CALTECH and learn these types of sciences. They have just simply not been allowed into the mainstream public domain. But there are people for a hundred years, dating back to Tesla, who have come up with magnetic motors that tap into what's called the Zero Point Field of Energy, or this Electromagnetic Flux Field that becomes self-running and Over-Unity. Meaning they put out more energy than you have to put in to them. I want to comment here a lot of people will say well that's not possible. Well, it is. A heat pump is around 4 times over unity. A heat pump that is run in your house, electrical heating-cooling system, is actually about four times more energy that it does in work than you actually have to put in in electricity. Except it goes in either heating or cooling. And so there are many ways that happens. And people take it for granted because it is so common. What we want to do is take these concepts and turn them into electric generating power plants. So that they begin to replace the conventional fossil fuel plants. Not only for homes and business, but also eventually for industry and automobiles and cars and trucks.”
All I can humbly suggest in response to this gibberish, being only an MIT alum and thus a tad biased I am sure: remember the “flux-capacitor” which enabled time travel from the 1980s Hollywood movie Back to the Future? Dr. Steven Greer seems to be reading from perhaps the redacted portions of that very film script which did not make it into the movie! Just like President Ronald Reagan had read off from his own 1980s script at the UN podium.
To even top all that, Dr. Greer says he has three million dollars for inventors and scientists to come around and experiment with magic science which is not taught at MIT and CALTECH!
Which capitalist investor would give Dr. Steven Greer that kind of money for such lunacy – except compartmentalized black-ops with infinitely deep pockets for their own covert agenda?
So, up to this time, I am still thinking that this wonderful humanitarian Dr. Steven Greer, who gave up his supposedly lucrative medical career to pursue these idealistic goals to save humanity from itself, is just a passionate patsy being taken for a ride on the horns of scientifically sounding gibberish by the intelligence agencies.
The economists do that a lot you know, utter high-falutin gibberish to take even the financial experts for a ride on the horns of economic gibberish – and most of them also have fancy professional degrees and Nobel prizes (see: “The Monetary Conspiracy for World Government”). So why not here? It can happen to the best of us when we are blinded by our passions – we tend to act like lunatics when viewed by others... and Greer's website is full of inspirational quotes illustrating how one man's madness is another's genius, in perhaps just such an anticipation of skepticism...
But I changed my mind in a hurry after watching the Project Camelot interview noted above. I caught Steven Greer in an outright propaganda lie, presenting Iran as a mortal threat to Israel driven by the insane madness of their eschatological tryst with Armageddon (time 0:13:50):
it's like Ahmadinijad in Iran saying, that it would be okay if we went to nuclear war with Israel, because it would force this 12th imam, which is their return of their Christ, to return, to Iran”
And Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy is heard in the backdrop saying: “sure”.
The fabrication is no silly inadvertence, no mere error of ignorance of an innocent well-intentioned patsy, but an outright lie from an expert Zionist spokesperson. The lie is seconded by Project Camelot, rather than immediately challenged!
It automatically prompted me to search for Dr. Steven Greer's name with “Jewish” etc. tacked on in Google search, which brought me to two articles about him from 2007, and 2006:
The reader may note that my deconstruction of Dr. Steven Greer's hegelian mind-game is downright similar to what's in those two articles. Evidently, that author too approached this subject purely from a rational political science and social engineering perspective, and consequently arrived at the same conclusion that this was a major psy-op!
The new aspect discovered here, at least for me, is the aforementioned evidence which lends strong suspicion that Dr. Steven Greer cannot be just an ordinary patsy or a moron merely being used by intelligence, but a Mossad-Intelligence agent knowingly performing his assigned role of priming the public!
What reinforces my suspicion of a strong Mossad-intelligence connection in Project Disclosure is that Steven Greer evidently has the kind of open access to the highest corridors of power, to spooks, and to supposed black technology, which only a well-connected “untouchable” intelligence agent on a mission from high-above can have. But, if Greer's first loyalties were to American intelligence, his gratuitous mantra on Iran would surely not have mirrored the Zionists' demonization of Iran, playing Israel out to be the poor little underdog being threatened by an impoverished, irrational third world country hell bent on wiping it off the map! I imagine, only speculatively of course, that an American intelligence agent would have no obvious motive to gratuitously bring Iran up to make Israel look good. I imagine if he were as patriotic and nationalistic as Dr. Steven Greer presents himself to be, speaking of Congressional oversights and Constitutionalism etceteras, that he'd actually try and make America look good instead of Israel!
A sophisticated man like Dr. Steven Greer, understanding intelligence matters and the hijacking of the Republican state for the benefit the national security state by black-ops and covert power, believing in the far-out notions of UFOs, aliens and alien technologies, the most avantgarde in liberated thought, demonstrates an unusually keen intellect and open mind. But simultaneously, also echoing the absurd mantras of empire and the propagandistic reference to Iran, demonstrates a perversely indoctrinated one. And that is a non-sequitur. Dr. Steven Greer shows the perversity which is typical of manufactured and controlled products of intelligence agencies and the Mighty Wurlitzer. The same reasoning may apply to Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan!
And, if, as I suspect, Dr. Steven Greer is a willing intelligence agent on a mission, then what can be expected of the sister endeavors named Project Camelot and Project Avalon, run ostensibly by two well-intentioned patsies? Are they merely only being fooled into pitching the same mantras as Steven Greer, and so “innocent of knowledge” that they are only naively following in Project Disclosure's own footsteps of interviewing more Mighty Wurlitzer's harmonics to manufacture consent for the real diabolical agenda behind all this, the eventual unveiling of the aliens and UFOs and ushering in the global reign of “secular humanism”? See: “Between Islam and Secular Humanism in World Government”. I had earlier even written a letter of caution to Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot, copying Bill Ryan of Project Avalon, on her inexplicable enthusiastic endorsement of Wikileaks a few months ago. But now I wonder....
It is foolish to think that lauded pundits and prominent leaders of dissenting causes are always whom they claim to be, as is amply demonstrated once again in my two most recent discoveries before Dr. Steven Greer this past weekend, prominent banking reform advocate Ellen Brown J.D., and prominent former Jewish Zionist now turned Christian pacifist Israel Shamir. Which is why it is always good commonsense to study critically, always keeping in mind the first principle of modern statecraft already noted earlier and restating for emphasis:
“Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State”
Anyway, who knows precisely what exact contortions, twists and turns all the plots and sub-plots of this UFO-Alien unveiling will entail until it's all actually played out on the world's stage at zero hour. It surely needs both its circus clowns to keep the audience warm until then, and several layers of side-shows planned into existence.
Just looking forensically at 9/11 we already see so many sub-layers to the main New Pearl Harbor plot for launching “imperial mobilization”. From simultaneous four airliners hijacking and ramming into tall buildings by pilots who only learned to fly on flight simulators and advertised the fact that they didn't want to learn how to land ; to fantastically timed controlled demolition of the same tall buildings collapsing them into their own footprints at almost free-fall speeds ; to the inexplicable attack on the Pentagon on the only side which was unoccupied undergoing renovations and creating a hole no bigger than a missile-entry ; to raking in billions in airline stocks shorting ; to insurance scamming for the demolished WTC properties ; and the list goes on!
We can already observe the Hegelian mind-fck of good alien vs bad alien, will they come or won't they come, let's prepare just in case, appearing frequently in the mainstream press – keeping the notion of extraterrestrials primed in public consciousness, with no small help from assets like Greer, Cassidy, Ryan et. al. This is quite different from real astronomy programs like SETI – but even real science can quickly be put in the service of empire just as easily as junk science already is!
Fabricating a public discourse on an absurd fantasy as if it's something real by couching it in the veneer of science (or declassified State-Secrets/whistleblowing/leaks), and then self-servingly reacting to that fabrication as a threat to national security at supra-national levels from the United Nations to the Catholic Church to justify and dignify the expenditure chasing the new immanent threat, only legitimizes such discourse among the public as plausible. It fertilizes the stage for the subsequent creation of a new insurmountable global threat, the Clash of Planets. If political scientists are to be believed on the utility of diabolical protocols for “imperial mobilization”, then, “that exercise requires a high degree of doctrinal motivation, intellectual commitment, and patriotic gratification.” Its doctrinal seeds must be planted years in advance. This new shock-therapy threat too will also of course be launched with the dialectical ultimatum: “either you are with us, or with the aliens”!
Seeding the 'Clash of Planets' and the 'War of the Worlds' to cement one-World Government
Caption Aliens can't hear us, says astronomer  Fainter broadcasting signals and digital switchover mean Earth will soon be undetectable to extraterrestrials  Aliens are less likely to be able to pick up signals from Earth and make contact. (Image via UK Guardian, 27 January 2010 Photograph: Colin Anderson/Getty)Caption Earth must prepare for close encounter with aliens, say scientists  UN should co-ordinate plans for dealing with extraterrestrials – and we can't guarantee that aliens will be friendly  Evolution on alien worlds is likely to be Darwinian, which may mean extraterrestrials share our tendencies for violence and exploitation. (Image via UK Guardian, 10 January 2011 Photograph: Rex)
Caption 'World governments should prepare a co-ordinated action plan in case Earth is contacted by aliens, according to scientists. They argue that a branch of the UN must be given responsibility for "supra-Earth affairs" and formulate a plan for how to deal with extraterrestrials, should they appear.' --- UK Guardian 10 Jan 2011
A simple word substitution in the caption above, replacing “aliens” with “pandemic”, shows what has already been achieved with that recent manufactured crisis. World governments have already been coerced into ceding their national sovereignty in the name of coordinating global medical emergency response to the World Health Organization, a governing body of the United Nations. See my comprehensive running report “The Swine Flu Chronicles 2009: Why to say ‘No’ to the Swine Flu Vaccine”. I had unraveled that pandemic hoax almost in realtime with considerable due diligence on my part, and with help in no small measure from the courageous community of dedicated activists from around the world. A Council on Foreign Relations participant at the Pandemic Influenza public conference held on October 16, 2009 by the CFR in New York, had adorned the handful of people like myself the label “Crazy people”.
It was only the first of many labels to come, as it was soon followed by 'denier', explicitly attributed to me by manufactured dissent-chief Israel Shamir, on my similar unraveling of Wikileaks. This is what had elicited so much laughter from the CFR folks on October 16, 2009:
I think we are all aware that the anti-vaccine movement is having a field day on the internet and on media outlets like Fox News and so on, and causing reductions in vaccine uptake. And it appears a pretty unholy alliance of the ultra-right and the ultra-left working together as the sort of Hitler-Stalin pact (laughter), and I am not sure that we are countering these people very well ... and you have to take these people on in a different style than the scientists are used to. ... Crazy people who think the vaccine will kill you! ... How best we can to stop the anti-vaccine movement?”
But less than six months later, on March 12, 2010, DER SPIEGEL staff wrote in “Reconstruction of a Mass Hysteria – The Swine Flu Panic of 2009”:
Swine flu kept the world in suspense for almost a year. A massive vaccination campaign was mounted to put a stop to the anticipated pandemic. But, as it turned out, it was a relatively harmless strain of the flu virus. How, and why, did the world overreact? A reconstruction. By SPIEGEL staff.”
I immediately responded to SPIEGEL's specious “reconstruction” in my succinct deconstruction the very next day, on March 13, 2010, in “The Swine Flu Postscript: 'Reconstruction of a Mass Hysteria – The Swine Flu Panic of 2009'”. Below is the full text of my unraveling of even that limited mea culpa – which was spoken through the mouth of an establishment rag and subsequently echoed throughout the world – because the contextless public has too short term a memory for my meager writings to be effective without my continually reminding them of what has just recently gone by.
Begin Full Text “The Swine Flu Postscript”
The perfect example of another 'modified limited Hangout': “No one at the WHO, RKI or PEI should feel proud of themselves. These organizations have gambled away precious confidence. When the next pandemic arrives, who will believe their assessments?”, DER SPIEGEL staff concluded after their exhaustive study which appeared in their March 12, 2010 issue. 'Indeed', voiced Zahir Ebrahim of Project, the plebeian antidote to hectoring hegmons, and he was overhead by the “[anti-vaccine movement] Crazy people who think the vaccine will kill you” while administering that one word coup de grâce to the Council on Foreign Relations and its financiers for their incestuous disinfo session on Pandemic Influenza held on October 16, 2009 in New York.
To understand the prescience with which the coup de grâce was so swiftly administered by “Crazy people” in realtime rather than DER SPIEGEL's belated catchup analysis of Hysteria vs. Reality in its 'limited hangout' variation, please see: The Swine Flu Chronicles 2009: Why to say ‘No’ to the Swine Flu Vaccine.
To acutely comprehend the vagaries of 'limited hangout' as an essential political science instrument of Machiavellian statecraft when massive covert-ops go awry, please see: Anatomy of Conspiracy Theory.
The United States and the EU Governments, as the front errand boys of the oligarchs, are guilty of a monumental conspiracy against the people of the world.
Twice now their fabricated crises have unarguably come unraveled before the public's eyes – global warming, and global epidemic – each time leaving behind the legacy of hurriedly enacted laws which piece-meal move the world closer to “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece.”
The Catastrophic Terrorism of 911 which has been perched at the cusp of controlled demolition since D-Day – and the body of draconian laws and military invasions stemming from it which have already seeded the first truly global police state in the history of mankind since the “World government could only be kept in being by force” – is finally also making its way into the Beltway's own MSM.
The next manufactured global crises or Catastrophic Terrorisms to be inflicted upon mankind, after food and water shortages, may well be alien landings, and/or interplanetary collision, in conjunction with the already planned nuclear world war with Iran and Russia in the midst of an orchestrated currency collapse, so as not to lose any of the rapid momentum to the unified one-world order. 2009 was its first year of formal public unveiling, termed Global Governance:

END Full Text “The Swine Flu Postscript”
Does one, by now, trivially recognize that CFR modus operandi of creating “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece”? Simply reflecting on this modus operandi outlined by the Council on Foreign Relations in their 1974 blueprint The Hard Road To World Order as already quoted at the beginning of this article, makes what otherwise appears as a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion’, entirely transparent. Briefly re-quoting that CFR statement once again in its original context for the strong emphasis that it deserves:
“In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.
Of course, for political as well as administrative reasons, some of these specialized arrangements should be brought into an appropriate relationship with the central institutions of the U.N. system, but the main thing is that the essential functions be performed.”
So, returning back to the topic at hand. The new fabrication of the Clash of the Planets with the alien boogeyman this time, is also all too similar to how “Islamic Terrorism” was seeded and continually kept alive in public consciousness ever since the fall of the great Berlin Wall, until its day of harvesting on September 11, 2001. That boogyman had got kick-started immediately after the calculated demise of the previous boogyman du jour, the USSR. “Islamic Terrorism” made the sudden appearance in 1990 in the Council on Foreign Relations famous Foreign Affairs magazine, with this precious gem dripping from the aging but not too old to screw, Zionist-imperialist Svengali of Princeton University, Bernard Lewis:
In 1990 Bernard Lewis, a leading Western scholar of Islam, analyzed 'The Roots of Muslim Rage,' and concluded: 'It should now be clear that we are facing a mood and a movement far transcending the level of issues and policies and the governments that pursue them. This is no less than a clash of civilizations – that perhaps irrational but surely historic reaction of an ancient rival against our Judeo-Christian heritage, our secular present, and the worldwide expansion of both. It is crucially important that we on our side should not be provoked into an equally historic but also equally irrational reaction against our rival.'” (Samuel Huntington in The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, page 213)
That supposed “Muslim Rage” of 1990 was subsequently turned into the Clash of Civilizations by Bernard Lewis' Zionist-imperialist confrere at Harvard University, Samuel Huntington, in 1995:
The underlying problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilization whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power. The problem for Islam is not the CIA or the US Department of Defense. It is the West, a different civilization whose people are convinced of the universality of their culture and believe that their superior, if declining, power imposes on them the obligation to extend that culture throughout the world. These are the basic ingredient that fuel conflict between Islam and the West.” (Ibid. page 217)
And Samuel Huntington's myth construction of 1995 was turned into the perpetual “War on Terrorism” on September 11, 2001 by the Zionist-imperialists' errand boy, George W. Bush Jr., the President of the United States, with “either you are with us, or with the terrorists”!
Today, we are merely looking at the next brilliant escalating enemy, the aliens, in a new epic 'Clash of Planets'! The ultimate in good vs. evil dialecticism to mobilize both human fear and imagination for finally cementing one-world government in a threateningly apocalyptic War of the Worlds!
This new threat to all the world's civilizations and to life on earth itself, will surely also be launched with “either you are with us, or with the aliens”!
This Alien-UFO business no longer appears so innocent – and merely the pursuit of foolhardy peoples exhibiting an hyperactive imagination in overdrive – when examined from the acumen of Machiavellian social engineering, now does it?
As the catastrophic event of 9/11 unarguably testifies, and as both Zbigniew Brzezinski and Adolf Hitler had respectively observed in their Mein Kampf, in order for existential mantras to be believed by the general public requires not only “a high degree of doctrinal motivation, intellectual commitment, and patriotic gratification”, but also real terrorism, real controlled demolition, real loss of life, before the threat can be productively harvested for “imperial mobilization” to “goosestep the Herrenvolk across International frontiers”! This time, to finally cement the long held dream of ruling oligarchies from time immemorial: World Government.
In summation, oh good peoples, prove the darn statistics wrong, that only 2% of any public actually thinks. I dearly suspect that all among human beings have been endowed with at least some brains, some commonsense, some mind that is capable of reflection, despite Bertrand Russell's empirical observation that “Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so”. Why does that self-serving bullshit of the elite have to be true, continually enabling the extraction of voluntary servitude from the public? Make it false! We don't need the Aliens to unite mankind or to solve any of our problems. Only a little bit of commonsense, and the courage to exercise it in taking on the common hectoring enemy of all mankind right here on earth, will certainly do.
Thank you for thinking for yourself.


The author, an ordinary researcher and writer on contemporary geopolitics, a minor justice activist, grew up in Pakistan, studied EECS at MIT, engineered for a while in high-tech Silicon Valley ( ), and retired early to pursue other responsible interests. His maiden 2003 book was rejected by numerous publishers and can be read on the web at He may be reached at Verbatim reproduction license at

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