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He is just an ordinary fellow, a common man. But one who suffers no fools, takes no prisoners, bows before no authority figures as bearers of divine truths, and remains just as unimpressed by the metaphysics of the turban as by the scholarship of the gown. There is not much else to say about him. He was quite imperfectly educated in the elite secular universities of both the United States of America and Pakistan, which might explain how he managed to escape from these factories of jahiliya with his mind still intact and his brain still firing on all cylinders. It is only because of the imperfection of his education, and because of the failure of the system to obedience train him to United We Stand with absurdities, that his deconstruction of modernity is able to capture reality the way it actually is, minus all of truth's protective layers. At least me thinks so. My name is Zahir Ebrahim, and I am the archetype plebeian antidote to hectoring hegemons. My contribution to making America great again can be gleaned at the United States Patent Office ( ), and from this May 2009 article on IEEE Spectrum's Special Report: 25 Microchips That Shook the World. My contribution to making her almost human can be read at my hobby website: Project More about me may be gleaned from the pages of my 2015 magnum opus on current affairs: The Poor Man's Guide To Modernity - Oligarchic Primacy for World Government ; from my 2015 magnum opus on social engineering using religion: Hijacking The Holy Qur'an And Its Religion Islam – Muslims and Imperial Mobilization ; and from my 2003 maiden treatise on America's Imperial Mobilization disguised as “War on Terror”, written amidst running tears during the night-time civilian bombings and military invasion of Iraq by the United States: Prisoners of the Cave. My latest contribution to understanding current affairs is the two volume Pakistan Decapitation Papers 2019. My singular perspective on Primacy that is cunningly masked as International Relations, is examined in my hundreds of reports, essays and letters titled “A Project Humanbeingsfirst Document” and indexed in Project Humanbeingsfirst website's Table of Contents. That singular perspective is depicted in the image below, of the primacy imperative of the predator vs. the naiveté and wonderment of innocence. My role in Project Humanbeingsfirst is to first empower myself, and then those innocent of knowledge, to effectively contend with the reality of primacy; the law of jungle that prevails among mankind but only thinly disguised. My email is: Authenticated contact from institutional domains such as governments and state security apparatuses may be made by writing to my email address. All communication shall be made public. I am available in the role of amicus curie as a “common man expert witness” in the International Criminal Court justice system in all the areas that I have written my layman's commonsense analyses. Someday, it is my belief, everyone shall think it obvious. That day would be too late to make even two straws worth of difference.
Caption Perspective: Oh what a difference even a slight shift can make!
Caption Perspective: Oh what a difference even a slight shift can make!

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* Signifies revised claims or continuation of previous patent and not new patents. (Number) is the citations to each patent by the US Patent Office (from the [Referenced By] USPTO link). US Patent Count 23; Total Patent Citations 2321; H-Index 20 (Last computed January 15, 2019).
For a practical perspective on what patents really are (a business currency and not necessarily the product of the genius mind as the lay people are often given to believe) see: and
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