Letter4 To Imran Khan From Zahir Ebrahim - Project ReGenesis Pakistan

Dateline California, Saturday, September 1, 2018 03:00 pm
Dear Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan:
3.0 Project ReGenesis Pakistan
If your were to ask me to imagine that if I was king for a day in Pakistan, what would I institute by fiat of absolute power to put Pakistan on the right path of salvation from its present day status as the client state of the West which has made it such a basket case of a nation, I offer you this Part-4 of my Open Letter.
Without feigned humility, I invite your best minds including your own to challenge this prescription. I will respond to every fair critique done with honesty of purpose. Let this examination be performed in the glare of the public eye. Let this intellectual conversation finally begin. I have been waiting for it since 2007 when I penned the following prescription in my much longer 2007 report: Saving Pakistan from Synthetic 'Terror Central'. Its further rationale and holistic evidence is in my companion 2007 report: Re-Imagining Pakistan's Defenses - Open Letter to a Pakistani General, which systematically deconstructs Pakistan's role on the Grand Chessboard as the slave state of her foremost paymaster, the United States of America. A slave can never become master of her own destiny. That is just self-evident. A slave must break her chains of servitude, the first and foremost being the mental chains, and from which all freedoms and liberty naturally follow, before she can become self-reliant. That is also obvious. Indeed, rather self evident.
I don't quite understand why this does not appear self evident to you who has dreamed of a “naya Pakistan” for so long. “Naya Pakistan” with the same enslaved minds that now surround you? Your dignified argument to your critics for your corking old wine in a new bottle has all along been that one right man at the top can change all the rest. That, this is the crop that you presently have, and you are not going to invent a new crop overnight. I tentatively accept that argument, even though, I dare think you did not look very hard for honest people who are both competent and visionary. However, are you that right man at the top? Your belief in yourself prime minister, leads me, an ordinary common man, to repose much faith in your honesty of purpose.
And therefore, I invite you to compare what you think is the right way, with what follows. Let your oft repeated thinking on “merit” be the final arbiter of effectiveness if you are intellectually and morally honest to the very core of your being, and your metanoia is neither feigned nor superficial.
Put your stupid naysayers out of your mind. These mental midgets, most of them mercenaries anyway whose bread and butter is now at stake with an honest man at the top, will soon be washed away with the sands of time and no one shall even remember a word they said in the real “naya Pakistan” prescribed below. I don't believe in rehabilitating corrupt bastards. I believe in hanging them. But it is irrelevant what I believe. Instead, I offer you Project ReGenesis, a product of intellectual energy, commonsense, courage, and lack of respect for all gods.
Your “naya Pakistan” prime minister, needs my Project ReGenesis. Make it your Project ReGenesis. You will find many honest intellectuals arising to support you if you accept and articulate what follows from your lofty perch, but only after you have instrumented some of its principles by the fiat of power and by means and for reasons that you shall only understand if you have studied the Art of War. This world is not safe harbor for simpletons. Nor is freedom from tyranny for those bereft of intellectual vigor. Justice demands aql, wherewithal, ma'arifat, all ingredients that were present in abundance in the founding fathers of the United States of America who led her to throw her own tea overboard.
Without intellectual basis prime minister, and without the courage of one's convictions, there is no salvation, no freedom, no liberty, no self-defence against primacy and its geostrategic imperatives. You will only end up window dressing Pakistan. Don't fool yourself nor the beleaguered people of Pakistan who are now beginning to look upon you as their savior.
Today, you have no sound intellectual footings except the dream, that gleam in your eye, and the sweat of your brow that you have so heavily invested in your selfless journey for the sake of our nation. That is a good beginning prime minister. Without dreams and the sweat of the brow, there can be no concomitant reality. But remember, the donkey also works hard --- and yet, remains the most beaten beast of burden on earth! Does not even get a lump of sugar.
Please permit me to show you how to achieve that dream, that gleam in your eye prime minister. I hope you will read this excerpted recipe to the very end despite your busy schedule as the new leader of the most beaten beast of burden on the Grand Chessboard, our beleaguered nation.
Take a break, grab a cup of java, and enjoy the heavy dose of intellectual vitamins that follows.
Begin Excerpt
The most obvious, rational, and efficacious solution space under these revised explorations whereby the problem space is posited correctly, instead of well intentioned people being perennially sent off chasing red herrings, automatically points to 'throw the tea overboard'!
Only breaking out of the “Plebeian States” [37] syndrome can we ever become a free peoples finally guiding our own wretched destinies to something better for all our peoples.

A Realist's Strategy for Self-defense on the Grand Chessboard

And what does all this mean in concrete realist's terms of defining an efficacious curing protocol for our systemic cancer before it finally kills us?
In my straightforward view of the Grand Chessboard, the realpolitik moves any beleaguered nation can make on it as a pawn in her own effective self-defense such that she may have her cake and eat it as well rather than continually offer herself as a perpetual pawn sacrifice, is obviously circumscribed by its ruling-elite. The truth of this statement is beyond doubt. It is self-evident. Whereas its “awam”, the public, the wretched of the earth and the rank and file forever caught between bread and circuses, frequently do not count for much on the Grand Chessboard except as cannon fodder, and as malleable putty in Machiavellian hands that fabricate “revolutionary times” on demand. The colored “democracy revolutions” brought to the streets with useful idiots and stooges is a self-evident example of this latter fact which is even underwritten in the actual recipe for ushering in the neoliberal looting of a targeted nation (see From Dictatorship to Democracy By Gene Sharp, professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts and with the Albert Einstein Institute in Boston, known as FDTD, the recipe cookbook for manufacturing revolutions has been translated into more than 30 languages, evidently for every linguistic group targeted for the harvest of “revolutionary times” for specific advantages on the Grand Chessboard [38]).
Therefore, it is first necessary to boldly admit that there is no independent strategy of survival possible for cowards and cowardly nations, nor for nations dominated by fools and run by traitors and mercenaries. These mental midget nations and its colonized peoples will forever remain slaves to the massa no matter what. Let's also just accept the fact up front that even a God given divine prescription can be crippled by self-interest. The history of tyrannical and autocratic rules in the name of God in all three Abrahamic religions lend ample empiricism to leave any room for doubt. The truth of this observation is beyond question. It is self-evident. With the current crop of fools and mercenaries running Pakistan, nothing can be done in any system, whether democracy, dictatorship, autocracy, theocracy, or plutocracy, each one worse than the other when it is beholden to the massa for its survival. Sorry! But in order to effectively strategize what to do when surrounded by house niggers in tyrannical systems of control that strangulate and emasculate the creative energies of a nation and sap the will of its peoples to be free from the shackles of servitude, one must assume that the nation must experience a national metanoia at some point, a metamorphosis of Biblical proportions if you will, and a crop of “David” will come to the helm of affairs who will have the nerve:
  • (1) to fully disengage from the fiction of 'war on terror'
  • (2) to close our borders not just to the so called 'islamofascists' and various and sundry cultivated 'terrorists', but to the American agenda and its black-ops agents moving freely throughout the country as their own backyard synthesizing and financing 'militant Islam' under 'plausible deniability' and several degrees of separation
  • (3) to close down and banish all American military bases immediately from Pakistani soil
  • (4) and to point our deterrence-inducing weapons that we have so covetously developed ostensibly for the defense of our own peoples at much sacrifice to our social spendings and developmental economics including clean drinking water in our taps, directly towards all the geopolitical 'hectoring hegemons' outside of our borders on mated full alert in a genuinely threatening 'Samson Option' of our own, fully disclosed as our ultimate, publicly mandated, political doctrine for a 'MAD' self-defense such that no one, not even the world's lone superpower and its nuclear armed minions, [39] can co-opt our self-defense by arm twisting games of poker on the Grand Chessboard – the only sensible (sic!) and rational raison d'ĂȘtre for possessing such deterrence in the first place
(genuine Origami paper tigers would surely have been a lot less painful investment otherwise; and it may yet be more effective to unilaterally disarm like South Africa if we don't have the 'balls', the chutzpah, the mind, and the political will to make effective use of the only rational way that such horrendous and inconceivable Armageddon inducing weapons can ever be used – as 'MAD'ness – as most of us would surely prefer having clean drinking water in our taps and quality K-16 education for all)
Furthermore, as these unilateral acts of disobedience to the 'master' will surely bring-on the grave displeasure of the 'hectoring hegemons' through their intense saber-rattling, economic sanctions, and of course the merciful closing down of the infernal 'corruption pipeline', i.e., the Trojan horse of 'American Aid', as well as other heightened arm twisting tensions and even deadly covert-ops and destabilization as the 'camel is already inside the tent', we cannot safely execute on this disengagement goal on one fine morning in our present system of monolithic power-dispensation even if we had a reformed 'turn-coat' dictator willing to do it.
We additionally need two other crucial gestalt shifts in order to realistically play on the Grand Chessboard – as all nations of the world invariably do when 'hectoring hegemons' are the 'Grandmasters' – to ensure our immediate as well as our long term survival, and without the persistent fear that we are among the proverbial patsy pawns to be strategically played and ultimately sacrificed by the 'Grandmasters' at the altar of realpolitik expediency and conquest.
We must transform ourselves, a minor pawn though we might well always remain, into a more heavy weight pawn that has a tremendous built-in inertia in its internal structural makeup to be never again so trivially co-opted by mere phone calls to one man, nor our destiny trivially covertly-channeled by cleverly planted conscienceless 'Trojan Horses'. Indeed, we may, through judicious gestalt shifts, promote ourselves into an 'autonomous pawn' on the 'Grand Chessboard'. We only move or not move – and perhaps in conjunction with others like us for a greatly amplified control upon our own destiny – when we want, where we want, and always only in our own public's best interest. This invariance is accomplished by the very design of our internal structural makeup! Imagine such a 'Grand Chessboard' where some of the pawns move autonomously based on their own control of their destiny, and by the very design of their internal makeup, can never come under any 'Hectoring Hegemons' direct manipulative control! The realpolitik has just been made more interesting, naturally 'damped' and thus safer, and more equitable!
Now that we have imagined it, let's briefly note how to get there realistically. The first gestalt shift must be in the construction of our system. The only system I know of that lends the above desirable properties is that of a genuine Democracy. It is naturally fractious, distributive, participative (FDP), thus decision making on important national matters and international policy decisions is spread out by design. If we immediately make the gestalt shift of dumping our 'praetorian' authoritarian mindset to adopt a more progressive 'social contract' and FDP based systems of governance, we can easily put the decision of whether or not to disengage from the global “War on Terror” to the system itself for adjudication. A national decision collectively taken by the peoples under a legal framework of Constitutional mandates through their representative parliaments, senate, put through another 'assembly of patriotic un co-opted domain experts' for expert evaluation and recommendation, and finally ratified directly by the peoples through a direct vote on the critical issue, has overwhelming inertia and built-in damping, as well as blanket international recognition and ab initio legitimacy that simply cannot be easily subverted even by the saber-rattling 'Hectoring Hegemons'.
Imagine if Musharraf had put the key decisions that he took unilaterally based on his 'own judgment' after 911, through such a FDP based public-vetting wringer process! This is called genuine FDP based empowering Democracy in action – the first nemesis of the 'hectoring hegemons'!
And this is precisely why we find, that if we rationally accept, based on all readily available empirical and intellectual evidence, that this whole “War on Terror” is in reality a very premeditated “imperial mobilization” in disguise, then how can we rationally conclude that the brilliant minds who conceived and meticulously planned for years, who artfully crafted the requisite 'doctrinal motivations' into the public discourse years in advance, and who finally orchestrated the imperial march upon the much anxiously awaited and anticipated mobilizing pretext of the 'new pearl harbor', would then so thoughtlessly leave such a key component of their strategy to mere chance – of the indispensable front-line state whose services are absolutely essential for this “imperial mobilization” to succeed, not being under the firm 'unity of command' of some autocratic dictatorial regime to follow orders obediently?
And this analysis directly helps us save Pakistan – never mind hanging the 'traitors' as the ship is sinking and we haven't the time for fighting amongst ourselves – to immediately implement what the 'hectoring hegemons' are indeed afraid of, and which can yet derail their remaining “imperial mobilization” plans of “Shock and Awe” visitation upon Iran and possibly Syria!
Thus the politically astute realpolitik thinking individuals in the nation can easily anticipate and shrewdly predict considerable opposition from the 'empire' and its minions, its 'native informants' of all stripes, and our own ruling-elite and institutions preferring the status quo, to our attempts to usher in such a genuine FDP Democratic transformation. They would prefer that we only acquire the faux 'democracy' they would like to foist upon us, one that has all the 'trimmings' of 'democracy', such as elections and over staffed parliaments, but is in essence, the same old recycled rotting wine in a new bottle with the same centers of raw power that continually sing the empire's song.
As we can witness the travails of Venezuela in its own social and political struggles towards a genuine FDP based social Democracy, and the layers of deception, disinformation, and political opposition being artfully crafted by the 'empire' and the ruling elite within Venezuela in its path, we can easily learn from their experience and preemptively co-opt all similar and newer attempts that will also be hurled at our attempts for genuine transformation. Just as the construction of 'empire' and its patsy client-states in the 'modernity' du jour requires considerable mastery of both the art and science of “imperial mobilization”, i.e., considerable intellectual sophistication and manipulation of souls, so must breaking loose from its chains. Or so it appears to me.
Thus realpolitik would dictate that in order to succeed in realizing this gestalt shift towards re-genesis, we must have all the key owners and the traditionally 'feudal' and 'praetorian' leaders in public opinion-molding and power-wielding institutions among our own ruling elite (a number less than a few hundred at best) preemptively signed on to this metamorphosis, even if it is initially seeded by executive fiat. These key stake holders controlling the money and the power in the nation must be made to be just as engagingly and overzealously supportive of it with their heart and soul, as the imperialist thinkers and planners and their ruling elite and their media-owners are of their own 'la mission civilisatrice' and its “primacy and its geostrategic imperatives”! Otherwise, nothing can be accomplished by even an army of 'mercenary' patriots – our present crop of politicians and our 'empire-enabled' ruling elite including our military which got funded at least to the tune of $10b by the empire to sing the empire's main theme song!
I have no idea how this zeal can ever be infused among the zombies and the Faustian pact holders, but without the key players among the ruling elite directly on board this re-genesis, no rational transformation in the 'modernity' du jour is possible short of a global plebeian rebellion. Today, even though most everyone among the ruling elite is still loudly singing the main imperial theme song of “War on Terror” at the 'unbirthday party' with the 'Mad Hatter' (sic!), I hope that this humble analysis from the mind of a plebeian is a rational wakeup call! If it can strike a chord in even one person of consequence, the dominoes will fall on the Grand Chessboard!
Indeed, our immediate gestalt shift to a genuine FDP Democracy is our only remaining lifeline on the Grand Chessboard! Not only does it enable us to show the world that our complex and sophisticated systems of genuine FDP Democratic dispensation have finally spoken in unison as we safely disengage from the “War on Terror” under our Constitutional mandate to listen to the formal spoken voices of the peoples, and for which our Executive has no choice in the matter but to follow suit immediately, but a properly constructed, un co-opted, non 'special-interest' driven Democracy would also enable us to implement the second crucial gestalt shift that we need in order to safely disengage ourselves from this barbaric “imperial mobilization” without committing an economic suicide!
The second gestalt shift of realpolitik is to entirely reverse the “divide and conquer” mechanism that is the mainstay of any 'Hectoring Hegemon' as this amazing 8 minute youtube video of “Battle at Kruger” [40] graphically illustrates. We can easily grasp that if dividing is their main weapon system of conquest, then uniting must be ours of self-defense! And this remarkable “Battle at Kruger” from the world of nature itself quite emphatically proves it, leaving no room for any further rational objections to the matter.
Thus as the first crucial act of self-defense in our new genuine Democratic dispensation, we must accelerate Full Spectrum Alliances with our immediate neighbors, all of with whom we share our history, our heritage, our languages, our cultures, and our common national interests of being free from predatory hectoring hegemons and living in equitable harmony in a multi-polar world that espouses the simple moral Golden Rule 'Do unto others as you have others do unto you' in governing all its foreign relations!
And looking beyond that across to the greater Asian continent, to in parallel, accelerate further 'Full Spectrum Alliances' in the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) framework by positing mutual self-defense and equitable regional trade treaties for the entire Asian continent in an eventual AU (Asian Union) construction as the only realists' means for accomplishing persistent and immediate Full Spectrum Deterrence against all predatory adventurers hell bent on “full spectrum dominance”.
Further 'Full Spectrum Alliances' constructed with the greater humanity in the nations of the Global South is indeed how we save the peoples of our region and of the entire developing world from the curse of both neo-con-servatism, and neoliberalism and its deliberately induced consequences of further sustaining global poverty among the masses. Instead of the indigent and developing nations being forced to adapt to the existent reality of 'Globalization' which is constructed by design to entirely favor Western economic and corporate interests, to adapt 'Globalization' itself to more equitably serve the economic interests of the indigenous nations of Asia, Africa, and South America! As insoluble a problem as poverty and developmental economics appear to be today, it is trivial to solve by a single gestalt shift. Instead of one world government of laws crafted to favor the 'free trade' mantra of developed nations, employ the model of soccer leagues:
'A league' teams play amongst themselves, and 'C league' teams play amongst themselves. The leagues only meet to play inter-league matches under rules that are negotiated between the two supra-leagues for a greater power-balance – not between individual teams from different leagues where one of them may comprise super-dominant Alpha-males dictating terms at the barrel of a gun and its exponents unabashedly recognizing it for what it is: “The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist”, or between a highly developed power-block of a handful of nations who crafted the WTO, and each individual nation in the rest of the world, as is presently the case in the world today!
In one fell swoop of astute and genuine political ascendance, we not only immediately save Pakistan and its wretched peoples from the very predictable aftermath of this fictitious “War on terror”, but also from the persistent legacy of our own 'praetorian guards' and our colonial past! While simultaneously we seed important new doctrines into the international arena by virtue of our setting the example among the developing nations of Full Spectrum Alliances.
It is also how we save the entire world from the 'islamofascist evil-doers' – for their militant source and lethal weapon systems of suicide attacks will just as magically melt away from our psyche and our lands – never again to be called “Terror Central” – as it had 'magically' appeared! When their 'gardeners' are 'terminated' with extreme prejudice, they will also whither away in their natural death in due course as they are an unnaturally cultivated pariah in our societies and cannot long exist on their own.

The Question of Annealing the festering Sectarianism and Radicalization of Muslims on the Grand Chessboard

This question has been examined in: Path Forward: Altering The Legacy With Qur'anic Political Science – Impacting Muslim Existence

Final thoughts and a demand

I feel that we can thusly plant the seeds of re-genesis which in the past 60 years we have repeatedly failed to do primarily for the lack of forensic understanding of the efficacy involved in any protocol we randomly and ad hocly constructed and followed, for a disease we perhaps either failed to appreciate for its nuanced viral shades, or lacked the courage of our convictions to devise the right protocols. In the presently outlined protocol, we can not only save ourselves from the murderous clutches of the 'hectoring hegemons' at whose mercy we have floated, from all empirical evidence, since our very inception, but simultaneously also become a genuinely independent and self-reliant nation for which we were presumably constructed by our ailing founder who saw the world from his own peculiar vantage point that is now little shared by our cynical younger generation of this nation.
Unless we can prove it to them that the tyrannical-sacrifice of millions of innocent 'dispensable' peoples on the sub-continent leading to the largest displacement of humanity from their native soil in modern times – far surpassing the original forcible displacement of the indigenous Palestinians by the imported Zionist Jews in 1948 – was worthwhile for the vision of a handful of intellectuals of the twentieth century, we have betrayed the promise. And indeed, it is mainly the promise to our progeny for which the founders of Pakistan constructed Pakistan. Our failure, quite unsurprisingly, mirrors that of the apartheid state of Israel (see my similar forensic analysis and deconstruction of Zionist mythologies in my essay “The endless trail of red herrings” [41]) primarily because we share the same manipulative 'Hectoring Hegemons' in our history and in our present. And our future promise, like that of the 'Children of Abraham' equitably sharing the land of Canaan, is entirely in our own courageous hands too!
Just as the seeds of the original 'birth-pangs' of these two evidently malformed-constructs of history were laid first in intellectual thought – Theodore Herzl in 1896 for 'Der Judenstaat' [42] in his diabolically seminal work of the same name for importing World and European Jewry into Palestine as an existential matter of their survival in the genuinely anti-Semitic European world of the time, and Ch. Rahmat Ali [43] for his realist's-idealism of a separate political Constitution for the indigenous Muslims already living on the Indian subcontinent as an existential matter of their survival in the new post-colonial political 'nation-state of India' that would be dominated by a Hindu ruling majority in his equally seminal 1933 Declarative Manifesto “Now or Never: Are we to live or perish forever” [44] – the seeds of re-genesis must also be laid first in intellectual thought. (See Sacred Cow: Allama Iqbal - marde-momin or superman? [45] for how the separatist seeds were planted to divide the Indian sub-continent with intelllectual thought.)
At the risk of stating a self-evident truism, one has to imagine the goal before one can be inspired to work towards its arduous journey and overcome all the divisive impediments and obstructions by power-brokers that will surely exist, as was originally the case too, for both nations. Well, both original constructions backfired, both were clearly sanctioned by the global superpowers of the time to best manage the 'sinking ship' of a waning empire for the future exercise of hegemony by a new empire, and consequently both are still causing egregious injuries to the tabula rasa of their respective indigenous peoples under the direct control and financial assistance of the same 'hectoring hegemons' du jour, and therefore both need to re-imagine their re-genesis that allows their respective indigenous peoples to indeed exist in equitable peace and justice in the new global and local realities du jour.
This re-genesis is precisely what the peoples of Pakistan today must insistently, and by all uncompromising means possible, demand.
It is what I, a humble ordinary citizen of this land demands, for it is a 'political right', and a hope, that I have covetously safeguarded, despite having lived in the West all my adult life.
If I can boldly imagine and demand it for the wretched of Palestine by the images of the 'jackboots' of the Zionists permanently etched upon the face of a Palestinian child (in “The endless trail of red herrings”), I would be a cowardly hypocrite if I did not imagine and demand it for the wretched of my own soil watching the images of our own “praetorian guards” in constant service to their 'ubermensch' masters permanently squashing my own kith into perpetual serfdom of the 'hectoring hegemons' fighting fabricated enemies. To remain silent, is to be an accomplice. And to be an accomplice is to incur the immortal imprecation of all victims: “I still curse the killers, their accomplices, the indifferent spectators who knew and kept silent”!
But who is there to spearhead this re-genesis? Such transformations rooted in deep political thought and an appreciation of complex realities du jour cannot be wrought through the simple minded politics of street agitation by sheep who are often led by shrewd Machiavellis themselves – as powerful as mass protests can be to force any political issue to its head when they do reach a 'critical mass'. It first and foremost requires wise and uncompromising leadership from our greatest minds and talents – 'Patrick Henrys' and 'Ben Franklins'!
Is anyone listening to the sound of realpolitik reason and sanity? Even the animal kingdom has more collective instincts for survival than apparently we do! And as one can witness in the “Battle at Kruger”, they don't even need a unifying leader – the instincts for survival amazingly unites the herd automatically in their otherwise characteristic 'flight' response for Full Spectrum Deterrence! As human beings, is our 'herd' entirely co-opted from even this innate self-defense mechanism that god even bestowed upon the animals?
Let it never be said in the annals of future history that we did not know how to save Pakistan! We just did not have anyone among our pathetic ruling elite – some 'ma ka lals' – courageous enough to detach themselves from their stomach, their greed, their plunder, their co-optation, their praetorian mindset, and espouse a selfless rational idealism rooted in realism and realpolitik wisdom du jour. If such persons do exist anywhere on this planet, and are not yet to be born, they will surely find not just the entire nation of 170 million behind them, but billions of peoples on this planet, including even the peace-loving from among the greatest “populist democracy” itself that is most assuredly “inimical to imperial mobilization”! When we artfully remove the fabricated 'threat' to their existence, they will surely also let us exist too!
But this must be executed upon before it is too late and we start witnessing the 'made in USA' “Shock and Awe” visitation – choreographed by only a handful of monumental criminals who have continually hijacked the promise of that great nation in every generation – upon every city, town and village in our wretched nation in the pretext of 'saving' us from the 'islamofascists'! And if that pretext fails to create a viable 'coalition of the willing', then to 'save' us from our own 'Sadaam Hussein'. This is what the manifest history on 'the Grand Chessboard' has taught me. Who is flying the F-16s or which uniform is driving the armored vehicles will soon become irrelevant as the outcome will be the same!
Let's 'dump all teas overboard' now to save Pakistan!
If we succeed, we would have saved the world by setting a very contagious global precedent!
End Excerpt.
Thank you for reading. I am offering you not just the recipe of commonsense, for all that I have stated above is nothing but commonsense, but also my free labor. I can set up for you many technical matters that require technological innovation, including a secure instant public referendum system. We shall endeavor together as a nation to throw the tea overboard.
Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

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