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Please take me to America's “War on Terror” (faq)

Mainstream Press

Do you have a Press Release?

Do you have a perspective on Israel's 60th birthday for the press?

Do you have a perspective oped which explains America's “War on Terror” for our mainstream press so that they can stop publishing misinformed chatter?

Do you have a short compilation of essential readings on the 'WAR on TERROR' for the press?

I am the Washington Post oped editor and our opinion writers and editorial board all seem to think that we are about to be run over by 'militant Islamists'! Can you kindly explain all this in its most simplified form for our brilliant minds?

I am the NYT/LAT oped editor and we are really getting tired of turning down your submissions. What's the one oped you'd like us to publish?

I am the Time/Newsweek editor and we would like to run a front cover story that can prevent the abhorrent crossing of the nuclear Rubicon. What do you have for us?

I am a brilliant Washington Post columnist and I assert: “Pakistan, with its two dozen nuclear weapons, popular and official support for Kashmiri and Taliban terrorism, and political instability, is ultimately a greater threat to world peace than Afghanistan and Iraq combined.” How do you respond?

Urgent Action

Heads-up warning to the American Peoples – Nuclear attack on Iran appears imminent(!) and America is to be governed under the long dreamed of “Continuity of Government” that is no less draconian than any Martial Law in any tin-pot dictatorship! ACT NOW to demand Congress to require a public Referendum before any further “'defensive' U.S. military action”!

Pakistanis – Wakeup to the grotesque reality of the 'Grand Chessboard'! ACT NOW to demand Pakistan's immediate disengagement from America's fabricated “WAR on TERROR” – for its devilishly calculated natural termination is in Pakistan's dismemberment!

Shame on Humanity for its silent spectating of the ongoing Nakba of an innocent Peoples in their own homeland – now into its despicable 60th criminal year and still unrecognized by the apathetically guilty world that swore “never again”. And yet, we continue to accept the ongoing monumental crimes against humanity of devilishly orchestrated incremental faits accomplis that can be so trivially stopped by the world coming together and without firing even a single shot! ACT NOW to put an end to Apartheid in the land of Canaan, as the world once did in Apartheid South Africa!


Weapons of Mass Deception – the master social science, and the real power of Western Democracy which famously permits dissent among its free peoples. Here is an example: “Government Insider: Bush Authorized 911 Attacks” – and the “Insider” surely “sleeps with the fishes”, right? Wrong. He moves about quite freely! How comes? Isn't he a great threat to those whom he rats on? The Dialectics of Infamy (also known as Ezra Pound's “Technique of Infamy”) has something for everyone in the dissent-space. It caters to the needs and proclivities of every breed of emergent dissenting flock and every possibility. Everything except that which might actually be consequential in derailing “imperial mobilization” and effectively preempting incremental faits accomplis of real agendas! Those who do pose real threats to these real agendas are trivially made to “sleep with the fishes” – from JFK to RFK to MLK to X!

The manipulation of the mainstream public to get them “United We Stand” is a well understood and rather banal social science today, often euphemistically labeled as “manufacturing consent”. From Roman Emperors to Hitler to President George Bush in the modernity du jour, all have expertly capitalized upon it. Zbigniew Brzezinski even expertly documented it with great finesse. “Prisoners of the Cave” entirely unraveled it as “Deception Point 911 And Its Greatest Democratic Enablers”. The manipulation of the dissentstream however – the handful among any population who are the thinking peoples, as Hitler had noted: “First, those who believe everything they read; Second, those who no longer believe anything; Third, those who critically examine what they read and form their judgments accordingly” – is the least understood.

The manipulation of the intelligent conscionable ones, the “Manufacturing of Dissent”, is the most poorly analyzed master social science in the West, even though it is also the most secretly practiced Black-art of modern democratic state-craft to effectively deal with the “Second” and “Third” groups of people.

Hitler attempted to win the “Third” group over to his side to be among the Third Reich's ruling elite (if they were of the right racial makeup). Those whom he couldn't attract, he ignored along with the “Second” group, on account of both of them being so minuscule in number. The most dangerous among them of course were simply made to “sleep with the fishes” by the SS. Hitler had chosen to exclusively focus his propaganda war-machine on “the crowd of simpletons and the credulous ... when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor”. The Western system of democracy however does not, and cannot, ignore any of the three groups.

The “First” group is easy – and remain the focus of the pretty well understood “manufacturing consent”. The other two groups are of course also encouraged or co-opted to join 'empire' – and the majority among them willingly do so because of the immense riches and/or benefits to ones' career and social standing that are to be had in voluntarily remaining silent (in the best case of complicity), and shilling for empire in sophisticated ways suited to their much higher intelligence capabilities (in the worst case as hectoring hegemons).

The remaining become the focus of “Manufactured Dissent”. They are cleverly and continually put on the treadmill that deliberately goes nowhere. Otherwise, left to their own free-thinking un co-opted devices, even small numbers can end up making a significant difference in the long run. Yes, even in the facade of Democracy, since it does constitute a non-linear system of empowered human action. It is not their direct action however that constitutes a significant threat, but the potential of their mobilizing impact among the minority of ordinary conscionable peoples in the larger society whom they might galvanize into efficacious action, that is the real threat. Astutely channeling dissenting energies towards inefficacy, and clever red herrings, is the potent weapon system of choice for deployment among this rebellious group and their potential flock.

This is quite distinct from an open fascist oligarchy and open dictatorships with regimented and coerced human-will which leave little room for non-linearity of human action. In such blatantly ruled autocratic systems, it is only the majority coming together that can bring about any significant transformations – and that too, only through revolutionary means. Which is why the loci of direct manipulative control remains upon the majority peoples in such systems. And the tiny thinking minority is trivially silenced through the instilled fear crafted from disappearances, incarcerations, forced exiles, and “sleeps with the fishes” – the bread and butter of empirical state-craft in non democracies.

This space forensically examines the Black-art of “manufacturing dissent” in a democracy from the most important and crucial perspective, that of efficacy, and of deliberate misdirection. It draws upon letters and essays by Project Humanbeingsfirst which peel back some of the layers of the multi-layered 'onion' of the far more sophisticated intellectual Weapon of Mass Deception that has today become both, “a state of mind, and the mind of the State”.

Download PDF here or click on the links below in sequence:

>> Begin here with Project Humanbeingsfirst's response to the famous Alex Jones on “Government Insider: Bush Authorized 911 Attacks”

>> Read about another clear example of false-flag opposition

>> Read about the clever synthesis of believable whistleblowing to match predilections

>> Read how veritable scholars of empire create mantras – as to be expected

>> Now read how gadfly scholars of dissent spin the very same mantras – entirely unexpected

>> And this response to its author

>> Read an even more glaring example of anomalous sophisticated dissent in which the antagonist spins the very same primal DNA strands that ab initio enable the tree of “imperial mobilization” as the protagonists – while paying erudite lip service to condemning its leaves

>> Glean the same intellectual sophistication in action once again on Israel-Palestine

>> Observe this sophisticated dialectics of dissent institutionalized

>> Read how even courageous former Presidents succumb to its power

>> Learn how to tell who shills for whom

>> Learn how to effectively counter the Technique of Infamy and Dialectics of Deception

>> Learn of an efficacious dissent strategy which can nullify the co-option of the dissentstream and can actually work in a democracy in conjunction with its mainstream – watch the hectoring hegemons sweat!

Please take me to Palestine

Open Letter to Palestinian Intellectuals from Project Humanbeingsfirst

Welcome to the new Israel: Three thousand years old, and going on sixty”

And this is how we celebrate!

I am an Israeli Jew and the world needs to deal with “radical Islam” and “islamofascists”

I am a Jew living in exile and I am only trying to return to my ancestral Eretz Yisrael not from three thousand years ago, but from where the “Jews from various Moslim countries in the last 60 years that Israel has been an independent state” have been forcibly expelled – “The Jews are no settlers of colonialism”!

I am a Jewish American and I support Israel because “a person is closer to his own friends, tribe, and people.”

Can you tell me what's the significance of a Palestinian author winning the supposedly prestigious 2008 Orwell Prize? I had never heard of this prize before!

I am the newsmedia and can you tell us what's wrong with Hamas accepting Israel's generous offer of 'two-state solution'?

I am a poorly informed ordinary American and I really don't understand why the Palestinian peoples are trying to destroy Israel?

I am a well informed rational American and you seem to be just as fixated with Zbigniew Brzezinski's nonsense of “Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization” as the rest of his detractors. May one point towards Democratic Israel, where its Jewish peoples are not only willingly participating in the barbaric conquest of Palestine, but also serving in the IDF to do it themselves?

What's a red herring?

I am a Palestinian and you are preaching to the choir – tell me something I don't know!

Okay Project KNOW-IT-ALL, how can I get my home back in Palestine?

Please take me to USA

That one Urgent-Action I, as an American patriot, need to deal with right now

That one thing of significance I can learn here – I only have a minute

I am the US Government and I assert that we are faced with a grave 'Clash of Civilizations'!

I am US Military and this war is very real!

I am the US Marines and I assert Bin Laden is a real threat to our security!

I am an American and I think the 'Islamists' pose a real danger to Western Civilization – they are barbarians!

I hate the Middle East – is it such a crime to nuke em?

Okay I don't hate the Middle East, only the Ayatoallahs?

But but but ... they took our hostages and and ...

Okay, okay, but look, now the Iranians are provoking us?

But our President is really worried that: “At this moment, somewhere in the world, terrorists are planning new attacks on our country. Their goal is to bring destruction to our shores that will make September the 11th pale by comparison.”

I am an American news-anchor and we have done a pretty good job keeping the American peoples informed on the 'war on terror'!

I am an editor for the New York Times and we do a pretty comprehensive job of analyzing the 'global war on terror' for the Americans and the world as “all the news that's fit to print”. We however do not support anti-American and anti-Semitic gratuitous BS espoused in such crap as “We should not forget that the U.S. itself is a leading terrorist state” and the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world today”! That's all Iranian propaganda against our country!

I am the largest corporate owner of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NYT, Reuters and Associated Press, and my personal self-interests and ideological alliances do not influence the objectivity in the newsroom where the editors and reporters are hired based only on their professional skills and not their ideological bent that is suited to my self-interests. I don't write their editorial or hiring policies; how can I ever influence the newsroom? Those who allege otherwise are only maliciously slandering our wonderful freedom of the Press!

This is America, not Germany – and I hate America bashers

I am a 'Good American' – why does that make me guilty?

Well they just hate us because they are jealous – we never did anything to them

If we are really so bad, why do they come to America

Come-on, this ain't the Third Reich – I find this offensive!

Okay okay you finally convinced me! Thanks for your efforts – but... but... but... what can I do? I am just too busy trying to pay my bills and I don't like street protests and all that hooliganism! Besides, I am a law abiding person and like my-self and my-country very much. I just want to make it a bit less un-just and a bit less barbaric upon others! Do you have any immediate suggestions that can have any efficacy?

I am Law Enforcement – where shall I start my arrest sequence?

I am a 'hectoring hegemon' and I think “You bunch of losers” must 'Get real': “The world is lucky we didn’t unleash a nuclear arsenal on several different countries, and what would the rest of the world be able to do about it”?

I am an ordinary American and how can I make America a truly great empire for all its real peoples, and also for all the world's real peoples? I actually want us to be a benign empire that benefits everyone, not a barbaric one of Daarth Vaider! What steps should I take today that can lead to substantial difference within my own lifetime – say in 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years?

I am a fair-minded ordinary Westerner who believes in democracy, and I wonder how comes so few American intellectuals actually propose any effective infrastructure solutions to the barbarianism of 'empire' that they all freely talk about using their precious Western freedoms? These thinking gadflies mostly keep rehearsing histories ex post facto, writing terrific books on what is already a fait accompli, and making speeches full of truisms and moralizing sermons. Most have become fabulously wealthy peddling their dissent – from bestsellers to speaking fees to Hollywood productions to entire businesses – laughing their way to the bank as they glibly describe the crimes of empire. But hardly anyone proposes effective solutions, or works on building advocacy programs, institutions and infrastructure frameworks that can have any measurable impact on policy-shifts towards fairness. I have yet to encounter a well funded effective think-tank or influential lobby-group for 'peace and justice' in any Western country – whereas there are literally hundreds constructing the hegemonic policy instruments of empire. The empirical efficacy of these supposed gadflies to averting the multifaceted crimes of 'empire' since the end of WWII – from 'Truman Doctrine' to 'Bush Doctrine', from neoliberalism to neoconservatism, and from staged client-states to staged terror events as covert-ops – is exactly and precisely ZERO! Is the famed Western 'dissent-space' really the empire's own gigantic red herring to effectively deliver to its conscionable peoples only incremental faits accomplis of hegemony by keeping them on various treadmills that lead nowhere? How can I tell? Is there a simple touchstone I can use to ascertain who is shilling for whom, and why these gadflies don't “sleep with the fishes” as the genuinely real threats to power often do?

Wait a minute, what about influential and well funded Western organizations like Amnesty International and the Human Rights Commission who work for the betterment of common man? And what about all those awesomely funded Western think-tanks like the global crisis groups and various NGOs that operate in many developing countries to take up liberal causes of their oppressed peoples. Are you calling them red herrings too? How can I tell? Is there a touchstone or metric I can use to adjudicate whether they are also effectively shilling for 'empire' in various guises?

I am a fair-minded Jewish American and I find all this anti-Semitic talk of “The Rise of the Jewish Empire” and the “The Jewish Conquest of America” nauseating. What do empires have to do with being 'Jewish'? Call the American instincts for hegemony criminal if you prefer to 'call a spade a spade'. But calling it 'Jewish' is genuinely anti-Semitic!

I am an American peace activist and you are preaching to the choir – but “I do not believe that the US will attack Iran during this Bush administration. I believe that it is the judgment of the powers that be (as articulated by Brzezinski on behalf of his patron, David Rockefeller) that Bush pursued their goals, but did so in such an inept manner that he has to be curbed. The Iraqi Study Group was put in place to help manage things, but when Bush wouldn't cooperate, he was forced to replace Rumsfeld with Gates. Brzezinski's comments before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee were not, in my opinion, encouragement for a false flag attack to justify an attack on Iran. Instead, it was a warning, a preventative step. When one publicly reveals a criminal plot, then it becomes impossible to carry it out.” In favor of this truism, let's just ignore the Mein Kampf of the Third Reich – that was an anomaly of history!

Why would anyone in the advanced West, let alone the super sophisticated peoples of America, want to read a book like “Prisoners of the Cave” written by some unknown Pakistani plebeian that hasn't even been published?

How do I know “Prisoners of the Cave” is any good when no mainstream publisher even wants to touch it? Has anyone even reviewed it?

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