Nuclear Security and Auntie Thomas

Zahir Ebrahim
March 27, 2008.

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The following letter was sent to Ms. Sibel Edmonds in continuation of the theme from Project Humanbeingsfirst's letter to her of March 18, 2008, on 'Pakistan's Bomb, U.S. Cover-up'.
March 21, 2008.
Dear Ms. Sibel Edmonds,
Hi. FYI. A copy of letter to editor of Foreign Policy In Focus, citing your work among other matters. I bring it to your kind attention mainly to point out that there are many urgent and pressing matters which can today lead to the nuclear holocaust of an innocent nation at the hands of 'hectoring hegemons' in your own nation. There is far greater imminent threat to humanity by the imperial 'hectoring hegemons' in your own nation right now, than some fictitious 'pirates' and 'rogue' states half way across the world that may have been sold nuclear secrets 10 years ago. The latter is already fait accompli, the former will soon be unless courageous and prominent activists, whistleblowers, and men and women of conscience stop chasing down cultivated red herrings and focus on the highest order, most significant bits of the matter as it unfolds today. This letter to FPIF references a rebuttal essay by Project Humanbeingsfirst that disassembles one such deftly cultivated red herring by a prominent Princeton University nuclear non-proliferation expert. I strongly suspect that you are, quite inadvertently, pushing another red herring. Both have the theme in common, that they entirely ignore the premeditated diabolical intent by your own nation to use nuclear weapons on Iran under one pretext or another. There is no bigger threat to nuclear security than a rogue cabal within the United States Government hijacking the American nukes, or contriving their deployment and use, under pretexts! As men and women of conscience and uncommon courage, let's also “call a spade a spade" shall we? I would not be writing you had you not become such a prominent person among the dissent-stream and whistleblowers. Please channel this prominence and visibility upon matters that have a current high import. If you are doing it already, that's great, and thank you.
The following letter was emailed to you a few days ago; just in case it ended up in the junk mail bit bucket, here is a pointer to it for your reference:
I would appreciate an acknowledgment that you have received it.
Kind Regards,
Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst cannot humbly emphasize enough the first order most crucial question that must concern all conscionable 'United States persons' today, including courageous genuinely patriotic whistleblowers. How do these revelations of FBI recordings about supposedly 'treasonous' matters that are already fait accompli from ten years ago, and the incessant demands by Ms. Edmonds and her supporters to hold a (surely to be sensationalized) Congressional public inquiry to air them out, today deter Presidents Bush/Cheney or Israel from their devilishly crafted premeditated plans for launching nuclear attacks on Iran disguised as a “defensive U.S. military action” (Brzezinski)? Or, how will it prevent future such attacks, or derail the ongoing systematic destabilization of that entire Eurasian continent identified by 'Dr. Strangelove' mastermind du jour as the “Global Zone of Percolating Violence”, in the next Administration to occupy the White House which will most assuredly be composed of merely new 'water carriers' for the same genre of 'hectoring hegemons'* continuing forth with the enduring legacy of George F. Kennan's unabashed 1948 memo PPS23:
'Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security. To do so, we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreaming; and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere on our immediate national objectives. We need not deceive ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism and world-benefaction.'
That refrain from “altruism and world-benefaction” was in a bipolar world that was emerging from the ashes of World War II, for which Kennan emphasized the necessity of dealing “in straight power concepts” as the very corner stone of America's foreign policy going forward:
'We should dispense with the aspiration to "be liked" or to be regarded as the repository of a high-minded international altruism. We should stop putting ourselves in the position of being our brothers' keeper and refrain from offering moral and ideological advice. We should cease to talk about vague and--for the Far East--unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better.'
In the unipolar world of the sole superpower's hectoring hegemony today, where the term “unipolar” was rather bluntly defined in 2007 by the Russian President Wladimir Putin thusly:
“what is a unipolar world? However one might embellish this term, at the end of the day it refers to one type of situation, namely one centre of authority, one centre of force, one centre of decision-making. It is world in which there is one master, one sovereign. And at the end of the day this is pernicious not only for all those within this system, but also for the sovereign itself because it destroys itself from within. And this certainly has nothing in common with democracy. Because, as you know, democracy is the power of the majority in light of the interests and opinions of the minority.”
we have empirically seen the barbaric lengths to which the United States has gone to introduce its “Grande baille of the New World Order” from Iraq 1990 to Iraq 2008, to the point of it now actively planning preemptive nuclear attacks on developing nations unwilling to follow the diktats of “one master, one sovereign.” Only an adversely indoctrinated person would deny this empirical reality today, however colorfully it might be embellished as the “war on terrorism”.
Please think before acting – please analyze why, systematically, and consistently, all efforts by well intentioned peoples have been inefficacious in preventing new wars? That, if any attack on Iran was postponed due to the American 'loose nukes', it was likely entirely because courageous commanders within the American military establishment refused to follow immoral orders?
Could it be because the real patriots of America have been cleverly co-opted by endless red herrings, and by deliberate focus on the 'leaves' instead of the 'roots' and the 'DNA' of the disease leading to new leaves continually being created by the same diseased tree of infamy?
Yet inexplicably, we observe courageous whistleblowers like Ms. Edmonds entirely silent on matters of “imperial mobilization” of her own adopted nation, or that 911 could have been an inside job because the “imperial mobilization” and dramatic increase in defense spending to affect the military transformation that immediately followed was precisely predicated on such a shockingly catalyzing event – the “new pearl harbor!
She is also silent on how 911 could possibly have occurred in an armed to the teeth superpower without treasonous peoples on the inside aiding and abetting in its operational planning, logistics, and execution. And not just aiding and abetting inadvertently through their incompetence, or aiding and abetting thugishly by being in the pay of foreign governments, both of which Ms. Edmonds asserts likely caused an otherwise preventable 911 from occurring, but aiding and abetting in actually making 911 happen on purpose as a deadly military covert-ops by a rogue cabal inside the United States upon the American nation like Hitler's 'Operation Canned Goods' and the 'Reichstag fire'! For the latter definition of aiding and abetting, the ultimate in treason, she is silent. One imagines that like Noam Chomsky and Robert Fisk, she too believes that 19 Muslim jihadis, controlled by a man on a dialysis machine in the Hindu Kush and armed with laptops and cell phones, trumped the world's largest most sophisticated superpower into lowering its air defenses, into not following routine operational procedures, and suspended the laws of physics by demolishing the towers at free fall speed.
Ms. Edmonds is bizarrely mute on the empirical observation – which requires no interpreters or translators or intermediaries – that the towers collapsing into their own footprints is suspiciously similar to how buildings collapse under expert controlled demolition. Nor is she willing to opine on the logical implication of the highest levels of treason that would be involved in such a case if the empirical evidence of the eyes, years of engineering experience, and the rational mind are taken as the starting point of forensic analysis instead of the facile unproven theoretical expositions from the Pentagon and 'Popular Mechanics'. Indeed, she seems entirely fixated in her untiring efforts, to draw attention to, and elevate the threat from, the boogiemen 'pirates', who are now, in effect, made out to appear more real and less fictitious because real identifiable 'treasonous thugs' from within the US Government themselves sold the bad guys America's nuclear secrets for a song! (Sibel Edmonds' words, non-utterances, and omissions gleaned in only these references: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N as of 03/27/08)
Therefore, it is legitimate, it may be tortuously argued under certain ripe conditions, to nuclear decimate both Pakistan and Iran, in order to claim back America's stolen nuclear secrets that Ms. Edmonds is drawing attention to as an insider whistleblower. Especially if it's carried out in the guise of retaliatory-response to another even more horrendous 911 as President Bush himself prognosticated on February 13, 2008 is imminent: “terrorists are planning new attacks on our country ... that will make Sept. 11 pale by comparison”. Or even in response to another Gulf of Tonkin scenario that Congressman Ron Paul had prognosticated on January 15, 2007: “I am concerned, however, that a contrived Gulf of Tonkin- type incident may occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran”. Or in response to perhaps an entirely different scenario that will appear so publicly shocking at the time of its occurrence that it would necessitate Martial Law in the United States, and hurriedly lead to nuclear 'retaliatory' “shock and awe” upon all pre-planned targets. That such reasons for nuclear retaliation and preemptive nuclear strikes are not far fetched is ominously foreshadowed in build-up statements from American military commanders such as this one reported in Pakistani newspaper Dawn on February 7, 2008: 'Defence officials told Congress on Wednesday that Al Qaeda is operating from havens in “under-governed regions” of Pakistan, which they said pose direct threats to Europe, the United States and the Pakistan government itself. ... Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, predicted in written testimony that the next attack on the United States probably would be launched by terrorists in that region.' More of such ominous statements building up the boogieman in the Hindu Kush can be gleaned in this open letter to a Pakistani General warning Pakistan's leaders that they are unwittingly (or perhaps deliberately) suiciding that country by continuing to engage in the American fiction of the 'War on Terror' which has made Pakistan Terror Central”, the very petri dish of international terrorism.
But it suffices to examine the above cited Adm. Michael Mullen's clairvoyance even with a modicum of one's own commonsense and a bit of un-indoctrinated rationalism.
“Next attack on the United States”? Is it so easy to attack a Goliath superpower isolated on a continent with a natural coastline from sea to shining sea and which spends trillions of dollars on its high-tech defense? Some barefoot mullahs with sticks and box cutters can so outwit the sole superpower and reduce it to such shambles that it has to enact draconian laws and deny its own civilians their own Constitutionally mandated Bill of Rights and Democratic existence? Then what's the point of all this defense spending if some “under-governed regions” of Pakistan can “pose direct threats to Europe, the United States”? Why not just take all that monies and put a roof over every man woman and child on the planet, provide everyone with clean drinking water, primary medical care, K-16 education, and lifetime livable-pension after retirement? And still have monies left over to build libraries, roads, and social services for all? That would most assuredly take the wind out of the sails of all terrorism – unless of course Daniel Pipes is to be believed, that it's not the peoples, but radical Islam and Islamism which is the enemy! That, it's "Not [even] a Clash of Civilizations, It's a Clash between the Civilized World and Barbarians". Even there, such genuine altruism and world-benefaction would surely eliminate the fertile recruiting grounds that are harvested through economic conscription and dead bodies created by the imperial bombings itself! Thus if despite this enormous defense spending, the American military-industrial complex failed to protect the Americans that they now cannot even disclose their true identities in most countries of the world, and often have to pretend that they are Canadians, shouldn't some peoples be demanding that the Pentagon be dismantled and its enormous kitchen-sink budget used for the good of the majority of the ordinary peoples of the United States?
Because these statements from the American President and his military commander can only be true at the 'unbirthday party' with the 'Mad Hatter' and the 'Dormouse' boisterously singing the war song “United We Stand”, it is not difficult to imagine the purpose of this facile charade of governmental secrecy behind Ms. Edmonds' travails. Indeed, these FBI recordings may become a tortuous setup to authenticate the supposed 'nuclear signature' of the fateful tipping point, wherein, nuclear attacks on targeted countries would finally be deemed acceptable by the public – when once, just contemplating its use was unimaginable because of the MAD deterrence that had kept the world precariously perched on the edge of Armageddon for 40 years. When the conditions are ripe, all of a sudden, Ms. Edmonds' wishes for Congressional inquiry may get granted! It will be determined that the nuclear signature of the terrorist event matched that of 'loose nukes' based on stolen American technology, hijacked from Pakistan by the Taliban and al-qaeeda, and squirreled into Iran and used by them to inflict shocking harm to the peoples and interests of the United States! For an outlandish scenario where this could plausibly be sold to the gullible American public no differently than the facile pretexts of WMDs to invade Iraq, see “Wakeup to the grotesque reality of the 'Grand Chessboard'”.
Beware of both, diabolically crafted, as well as inadvertently spun, endless trail of red herrings and dupes and patsies being made the pied pipers to hell. The 'technique of infamy' in its many variations is all pervasive in times of war, and this is, after all, 'World War IV', slated to last an entire lifetime! It will surely require highly inventive minds from 'Hollywood's script writers guild' to continually come up with increasingly compelling 'Alice in Wonderland' sequels to continue the pretexts for perpetual war!
There is, apparently, one American nuclear bomb missing! How will it be used? How many ways can another 'new pearl harbor' “make Sept. 11 pale by comparison”? If there is any terrorist or accidental nuclear event anywhere in the world, remember that the world's largest national security state had trivially misplaced or miscounted some nukes recently!
And lastly, Ms. Sibel Edmonds' conception of whistleblowing on national security matters is also greatly troubling. It is, by her own admission, entirely encapsulated in the envelop of 'legality' and 'officialese' with no obvious moral or international-law dimensions. She has apparently never heard of the penalty for goosestep[ing] the Herrenvolk across international frontiers. In response to a question in this video speech (at minute 66:43) to the ALA in 2007, she elaborated that she felt that if it's a really genuine state-matter, like a secretive “very important covert operation”, then it is okay to apply the 'state-secrets privilege' to gag whistleblowers. She is only against it for its whimsical arbitrariness – not because of some moral principles. Thus if Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon et. al., are set up with deadly very important covert-ops – like the Israeli 'Lavon Affair' of not too distant past – to create pretexts to lay blame for crimes one did not commit and go nuclear bomb them to smithereens, or to destabilize nations because they sit on the vast quantities of natural resources that 'hectoring hegemons' covet in the name of 'national security', or because of some geostrategic significance in the calculus of American foreign policy interests (for a sampling of covert-ops warfare on Iran as American foreign policy interests, see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15), then it is just dandy to apply 'state-secrets privilege'. And by implication, whatever she has unfortunately experienced as an institutionalized gagging and bi-partisan stonewalling to her whistleblowing, would be entirely legitimate in such international covert-ops premature disclosure cases! By further implication, just so long as America's own national security is not threatened, the world can go to hell!
Thus if a whistleblower, for instance, were to discover official receipts for the American covert footprints in the destabilization of Tibet as a proxy covert engagement of China in the on-going game of hegemony on the 'Grand Chessboard' – like its predecessor Covert CIA Intervention in Afghanistan – that would be fair game to squelch hard. If such disclosures can prevent officially sanctioned criminal wars and the death and destruction of the 'lesser humanity', they are still entitled to be gagged, because they might disclose a very secretive “important covert operation”! By her exposition, one can only conclude that gagging Daniel Ellsberg would also have been entirely legitimate because he did after all, reveal official state-secrets as the 'Pentagon Papers'. Thus while she justifiably, and very articulately, offers her narrative of how arbitrary draconian measures have curbed whistleblowing, “there is no [effective] 911 for whistleblowers to call” as she puts it, even if there was, so what? It does not enable covert-ops to be 'legally' disclosed before they lead to horrendous faits accomplis! Thus a courageous whistleblower has to approach the public directly in order to expose monumental crimes against humanity in any case at considerable risk of prosecution. So what is the fuss all about?
There is really no principled stance, that predatory covert-ops performed upon other nations to destabilize them, as precursors to prosecute wars of conquest and hegemony upon them, or to strangulate them, are not only illegal by international law, but also criminally immoral – even when done in the pretext of '“defensive” US military action', or as preemption in the name of “national security”! Lessons of Nuremberg are obviously only a victor's justice continually applied to the vanquished and the demonized, never to the saintly victors themselves!
Just the fact that Edmonds specifically uttered the words 'covert-ops' as an illustrative example of where all branches and offices of the American juggernaut can draw their line of national security and 'state-secrets privilege' boundaries, suggests that she is, in essence, just as much a 'hectoring hegemon' as any other who fits that definition. There is no condemnation from her, for instance, that can be gleaned in any of the afore-cited references to her statements and websites, of the euphemism that has been used to construct the blood-drenched American empire: 'American foreign policy interests abroad'!
Surely this is not what Ms. Sibel Edmonds intended, for she is most certainly a morally courageous and a genuinely patriotic person who dared to speak out. However, in the intelligence game of conquest and hegemony, a game that is as old as empire, a game in which Ms. Edmonds only accidentally stumbled into as a language translator, patsies and dupes are as essential to imperial mobilization as foot soldiers and F16s; as necessary as NATO's Grand Strategies for the preemptive use of nuclear weapons to preserve the American way of life; and as indispensable as the World Bank and the IMF to harvest the global South of its resources.
None of this information is particularly secret. In fact, all of it is a matter of record. Why Ms. Edmonds does not betray any sense of awareness of these blatantly obvious matters – and yet, she has endorsements from such erstwhile pioneers of whistleblowing as the respected Daniel Ellsberg “I'd say what she has is far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers”, and also the rapturous attention of almost the entire so called dissent-space which does not often agree on anything – is greatly troubling!
How does what she supposedly has, at all bring the impending nuclear attacks upon defenseless nations to an end even before they are launched? Can there be anything of higher importance and greater significance today than preemptive (or 'retaliatory') nuclear strikes by the United States, Israel, and/or NATO? How is anything that Sibel Edmonds has disclosed thus far (see reference A-N cited above) “more explosive than the Pentagon Papers” which catalyzed the ending of a barbaric and immoral war that had needlessly caused more than 50,000 Americans dead, and several million Vietnamese killed who still remain only a statistic in the West? What does Ellsberg know about it that hasn't been publicly disclosed? The prima facie impact of the focus on 'house-cleaning' due to 'incompetence' and 'lower-grade treasonous behavior' of supposedly 'selling nuclear secrets' ten years ago is to effectively keep the attention of the world sensationally distracted on Sibel Edmonds until the impending nuclear “imperial mobilization” which is only awaiting go-ahead orders from the White House is fait accompli!
Her obvious charm, and laudable exclusive focus (from the American public's perspective) on America's national security and its treasonous subversion as the cause célèbre of her whistleblowing, is a fantastic red herring when all attention ought to be focussed on preventing the impending immoral war on Iran and the destruction of new nations who refuse to kowtow to Western imperialism! Yes it exists today! Ask those who suffer it.
After going through all of the afore-cited references about her, Project Humanbeingsfirst is greatly concerned about the new red herring that has been crafted in the guise of Ms. Sibel Edmonds that is attracting the attention of the already tiny dissent-space! Another who partly tells the truth, but judiciously refrains from forensically examining the prime-mover behind this present “imperial mobilization”: 911 being an inside job (the highest treason imaginable)! Or even recognizing that “imperial mobilization” is what's going on in the guise of “War on Terrorism” employing false and fabricated pretexts! Why such myopia?
It would be a different matter to reach the conclusion that 911 couldn't have been an inside job but only an evil jihadi invasion from abroad after a forensic investigation. But to religiously proclaim, based on new found faith in the U.S. Government, which on the one hand, one accuses of being an 'Outlaw state' or full of treasonous peoples under the influence of foreign governments who have hijacked the American nation (as the case might be), and on the other, unquestioningly believes in their veracity of who did 911 and how it was done, despite the evidence of history and first hand confessional disclosures of governmental lies and deceit such as “Secrets – a Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers”, is a blatant non sequitur.
An endorsement by the author of this memoir to its disproportional significance given the Armageddon that the world is perched on today, “the major American media have been guilty of ignoring entirely the allegations of the courageous and highly credible source Sibel Edmonds”, is an even greater non sequitur.
While Ellsberg does disclose that it may in fact be “a sensitive covert operation [which] appear to be [as] if it were truly presidentially authorized”, he, and surely inadvertently, re-spins the famous 'blowback' theory “giving us the Pakistani bomb” as a convenient pre-explanation of any future nuclear terrorist act that is attributed to Pakistani 'loose nukes' by the United States and its forensic agencies but whose nuclear signature as determined by the Russians unfortunately matches American technology:
'In support of the official cover-up, various American journalists in the last weeks have reportedly received calls from "intelligence sources" hinting that "what Sibel Edmonds stumbled onto" is not a rogue operation by American officials and congressmen working to their own advantage -- as believed by Edmonds and some other former or active FBI officials -- but a sensitive covert operation authorized at high levels.
If there is any truth to that, we clearly have another prize candidate -- giving us as blowback the Pakistani Bomb and nuclear sales -- in the category of "worst covert operation in U.S. history": rivaling such contenders as the Bay of Pigs, Iran-Contra, and the secret CIA torture camps abroad. '
Perhaps there are real compelling secrets that Ellsberg and Edmonds are privy to that have yet to be disclosed to the public! If there are, please don't wait in the name of 'national security' until another civilization is criminally laid to nuclear rubbles at the hands of your own 'hectoring hegemons'! Ellsberg however is indeed on the mark when he notes covert-ops as being “criminal”:
' “Sensitive" and "covert" are often synonyms for "half-assed" 'or "idiotic," as well as for "criminal," as the pattern of activities revealed by Edmonds would appear to be if it were truly presidentially authorized.'
And thus Sibel Edmonds eagerly accepting “very important covert-ops” to be silenced under 'state-secrets privilege' is incredibly telling of the red herring nature of her disclosures. Almost as if, perhaps unwittingly, she has become one of the 'good-cop bad-cop' team members. Can't tell which one. But it matters little, for both have the pursuit of the same goals as their overarching mission statement. In a tortuous way, she is echoing the policy of the Pentagon and its DIA, and its children the CIA, the NSA, the ABC and the XYZ – keep criminal covert-ops a secret, until at least they are fait accompli! Such is the case with Brzezinski's and Gates' confessions regarding CIA's covert interventions in Afghanistan. President Jimmy Carter even won a Nobel Peace Prize – despite this blood-drenched covert operation having been initiated during his watch, and upon his approval – after an entire civilization was decimated to hand the “USSR its Vietnam War”!
Not uncharacteristic of new immigrants escaping from their native hell-holes, it is also almost as if yet another new 'native informant' has been created. This one successively escaping from oppression first in native Iran, and then in first adopted country Turkey. One whose family was victimized and tortured, by her own admission of these atrocities, and who so aspires for the Western freedoms that her second adopted homeland promised to offer but let her down, that its single minded tenacious pursuit almost blinds her to the glaring, shitting, trumpeting elephant in the newlywed's bed! After listening to her speech on video and learning of her imposing educational credentials and multicultural-multilingual background, while a rational mind is unwilling to accept that she is like a typical indoctrinated American who has bought into the mantra of “war on terrorism”, it is also unable to accept her as entirely objective. The only inescapable conclusion that remains in the light of this essay, and which certainly begs a critical examination by the reader, is that she is unwittingly being made a patsy due to her natural proclivities. It could be just an overactive imagination, but effectively, a rebel has been 'constructed' who is focussing the attention of the world on irrelevance in the calculus of on-going moves on the 'Grand Chessboard'.
Without a congenial psychological profile, especially for a foreigner and naturalized citizen that Ms. Edmonds is, no one can surely get to work for the FBI, or for any intelligence agency to begin with, let alone be given top security clearance for translation work from Middle Eastern languages. I doubt very much if there are any turban wearing mullahs translating Pushto or Dari into English for the FBI at this time – but surely they were enlisted during the CIA's Intervention in Afghanistan because then, they were ideologically congenial as “moral equivalent of our founding fathers”! And I also doubt very much that the FBI will ever ask me to translate my native language Urdu for them, or give me top security clearance even if I was willing, regardless of how short-handed they were, while knowing that I have not been fooled by the fiction of “war on terror”. And while Ms. Edmonds has indeed courageously dissented, the bottom line is that she has also very willingly retained several very congenial religious axioms of “911” and the “war on terror” upon which premise she has constructed all of her whistleblowing and interpretations. At least for everything that has been publicly reported, and due to which, she makes an ideal manufactured dissent. It is great to have such self-controlled and self-policing dissenters in America – from the viewpoint of 'empire'!
Some 'hectoring hegemons' somewhere surely must have un-gentle smiles slowly uncurling upon their 'ubermensch' Straussian lips at the prospect of tortuously reaping multiple harvests from a single seed!
Manufacturing consent to keep the masses acquiesced to “imperial mobilization” is plenty understood. Manufacturing dissent to keep the handful of courageous gadflies, who invariably rise to oppose it, endlessly busy pursuing the various lies, red herrings, and the 'low order bits' which do not penetrate to the core that matters, in the 'technique of infamy', has been least examined by the so called profound intellectuals of modernity. See its superficial first order examination by a mere plebeian: “Responsibility of Intellectuals – Redux”!
The overarching first principles of imperial mobilization that, if we are wise, should become the touchstone of all forensic unraveling of secrets and interpretation of 'contemporary history', were brilliantly captured by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book 'The Grand Chessboard' thusly:
“the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public's sense of domestic well-being. The economic self-denial (that is defense spending), and the human sacrifice (casualties even among professional soldiers) required in the effort are uncongenial to democratic instincts. Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization.”
And also additionally elaborated upon by Noam Chomsky in his book “Rogue States” by highlighting comments from a 1995 study by the U.S. Strategic Command:
'A secret 1995 study of the Strategic Command, which is responsible for the strategic nuclear arsenal, outlines the basic thinking. Released through the Freedom of Information Act, the study, Essentials of Post-Cold War Deterrence, "shows how the United States shifted its deterrent strategy from the defunct Soviet Union to so-called rogue states such as Iraq, Libya, Cuba and North Korea," AP reports. The study advocates that the US exploit its nuclear arsenal to portray itself as "irrational and vindictive if its vital interests are attacked." That "should be a part of the national persona we project to all adversaries," in particular the "rogue states." "It hurts to portray ourselves as too fully rational and cool-headed," let alone committed to such silliness as international law and treaty obligations. "The fact that some elements" of the US government "may appear to be potentially 'out of control' can be beneficial to creating and reinforcing fears and doubts within the minds of an adversary's decision makers." The report resurrects Nixon's "madman theory": our enemies should recognize that we are crazed and unpredictable,...'
Indeed, deliberately cultivated 'crazed and unpredictable', and 'out of control' persona explains the facile 'selling' of America's nuclear secrets as an authorized and sanctioned official covert-ops at the highest levels far more convincingly than any rogue foreign spies running rings around the world's largest national security state as Ms. Edmond's own interpretation of her disclosures would have the world believe! Its possible geostrategic significance on the 'Grand Chessboard' was briefly examined from the calculus of 'checking' China and India in this letter to Sibel Edmonds. And with that psyops persona as the backdrop, the crazed superpower actually acting that way as a wounded elephant in response to 911 works great for “imperial mobilization”. And for deflection purposes in case public criticism of official foreign policy becomes too loud, 'blowback' theories and 'incompetence' make wonderful red herrings to explain away premeditated execution of international monumental crimes for which adverse consequences to the national security of the hectoring state were inadvertently not anticipated! Right, as if brilliant-morons are building empire! Only in a 3-stooges Hollywood spoof, or in Alice's Wonderland, mes amis!
The veritable proof of the empirical validity of this assessment is in the many ex post facto 'we are shocked at the incompetence' type statements of feigned surprise, like this famous one:
“We conclude that the intelligence community was dead wrong in almost all of its prewar judgments about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. This was a major intelligence failure,” (Iraq Study Group report, March 31, 2005)
And to forensically relate this bit of disingenuousness of not too distant history from the highest levels of the United States Government, to the present, in order to prevent an abhorrent future, here is the dark meat of the matter:
“As I said last week on the House floor, speculation in Washington focuses on when, not if, either Israel or the U.S. will bomb Iran-- possibly with nuclear weapons. The accusation sounds very familiar: namely, that Iran possesses weapons of mass destruction. Iran has never been found in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and our own Central Intelligence Agency says Iran is more than ten years away from producing any kind of nuclear weapon. Yet we are told we must act immediately while we still can!” (Ron Paul, January 15, 2007)
Caveat lector: the endless red herrings cleverly spun by the hectoring hegemons. There must be only one immediate, near term, and long term goal for the equitable security (and prosperity) of all peoples on the planet Earth so long as there remains an imbalance of power among us, so long as there remain 'hectoring hegemons' seeking “full spectrum dominance” among us, and so long as there remains an absence of “full spectrum deterrence to “the pursuit of power”, for indeed, “hegemony is as old as mankind”: prevent new “defensive U.S. military action”. Anything, including all acts, revelations, and magical mantras that distract from this goal, regardless of how compelling the reasons, must be treated by the unwary and gullible public and its intellectual dissenting-chiefs as red herrings, pretexts, and deceptions for premeditated “imperial mobilization”. As President Bush said it – either you are with us, or with the terrorists! And St. Augustine defined that term quite unambiguously 16 centuries ago:
“When the King asked him what he meant by infesting the sea, the pirate defiantly replied: 'the same as you do when you infest the whole world; but because I do it with a little ship I am called a robber, and because you do it with a great fleet, you are an emperor.' ”
If there is reason for the United States to bomb any country in 'self-defense', demand a ratification of the decision to go to war through a public referendum – let its great democracy speak directly in the modernity of the 21st century before it is called upon to make its sacrifices, before it is called upon to pay its taxes to fund the war, and before it is called upon to acquire innocent blood on its hands! Even better, draw the soldiers, officers and technicians from the pool who vote for war! If they vote yes to invade other nations, they must be willing to sign up for it themselves first – instead of having a draft of economic conscription!
A commonsensical and calculated demand such as this made today, right now, to be adjudicated upon in Congressional public hearings and converted into law, is infinitely more sensible for assuring America's national security given the hundred+ year history of deception for “imperial mobilization” by this nation's Executive branch with willing complicity from its entire ruling elite from legislature to newsmedia – as evidenced from the USS Maine to the WMDs – and which today rings the entire globe with more than 700 of its military bases.
It is the only efficacious American peoples' protocol for arresting the cancer of “imperial mobilization” in its tracks with all its concomitant benefits directly accruing to the ordinary peoples of this nation – from increased social spending to a safer world for them to vacation in, to proudly disclose in far away places that they are American without the fear of being gunned down. Other collective protocols by the rest of the planet's peoples may not be so benign.
* To glimpse an instance of this genre of would be 'world conquerers', see the list of contributors at the back page of this document. To learn how to unmask them publicly leaving them no place to hide except in a 'Spandau', and before they can inflict their monumental crimes upon a 'lesser humanity', see the Project Humanbeingsfirst's Dialog Algorithm in this document.

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