Open Letter to The Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan

Open Letter to The Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan

January 25, 2018
Updated January 31, 2018
Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Mian Saqib Nisar
Assalamu' alekum.
I wish to draw your judicial eye towards the open conspiracy of dunces – 'hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil' – captured by the image of the 'three wise monkeys' displaying the behavior trait of co-opted human beings displaying 'wisdom' in their own narrow self-interest.
Pakistan's respected officialdom is ignoring a most profound issue as if it did not exist. This issue is the first principle, the first cause, from which all evil follows. The dysfunction of this evil, the effects, cannot ever be interdicted and stamped out while the first cause is safeguarded, jealously protected, and publicly ignored by the entire civil-military officialdom pretending to be 'innocent of knowledge'.
This report that I draw your considerable attention towards, a compilation of published essays from mostly a decade ago, by a most ordinary human being, a most ordinary citizen of Pakistan living in the United States as its most ordinary permanent resident for the past four decades, explains what it is that Pakistan's respected officialdom, in its expedient wisdom, pretends does not exist.
That, in a nutshell, Pakistan is a 'vassal state' of the United States; its rulers have turned it into a 'slave state', and a 'rental state'! The looting of state treasury, its debt burden, neo-liberal privatization, 'enlightened moderation', erosion of values, are part of Fourth-gen and Fifth-gen warfare that Pakistan is being subjected to using Pakistan's own 'fifth columnists' and 'useful idiots'.
In other words, Mr. Chief Justice, as the report observes in Chapter 17:
'Only when the ubiquitous existence of perspective-pollution is recognized as epistemological, and its effects even marginally overcome, does it become obvious what is really going on in Pakistan behind the many public puppetshows.
Almost miraculously, with the fog lifted, it becomes straightforward to see through the election illusion foisted upon the nation. The public mind, liberated from the shackles of crippled epistemology and self-serving partisanship, perceptively sees, by the weight of empirical evidence, that faux-democracy is merely the continuation of colonial rule, only disguised!'
That ugly fact, Mr. Chief Justice, is written all across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Even in your own domain of dispensing justice, two points stare at every Pakistani:
1) The entire penal code, the law books, the precedence, are exactly the continuation of law made by colonial powers to govern the 'untermenschen' (the lesser peoples). Evidently, Pakistanis cannot better what the 'white man's rule' bequeathed to the colonized peoples, us (sic!).
2) Even the symbolism in the court room reeks of colonial Raj. Look at your own headgear for instance, or how you are addressed in court, as I am told: “My Lord”. Since when did the judge become “lord”? The judge is a public servant, paid from public coffers, to resolve disputes and dispense justice among the people by obliterating the distinction between ruler and ruled, or so I am also told, by wonderful theory in books after books, and by the symbol of the blindfolded lady justice holding the scales of justice in her hands which adorns virtually all court rooms in the world. I am of course old fashioned, and at times Pollyannaishly believe these platitudes to actually be enacted, despite all empirical measurements of power and the reality of its pathocracy.
The modernity du jour in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Chief Justice, instead sees judges hanging an elected prime minister as American sponsored Pakistani military dictator's imperative, –– the 'judicial homicide' using judges as the 'hitman', and nary an apology has been uttered publicly by any judge even ex post facto; judges administering oath to whosoever possess the bigger guns and comes to power –– legal cover to military dictatorship using judges as source of legitimacy, and once again no public apologies, no display of self-cognizant shame; and as the 'white man' held sacred, the law is only for the weak, the 'ubermenschen' (those above the local laws that they made for 'civilizing' the 'lesser people') are not bound by it; all shamelessly shout continuation of colonial rule behind the thin facade of 'democracy', as if it is some sacred religion. Symbolism, codices, the acts of the judges, rulers, and the people, all reek of colonial rule, only disguised, and patriotically wrapped in the Pakistani flag.
Please pardon the offense of pointing out the obvious. It isn't that you are unaware of it. You face it every single day, especially when you look in the mirror to get dress in the morning and put on your colonial headgear! Why do you so boldly and proudly wear the vestiges of colonial rule, and directly upon your head (!) from which you are about to daily dispense justice to the 'brown people'? That, in itself, symbolizes 'gulam', 'slave', 'house-nigger', who deems it great honor and privilege to use the leftover crumbs that fell off the massa's table.
When those endowed with the responsibility of power are so attached to mere symbols of colonial rule, how can Pakistan's elites ever give up the toast that comes buttered on both sides from the 'massa' for being obedient to its imperatives, to its narratives, to its values, to its prescriptions, to its judgments, and to its diktats, to the point of who lives and who dies, who is sold and who is freed, who is innocent and who is guilty, is decided in the latter day headquarters of the 'massa' du jour?
If I were the Chief Justice of Pakistan and a decent human being who treasured liberty from colonial rule, both modern and post-modern, the minimum I would do is to at least throw the symbols of colonial rule overboard. Throwing the tea overboard will naturally follow.
Symbolic acts of courage are the necessary prelude to the exercise of real courage when moral and intellectual cowardice has made strong inroads into the public psyche. We obey any master, anyone in power, and any authority figure. And we continually dig deep within our heritage to find justifications for it; at all levels!
Permit me to be even bolder in stating the obvious and now address your public position, the most important stance that you have taken in the public eye, at least to my mind, a glimpse of which you have now witnessed in how I have begun this letter. Allah the Merciful, most generously bestowed upon me the power to speak, to hear, and to see, and were I to not use these precious gifts, pretend to be “Summun, Bukmun, Umyun” (Deaf, Dumb, Blind), I will be called to account for it by a far Greater Judge, the Most Just Judge, and what will I plead –– that I was afraid of those made like me, from the smelly 'nutfa', and whose destination is to be the same like mine, dry 'dust'?
What is the point of holding elections and keeping this post-colonial slavery system in play? I read in The News Today, January 25, 2018, your statement to this effect that elections will be held on time.
I mean, under that same status of 'rental state', 'slave state', 'vassal state', as the Hon. Chief Justice of Pakistan, you wish to hold elections so that a new crop of 'serfs', 'mercenaries' and 'useful idiots' can faithfully serve the 'massa' to continue Pakistan's status on the Grand Chessboard as a pliable pawn as before?
Not to forget the golden opportunity to profit and prosper beyond the common man's imagination?
What fundamentals do you perceive will change by electing new rulers of the state?
So long as Pakistan is a 'slave state', by design only 'inept people', 'useful idiots', and 'hungry mercenaries' can ever become her rulers; only the 'house nigger' can serve the 'massa' well.
It is my hope that upon reviewing this report, you will be reminded of the grotesque reality which the respected officialdom of Pakistan, in its self-serving wisdom, pretends does not exist.
To call a spade a spade, is the minimum criterion of justice, which is why I am writing this open letter to you, the Chief Justice of Pakistan.
If the highest court in the land fails to call a spade a spade, all pretenses at fair justice might as well be turned off. Then, Justice is as justice does; the king's justice!
What you do next is for you to decide as the Chief Justice. I have nothing further to add. This report is what it is. I stand by it as my coherent deconstruction of reality. If you should invite me to the Supreme Court to answer for it before all the genuinely 'innocent of knowledge' high officialdom, I will make haste in doing so believing it to be my duty. I would do the same if the United States Supreme Court or the World Court would hear me so that they too could learn to pronounce “spade”.
There is only One Power that we ultimately all answer to, and we recognize no other. That is our Creator. To Him we came from, and to Him we shall return. Six feet under, the maggots can't tell the difference who was VVIP of Pakistan, VVIP of the United States, and who an ordinary plebeian. But as is our common belief as Muslims, the stances we take here as human beings against ruthless power – pompous 'white collar' officials who aid and abet tyrants, thieves, looters, plunderers, murderers, those who kill in large numbers under the sound of trumpet and heralded as great leaders, mercenaries and cowards who sit in positions of power and sell-out to the highest bidder in fear of protecting their self-interests – will decide who won and who lost. None who preside over the destiny of nations and its peoples may forget that. Those who do not share in that categorical imperative are the 'ubermensch'. They are the enemy of all mankind. They are not 'innocent of knowledge'. And Pakistan, while steeped in religious fervor, openly hides many such 'ubermensch'!
Yours Sincerely,
Zahir Ebrahim

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