Response to 'Expulsion of Jews from Muslim Countries in the 60 years of Nakba'

Response to 'Expulsion of Jews from Muslim Countries in the 60 years of Nakba'

Zahir Ebrahim

May 20, 2008.

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Response to 'Expulsion of Jews from Muslim Countries in the 60 years of Nakba'
The comment [to the article written by a Palestinian Mazin Qumsiyeh – “Palestinian Options as the Nakba turns 60”], perhaps by a genuinely anguished Jewish person from Helsinki Finland:
“... not ONLY the expelsion of Jews from various Moslim countries in the last 60 years that Israel has been an independent state, ... The Jews are no settlers of colonialism ... it is now a time of a media war to spit on the Jews and curse the Jewish Scriptures. ... ”
is perhaps best addressed by another Jewish person from that very region who can bring perspective to bear on the grave matter:
which begins with the following preface by AMEU:
begin quote
The Link interviewed Naeim Giladi, a Jew from Iraq, for three hours on March 16, 1998, two days prior to his 69th birthday. For nearly two other delightful hours, we were treated to a multi-course Arabic meal prepared by his wife Rachael, who is also Iraqi. “It’s our Arab culture,” he said proudly.
In our previous Link, Israeli historian Ilan Pappe looked at the hundreds of thousands of indigenous Palestinians whose lives were uprooted to make room for foreigners who would come to populate confiscated land. Most were Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe. But over half a million other Jews came from Islamic lands. Zionist propagandists claim that Israel “rescued” these Jews from their anti-Jewish, Muslim neighbors. One of those “rescued” Jews-Naeim Giladi-knows otherwise.
In his book, Ben Gurion’s Scandals: How the Haganah & the Mossad Eliminated Jews, Giladi discusses the crimes committed by Zionists in their frenzy to import raw Jewish labor. Newly-vacated farmlands had to be plowed to provide food for the immigrants and the military ranks had to be filled with conscripts to defend the stolen lands. Mr. Giladi couldn’t get his book published in Israel, and even in the U.S. he discovered he could do so only if he used his own money.
The Giladis, now U.S. citizens, live in New York City. By choice, they no longer hold Israeli citizenship. “I am Iraqi,” he told us, “born in Iraq, my culture still Iraqi Arabic, my religion Jewish, my citizenship American.”
End quote
Please read the interview in its details which entirely addresses every single point raised by the commenter from Finland, and do followup on the cited book [Ben Gurion’s Scandals].
One’s mileage of course will vary depending on the degree of indoctrination and mis-information that one has been deliberately fed as part of the Zionist thought control of the world-wide Jewry to garner their support for Der-Judenstadt in the midst of latter day Palestine [See “Celebrating Israel's 60th Birthday in the 60th year of the Nakba”].
As Noam Chomsky says, it takes a sentence to construct a lie, and considerably more space (and time and energy) to refute it – thus wasting enormous amounts of conscionable peoples resources which could be spent doing something more productive – and that is the Zionist game-plan to further the process of conquest of Eretz Yisrael. To keep cultivating an infinite supply of red herrings in order to systematically seed newer faits accomplis which are subsequently impossible to reverse due to the new reality on the ground that gets constructed. In another hundred years, or perhaps even fifty, there will be no need for these red herrings and lies. The facts of how the land of Canaan was settled by the Zionist Jews will be openly proclaimed by all and sundry, as is done for the settling of another new world on another continent at the expense of 10 million of its natives. Who does not know that story today?
To really rationally understand this emotional subject matter, rather than either becoming an inadvertent part of a spin-machine, or purposely spewing deception, please see “The endless trail of red herrings”. Searching for that string on the web will locate it, but one can find it on another Jewish person’s website as well:
And there is certainly no doubt that indigenous Jews belong as much in Israel-Palestine, and in the Middle East, as all its other indigenous peoples. No one, especially no alien, has the right to dispossess another native – unless the time-honored hands of the victors’ system of Justice have to prevail as in the case of rectifying even any ordinary crime of robbers taking over another’s home in armed invasion robbery, let alone when a supreme monumental crime against humanity is continually being committed over the past 100 years! As per Nuremberg laws, much of the Israeli Zionist leadership, past and present, both within Israel and those supportive of Israel from outside its borders, would hang multiple times! But of course, those laws have only been used to settle scores by the victors for the defeated peoples crimes! Just that fact unto itself may become a precedent setter for the future – a condition that ought to worry the entire world-wide far-sighted conscionable Jewry.

Thank you.
Zahir Ebrahim

The author, an ordinary researcher and writer on contemporary geopolitics, a minor justice activist, grew up in Pakistan, studied EECS at MIT, engineered for a while in high-tech Silicon Valley (patents here), and retired early to pursue other responsible interests. His maiden 2003 book was rejected by six publishers and can be read on the web at He may be reached at

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Response to 'Expulsion of Jews from Muslim Countries 3/3 in the 60 years of Nakba'

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