The Irony of Fate for the Road Not Taken: OPEN LETTER TO NAWAZ SHARIF – THE ROAD AHEAD 2009

Motivated by the irony of fate in the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan today, dusting out my Open Letter of March 2009 to Nawaz Sharif. Such irony of fate is to surely befall all traitors in every nation on earth, in any attire: suits, shalwar kameez, khakis, pants, gowns, duppatta or dress. It appears to be the Law of Nature, topicalized in the Holy Qur'an as 'Sunan-e-Illahi'! Or, as the Buddhists would say: 'it catches up to you'. Or, as the Hindus would say: 'one cannot escape one's karma'. Or, as the secular humanists might say, 'it's the law of unintended consequences'. I say: 'for the Road Not Taken'!.

Zahir Ebrahim, Project, United States of America.
Mr. Nawaz Sharif: Congratulations on your long-march victory for restoring the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Several things became manifest in this long drawn out arduous battle, the most salient being two major successes. First, the spontaneous galvanization of the largely apathetic, subsistence-earning Pakistani populace who have had, until yesterday, no inclination for such matters of who sits on the throne, who plunders what from the national kitty under which guise and under what 'katputli tamasha', and who dances to which strings of the puppetmasters, because of other more compelling and mundane matters of simply struggling to put food on the table. This galvanization of the masses which has unleashed so much tectonic energy is to your and your fellow comrades' immense credit. As I humbly noted in my felicitous open letter of March 16, 2009 to the distinguished Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan:
The Pakistani nation today is dancing to the tune of katputli tamasha enacted for them by yourself, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, and the legal fraternity. And yet, there is something so positive to emerge out of this long march that I am, for the first time since 911, excited and also full of realistic hope that the people of Pakistan have finally come out to vociferously proclaim from their roof-tops and in the streets: I have had it up to my neck and am not going to take it anymore. Bravo Pakistanis!!!
My most humble respect and salutations to you and the leadership of this long march which showed such remarkable national courage against the entire state apparatus that it spontaneously galvanized an entire nation of hitherto apathetic bystanders.
That example today must be giving goose-bumps to the hectoring hegemons, for it is indeed an example to be emulated in all the Western nations which are themselves rapidly descending into police-states of their own. Your good self and Mr. Nawaz Sharif, quite unbeknownst to yourselves, have given enormous courage to all plebeians everywhere and unequivocally shown the power of many against the mightiest entrenched power of tyranny.
The second success is unfortunately not as felicitous. This open letter focusses on analyzing this second success, and suggests some concrete steps to take to turn the tables on the very puppetmasters in whose benefit you and all the rest of the Pakistanis have inadvertently just participated.
Please observe the following statements appearing in this morning's DAWN:
'Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, one of the main leaders of the lawyers’ movement, expressed the hope on Monday that Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry would neither hear the case challenging the National Reconciliation Ordinance nor the review petition to be filed by the federal government against disqualification of the Sharif brothers, to demonstrate his impartiality.
Responding to questions at a press conference, he said since beneficiaries of the National Reconciliation Ordinance were against Justice Iftikhar “we hope he himself would not hear the case against NRO in larger interest of justice”.
Mr. Ahsan said Justice Iftikhar had not heard the case against Pervez Musharraf’s presidential election.' (DAWN, March 17, 2009)
Right off the bat one can ascertain the tenor of the second success. Mr. Zardari and those who installed him there for presiding over the dismemberment of Pakistan, have nothing to fear from the courageous judge who has been reinstated through galvanized street-power under your and Aitzaz Ahsan's leadership. Mr. Zardari is free to continue with the same core-policies as his military-dictator predecessor who abdicated in favor of the civilian administrator under the facade of democratic elections. General Pervez Musharraf fought the pernicious 'war on terror' on behalf of the American oligarchs against his own peoples, killed, burned, and maimed his own civilians, destroyed a mosque in the most barbaric fashion in Islamabad under the mantra of “enlightened moderation”, and fully aided and abetted the American Agenda from the day he was installed in power in yet another puppetshow of which you were the first victim. President Asif Ali Zardari has continued with principally the same puppetshow. And the most famous lawyer in Pakistan is reported today to proclaim that the most famous chief justice's restoration will not affect that outcome. What is this bullshit?
Aitzaz Ahsan is, in effect, asserting that the newly reinstated and much lauded Chief Justice of Pakistan is now incapable of being impartial, is incapable of adjudicating in the best interest of the people of his nation based solely on the merit of a case, is incapable of separating personal bias from judicial integrity and judicial acuity, and therefore, one must politely ask: why has the glorified chief justice been restored?
So I suppose that we must first visit, ab initio, the palpable concept that participation in America's 'war on terror' is indeed the highest order treason facing the beleaguered nation and is also an outright manufactured fiction, because, ostensibly, 100% of the nation's politicians, bureaucracy, and its military brass, with the anemic exception of Imran Khan, seem to think that it is a holy unquestionable truth handed down from the 'whiteman' and therefore, not even worthy of addressing, never mind making the key central issue, during this entire judicial struggle.
That, in fact, based on the orders of the 'whiteman', it is not patently treasonous, immoral, and outright criminal to kill one's own peoples and get paid for doing it by the 'whiteman' on whose behalf such mercenarial outrage is undertaken by the state itself.
That, in fact, it is not the geopolitical design to de-nuke Pakistan and divide up its territories into smaller regions by first bringing the nation to its knees through the 'strategy of tension', and demonstrating to the world that Pakistan has become un-governable thus requiring NATO and international intervention for the safety of the world.
That, under the facile pretext of manufactured un-governability, or the fabricated threat of the country about to being taken over by the 'Taliban' and Pakistan's nukes falling into their blood-thirsty 'Islamofascist' hands, or a massive terrorist event occurring anywhere on earth to be subsequently blamed upon Pakistan as repeatedly threatened by former American President George W. Bush, an invasion of Pakistan is not planned by NATO.
Thus, the fact that President Zardari and his criminal advisory cabal so outrageously took credit for the Mumbai Terrorist Act to aid and abet in the construction of that very treasonous pretext that Pakistan has irreparably become “the very petri dish of international terrorism” – words of your own late partner in the Charter of Democracy, uttered before the Council on Foreign Relations on August 15, 2007 – is not more worthy of an urgent protest 'dharna' than installing a powerless chief justice back on the over-glorified throne of ineffectual justice.
Such un-courageous co-option is unheard of in the annals of any self-respecting nation's politics, except when dancing to the closely held strings of the puppetmasters. Thus, in your entire political sloganeering for the reinstatement of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, making the following crucial and deliberate omissions has only successfully helped the devilish agenda of the puppetmasters:
a) never asserting that stopping the drone attacks from Pakistani territories is your mandate;
b) never asserting that Pakistan military's job is to defend the nation and its peoples from external threats and not to wage war upon its own innocent peoples, men, women, and children, at the behest of, and payment from, those threatening the country's very existence;
c) never asserting that the 'war on terror' is a manufactured fiction that is sinking Pakistan into oblivion;
d) never asserting that 911 was a false-flag operation to create the pretext for a “New Pearl Harbor” to enable pre-planned “imperial mobilization” enroute to 'one-world' government;
e) and most importantly, never unequivocally asserting that this is NOT PAKISTAN'S WAR and that we must DISENGAGE NOW!
Evidence for the veracity of these carefully crafted omissions being the real grotesque truth of the matter, may be gleaned in the open letter of March 16, 2009 to Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan, and in the references to other analyses contained therein. Project provides accurate forensic analyses which are being denied you by the myopic newsmedia in Pakistan, and perhaps by your own midget-minded advisors. Unless of course, you are already well aware of these palpable matters and deliberately choose to remain silent for your own vested interests. In this letter, I rationally assume that this is not the case – for the charge for it is treason against the people of Pakistan.
Thus I naively dare to assume that you may not be altogether aware of how modernity is run with 'uber' intellect and devilish political-philosophy – not with propagandist sloganeering except to dull the masses into 'United We Stand'. The relationship between states is only based on the Machiavellian “Art of War” of “waging war by way of deception” as “hegemony is as old as mankind.” In order to effectively counter Machiavelli, in order to unravel the layers upon layers of sophisticated lies which constitute the Hegelian Dialectics of Deception, not only does it requires a fair degree of familiarity with western political-philosophy, but also some rational un co-opted commonsense to sensibly extract oneself from the matrix-world of Alice in Wonderland. This devilish modus operandi of social and political control in modernity was best explained by America's most famously unsung poet-philosopher, Ezra Pound. He called it the “technique of infamy”, whereby, you orchestrate not one lie, but two or more opposing lies, even layered ones, and you ensnare the public's attention in their heatedly debating which of them might be true! All course of action, even by genuine patriots, under this modus operandi lead to fait accompli which favor the Hectoring Hegemons.
Digging to the bottom of such Machiavellian craftsmanship is not in the ken of many a Pakistani, grown up as we have, in oppressive dictatorships and carry upon our backs the rich heritage of divinely ordained monarchic rule of Islamic history which have had no need for complex Machiavellian mind-control games. Our rulers, past and present, typically rule by autocratic fiat and not the consent of the governed, tell simple lies when necessary, and loot with relatively simple unimaginative graft.
It is only the free-wheeling democracies in the West that have necessitated the invention of such sophisticated Hegelian dialectics of deception in order to control their own masses, while giving them the illusion of freedom. Even their looting is orders of magnitude more complex as may be gleaned in the present financial crises in which the handful of oligarchs are emerging richer and becoming owners of most of the real wealth of the world. We are today being subjected to the same levels of deception as the West, and our national leadership, mercenaries and co-opted mental midgets that almost 99% of them are, the remaining patriotic one percent is also apparently succumbing to these deception games of global domination on the 'grand chessboard'. For none among the Pakistani ruling elite hath publicly proclaimed as of this date, including yourself, that “911 was a false-flag operation” and “war on terror is a fabrication”.
And this is also how you have nicely handed the puppetmasters the second success from your “revolution”, by orchestrating this 'katputli tamasha' on the ineffectual matter of judges' restoration, and omitting any reference to the core-issues which the imperial masters do not want raised.
But as noted above, serendipity has also finally favored the Pakistanis, lending new import to the veracious words of the Holy Qur'an, that men may plan, but the Almighty is the greatest of planners!
The public is energized beyond belief and ready to side against the criminal status quo. They are only waiting for courageous leaders to lead them. Please notice that the populace aren't necessarily siding with you, but are primarily standing up to the tyranny of the oppressive rulers in power due to their own frustrations. It would be wise not to confuse their motivation.
Therefore, having finally taken the first courageous baby-step to come out of their shell of apathy, I believe the motivated Pakistani public can be very effectively directed towards the cause for which the more meaningful long-march and 'dharna' has yet to begin. The ab initio treasonous DNA which is the root cause of all contemporary evil in Pakistan: disengaging Pakistan from this fiction of 'war on terror'.
There are many existential threats facing Pakistan, both external ones which are obvious, and also internal ones from our own fifth columnists and ruling elite across the entire feudal spectrum. From landlords to military lords, all are beholden to their sponsors at the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain. You are surely no stranger to these imperial policy planning institutions, the two most respectable overt organizations of the puppetmasters. Unlike the maligned intelligence apparatus of empire who merely implement broad or narrow covert directives handed them from up above, these front operations of the real oligarchs of the world interface directly with their puppet client-states to enact the policies which lead to the puppetshows which keep any nation's people occupied in the leaves and branches of the make-belief tree while their loot and plunder continues on in the larger real forest. These imperial institutions trivially make patsies of the gullible, and mercenaries of the traitorous. They are the ones who plan and orchestrate the oppressive rulers who have, for so long, cemented the deprivation of the common man in Pakistan, while making fortunes for their ownselves under magnanimous legal sanctions and un-enforceable accountability by imperial collusion. The enemy is deep, broad, sophisticated, Machiavellian, and ubiquitous.
Yet, at the same time, I have come to believe, for the first time really, that it is quite possible to alter Pakistan's pathetic destiny from the tortuous one planned for her by these hectoring hegemons.
You have shown us Mr. Nawaz Sharif, that we can mobilize such enormous masses of people, that no man-made barriers can stop them. We can surely overcome all these existential threats by harnessing that tectonic energy which you have serendipitously unleashed.
By wisely employing the public's new found courage to stand up to tyranny, we can really show the puppetmasters of the world what they are afraid of at night, and for which, all their years of police-state planning world-wide can be brought to naught just like the Pharaoh's army. We can really show the hectoring hegemons that indeed, when the checkered flag drops, and when the rubber finally meets the road, “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization.”
To achieve this, minimally requires that any aspiring national leadership be un-compromising and un-afraid on the crucial core-issues which have seeded the misery of the Pakistani nation as a puppetstate, and not themselves be covert puppets and mercenaries implementing an imperial agenda in the vein of the devilish 'technique of infamy' alluded to earlier.
And once again, I am greatly heartened to read in this morning's News, in a report aptly titled “Nawaz vows to end 'outdated system' with mass support”, your glamorously hopeful statement: “A new Pakistan is born after March 16”!
If this is really true and not merely an ephemeral mirage, let's examine how you might efficaciously alter the coarse of events on the road ahead and navigate ourselves out of perpetual serfdom which awaits the fate of our peoples.
I am firmly of the view that the following overarching steps, if undertaken immediately and executed astutely, with 360 degree vigilance of both friend and foe alike, can very effectively navigate the nation away from its present precarious perch on the edge of precipice. Indeed, I believe that Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan's inspiring poem (song) which he penned for the beautiful anthem-song for the first long-march, can quite efficaciously be realized to bring back to vibrancy those so despondently staring into the heart of oblivion.
This is the first baby-step:
Step1: Publicly declare as your manifesto all points noted as your omissions above. Seek the awakened public's mandate for that manifesto, and institutionalize that mandate in your political party so that this manifesto for breaking the chains of voluntary servitude is no longer dependent on an individual's survival.
Step2: Amazingly, the rest will naturally follow, just as a flower blooms in spring, and a sweet fruit ripens on the tree for any beautifully planted and holistically nurtured healthy seed. For additional recommended overarching next baby-steps, please see Project Humanbeingsfirst's report “Wakeup to the grotesque reality of the 'Grand Chessboard'!” on its website
Thank you.


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