Message to the United States Congress from Project Humanbeingsfirst: It's now or never!

Message to the United States Congress from Project Humanbeingsfirst

It's now or never!

October 02, 2008. 8 AM PST

Dear Congressmen and Congresswomen of America,

If you were to ask for my advice on what you might do about this trillion dollar emergency bailout Bill for the bankster oligarchs who are also holding the “insiders” gun to your head to extract their ransom, I would offer the following opinion.

You have but one tactical choice. Open a second more powerful front to disarm them.

If at least one of you in your House speeches being televised on C-Span, will assert the falsity of the very basis upon which Martial Law in Congress has been enacted, and due to which, you are being compelled to vote and pass this audacious graft upon the nation in the closing hours of this Presidency, you may have a fighting chance to really be fair to your oath of office.

Assert the plain truth that the “war on terror” is a fiction! That the enemy is fabricated.

And therefore, the emergency and war-footings basis upon which the Martial Law has been declared in the House, is fictitious.

And therefore, you, as the Representative of the People, revolt against this fiction being forced upon you as it is preventing you from upholding your own oath of office to protect and serve the nation against all enemies, both foreign, and domestic!

By astutely challenging, as fraudulent and malfeasant, the very first principle upon which the Congress has been continually co-opted by this Administration in its Constitutional due processes and deliberations, you have the fighting chance of preventing a second vote on this banksters' bailout Bill in the House.

If this bill is voted upon now in the House, you can take it to the vaults that the bill will pass! Please see the analysis in “No Exits on this Super-Highway!

It is really time for the due diligence that was denied Gen. Smedley Butler.

It is really time to expose how America has been devilishly controlled by the oligarchs from behind the scenes despite their failed fascist coup attempt of 1933.

It is really time to expose which bankster oligarchs' mouth piece is CFR, of which you might well be a member.

It is really time to expose how the fiction of 'war on terror' is part of the very same oligarchs' grand strategies for eroding national sovereignty as prelude to one world government.

And it is really time to finally connect all the disparate pieces and baby-steps, each of which appears unrelated to the other, but together they systematically lead to one world government.

That time, is this very moment, when the banksters are presumably all powerful and masterminding their own bailout, when instead, it could actually be you easily turning the tables upon them simply by exposing the grand lie.

The fact of the matter is that this isn't a bailout for them at all – for they are plenty wealthy already. The bailout is a red herring to cleverly mask something far more pernicious that has been in the works for a very long time.

The financial crisis was engineered under the oligarchs' premeditated plan as a baby-step prelude to abandoning the dollar and cementing the North American Union.

Your real power, the real gun that you temporarily wield, is in exposing their diabolical agenda when the oligarchs are conveniently not only dependent on you for the passage of this Bill, but are also in the limelight of the world. The media is reporting on them, and the American public is finally skeptical. Even ordinary people are finally paying close attention for the fear of losing their shirts for the first time in their life. The stars are all lined up at this moment for you to strike back with some efficacy. You now have a move that can checkmate them.

There is no second chance. The one world government agenda is being enabled at such an accelerated and destructive pace that no baby-step once taken, is reversible.

Use this last opportunity wisely, and you may yet save America, and the world.

It's now, or never!

Zahir Ebrahim




Message to the United States Congress from Project Humanbeingsfirst: It's now or never!

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