Open Letter To Daniel Pipes

Open Letter To Middle East Scholar Daniel Pipes

Zahir Ebrahim

April 03, 2007.

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To: Distinguished Middle East Scholar Daniel Pipes, Esq
Founder of Campus Watch (,
and The Middle East Forum (,
and the lead cheerleader for war on "radical Islam", Iran, and all things "terror".
Subject: A Plebeian's response to 'Recruiting Soldiers Against Radical Islam'
Date: April 03, 2007
Cc: text of this letter was also submitted on April 03, 2007 as a comment to the above titled article at:
Dear Mr. Daniel Pipes
In reference to the article: Recruiting Soldiers Against Radical Islam, it is indeed positively shocking how 'so many people in the West still don't believe that they are at war [with] .. radical Islam'. Especially this fellow who writes so pompously at
Take a look at his essay "War on Iran and Responsibilities of a People":
And not to be outdone, he even has the gall to suggest this for resolving the Israel-Palestine festering blot on humanity in "The endless trail of red herrings":
And the further gall to even write an Open letter to Amnesty International, and to the Former American President Jimmy Carter asking them both to concentrate on the real mastermind super criminals in their respective quest for world peace:
Some ignoramus is he, wouldn't you agree?
He even contends that indeed it's "Not [even] a Clash of Civilizations, It's a Clash between the Civilized World and Barbarians", and is busily trying to identify which is which!
And he argues that a genuine war on terrorism be immediately waged upon the properly identified real terrorists with all of America's superpower might and with the recruitment of all of the silently bespectating American peoples, as well as the world's peoples. It's a shared burden of humanity and of all human beings first to collectively fight the "banality of evil"!
Do please enlighten him as he scandalously seeks out a "Robert H. Jackson" by seeking to apply the very same Patriot Acts for "all the evil that follows" with "God on your side" against all those who have manifestly usurped this august Republic for their own vested war mongering interests with the "Bush Doctrine" to create a "Zion that will light up all the world"!
He has the chutzpah to even leave a message on your blog! Why? Because he strongly feels that all the world must urgently unite in waging the genuine war on terrorism - "United we stand" - so that mis-identified innocent civilians, men, women, and children, grandfathers and grandmothers, babies and parents, do not once again become the fodder of America's anger against the wrong peoples!
He invites you into a fair court room at the World Court to adjudicate which is which, or before the mainstream American audience on world wide television in a no holds barred marathon but illuminating discussion according to the rational and commonsensical rules of dialog developed at:
where no axioms are allowed to remain unexamined, and no one is allowed to run away without conceding!
He hopes that you, as one of the key drum beaters on "war on terrorism", and as a profound scholar of the Middle East, can join him in this endeavor in order to locate and indict all the real monumental criminals and the hidden in plain sight "ubermensch" masterminds in a trial by the innocent victims themselves, as Eichmann was tried in Jerusalem! How dare there still remain complacent and silent bystanders in the world when the Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel already issued the curse of posterity for "never again":
“and I still curse the killers, their accomplices, the indifferent spectators who knew and kept silent.”
How dare the world not see the parallels with Nazi fascism! Positively shocking indeed!
And what makes this even more shocking is that this bloke coherently argues that the "Nazis" are being confused, and an imminent war is about to be launched against perhaps the wrong peoples! As a profound scholar of the region and as a humanitarian, you surely wouldn't want the blood of the innocent children on your clean hands now would you? The American bombs aren't exactly known to distinguish between innocent civilians and the monumental "evil doers"!
So let's clearly disambiguate between them, shall we, for the benefit of the rest of the bespectating world? What do you say? The recruitment effort in the West against the "evil doers" will surely become more productive and exponential!
Zahir Ebrahim

The author, an ordinary researcher and writer on contemporary geopolitics, a minor justice activist, grew up in Pakistan, studied EECS at MIT, engineered for a while in high-tech Silicon Valley (patents here), and retired early to pursue other responsible interests. His maiden 2003 book was rejected by six publishers and can be read on the web at He may be reached at
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