Project Humanbeingsfirst Report Summaries 2007–2008


Project Humanbeingsfirst Report Summaries 2007–2008

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  • Terrorism November–December 2008 'War on Terror' News Analysis in Context

    To perceptively understand that momentous 'current affairs' are indeed a calculated and orchestrated conspiracy, that 'militant Islam' is among its more egregious enablers, that the 'war on terror' provides the “doctrinal motivation, intellectual commitment, and patriotic gratification” necessary to fuel the “clash of civilization” as otherwise “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization”, and that these multivariate “revolutionary times” have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims per se, except as a source of convenient canon fodder towards constructing a world-government in a circuitous way because “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault”, see The WAR on TERROR 2008 Omnibus Collection (PDF). And to comprehend why the pundits across the board – both mainstream and dissentstream – choose to remain silent about these agendas as they continually parrot the 'war on terror', Bin Laden, Al Qaeeda, 'loose nukes' mantras, or at best, simultaneously critique the empire's barbarism as merely the imperialism of a “rogue state” and then stop, read Carroll Quigley's 1966 classic “Tragedy and Hope”. That book is all about a ruling-elite, their long-running global agendas, and their enormous power to co-opt, purchase, intimidate, or coerce all who matter, into silence, or into becoming their 'circus clowns'. To understand the sophisticated political science driven dialectics and narratives which they subsequently engage to execute on those agendas, see Weapons of Mass Deception – The Master Social Science.

  • Financial Terrorism November–December 2008 Financial News Analysis in Context

    The clever technique of openly describing what everyone already knows, in the guise of dissent, while staying silent on the real agendas and overarching motivations, is the most common technique of omission for deflecting attention from the DNA of the crimes against humanity in progress. Fred Thompson makes it all sound like it's a profound lack of commonsense and absurdity reigning supreme among those who understand 'money' better than anyone else on the planet. It isn't. See: The Monetary Conspiracy For World Government. If only someone would draw his kind attention to Project Humanbeingsfirst, as also the attention of all those intelligent peoples who relish in critiquing their own government while diabolically failing to recognize the underlying Machiavellian principles of conquest. Surely they too aren't the victim of “We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”?

  • GAZA: The final pretexts for Palestinian Population Transfer in the making! December 29, 2008

    Perhaps accurately predicting this pre-planned solution of 'population transfer' which will be presented to the world shortly by Israel and all its sympathetic exponents, before it is presented, may demonstrate its premeditation to the disingenuous maestros as well as to the bespectating morons of the world. Watch for the shrill cries of “population transfer” once again erupting in the Israeli press, but with much greater force this time as it being high-time that Israel's security problem was solved once and for all, and to be dutifully picked up by the NYT, Time, and Newsweek. There is no other rational explanation for this brutal barbarian assault on an already starving and strangulated population – except as a baby-step public-relations pretext towards the pre-planned, long time in the making, Zionist 'population-transfer' agenda for the remaining Palestinians from Palestine. Under Mr. Obama's watch, this appears to be the final solution, among many other final-solutions. The 'change' President-elect has much more than the Zionist-hand at his helm. See “Mr. Obama – The Post Modern Coup” and “Mr. Obama's New Deal”.

  • Ali Baba in Mumbai – Eid 2008 Reflections

    There is a concerted effort worldwide to once again resurrect the same fabricated 'al qaeeda' boogiemen in the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist act. It is shameful that many an educated Pakistani has also become an unwitting participant in also coloring these mantras, each according to his or her own inclination. I reservedly say 'unwitting' because surely many are well intentioned, and merely misled like their brethren in the West. The mercenaries of course are another matter, for they willingly spread disinformation – through both commission by spinning falsehoods, and omission by refraining to disclose historical facts in full forensic perspective – in the service of their higher masters, up the chain of management. The grotesquely manufactured reality of 'Al-Qaeeda', 'Bin Laden', et. al., was unraveled in the following succinct Project Humanbeingsfirst report dated May 11 2008: The WAR on TERROR 2008 Omnibus Collection (PDF). Its Abstract reads as follows:

  • The Mumbai Terrorist Act: An International Chorus of Actors! December 08, 2008

    It is no longer along the imperialism of the United States of America, Britain or the EU lines. It is no longer about nation-states exercising their hegemonies. It is entirely about constructing a one-world government to be managed by oligarchs at the top of the pyramid. Therefore, there is not much distinction between various intelligence agencies world-wide who have bought into, or have been co-opted into, the overarching agenda of world-government. Rational analysis based on empirical observations and the careful study of doctrines suggest that black-ops and covert-ops today are entirely along the world-government lines. Its orchestration is by the same power-structures which control the transition from nation-states to world-government incrementally, one fait accompli at a time. If the following is true for mere ordinary co-opted peoples, it is certainly true for the secret operations and those who orchestrate and finance them:

  • Obama's New Deal December 01, 2008.

    Mr. Obama's Agendas are anything but 'New Deal'. To uncover his agendas, one must uncover the men, money, power, and ideologies backing him. The most prominent are Zbigniew Brzezinski who groomed Obama, and David Rockefeller who brought an unknown polish Jew who had written the seminal book “Between Two Ages” into world prominence. Between the two of them, they invented an unknown peanut farmer from Georgia, as the President of the United States in 1976. That American President eagerly destroyed the USSR by “giving to the USSR its Vietnam War” at the expense of devastating an innocent civilization, called Afghanistan! For that achievement, a Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to that gentleman from Georgia. For the conquest of the planet into a one-world government – the dream of the financial oligarchs and banksters – another Peace Prize awaits its political executors. Be forewarned. Please see Response to 'Why I won't vote for Obama' November 03, 2008.

  • LaRouche: A nuanced and expert Disinformationist or merely Uber Alles?

    I'd like to know why abolishing the “money as debt” paradigm that is legally implemented by the Federal Reserve System, isn't Lyndon LaRouche's overarching, coherent, and very first-order solution? His prescription, as reproduced below, is only useful as a bandaid – or more accurately, as a topical treatment – of the current financial crisis, and by keeping the systemic illness intact, undiagnosed, latent, it leaves wide open the monetary conspiracy for world government under control of the private central banks: “And so far, I am offering the only coherent solution--bankruptcy reorganization of the entire global financial system--starting with the cancellation of all derivatives obligations.”

  • The Monetary Conspiracy For World Government

    It has been rather disturbing for this scribe to continually rediscover that even well educated persons from among the ruling elite themselves, CEOs of corporations with fancy MBA degrees, venture capitalists with CA degrees, economists with Ph.D., and financial geniuses on Wall Street with degrees in mathematics and physics from Caltech and M.I.T. – never mind engineers and scientists perpetually kept too busy to bring their rational forensic acumen to bear upon such mundane existential matters as money, economy, geopolitics and empire – do not fully understand the mechanics of money, nor its direct manufactured relationship with economic booms-and-collapses, war on terror, and the broader calculated agenda for world government. All feel daunted by the economics gibberish which surrounds any discussion of it. It is also painfully obvious that even the so called “expert” economists, and Nobel Laureates, do not fully grasp all the issues regarding money, primarily because of the overloaded semantics and secrecy which surrounds this most essential and profound human invention since fire. It is also quite likely that they deliberately promulgate economics gibberish in the service of their masters. The empire needs its own knowledge-scions, just as it needs its own media, its own presses, its own propaganda and spin machinery, and its own military. Who sits atop all of this? Who benefits from all of this? Does the United States – its economy and its peoples in worst shape today in this first decade of the twenty-first century than they ever were since the Great Depression years of 1929–1939?

  • Monetary Reform: First Look at the Gold Standard

    This is Project Humanbeingsfirst's first look at the key issues inherent in the Gold Standard as the backing commodity for national and international currency. It is being advocated by Hon. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas ('The Revolution – A Manifesto', Chapter-6 “Money The Forbidden Issue in American Politics”). He is inspired by the Ludwig von Mises Institute which represents the libertarian political and economic thinking of the Austrian School of Economics. That in turn, in this scribe's opinion, can be elegantly captured in a nutshell by the British economist E. F. Schumacher's Buddhist paradigm of “Man is small, and, therefore, small is beautiful”.

  • Towards a Common Standard Benchmark for evaluating all Monetary Reform Proposals

    Your proposal is great. So are all the ones I have seen. Here is the first order breakdown of issues – your considered comments on each point, in the context of the main observation below, would be great. a: Central Banking in private hands charges the public perpetual compound-interest for the public's own money. Nationalizing the money creation function solves this problem of 'money as public debt'. Your proposal, as did President Lincoln’s, addresses this. Thank you. b: Private Central Bank is a legalized monopoly behavior that permits private banks to collude legally for 'price-fixing' the interest-rate. Thus it helps create the business cycle of expanding and contracting credit by modulating its availability in legal collusion – what I call the 'business rape cycle'. Bankers profit from this by buying up those businesses who can’t cut it, pennies to the dollar during the bust periods which dutifully follow upon the heals of boom financing periods. Nationalizing this function, by having the government manage the availability of credit, what Thomas Edison called “the proper ratio” for money supply... How does your proposal address this issue fully to eliminate this predatory 'business rape cycle' altogether – and only have naturally occurring bankruptcies?

  • Response to 'Sign Petition for a Monetary System That Puts People First - Open Letter to G-20'

    If one separates monetary policy from economic policy, mechanisms of money from economic policies that use them, identify desirable characteristics of the monetary system where much of the common-ground exists, and avoid pontificating economic policies upon which there is much divisiveness, more effective coalitions can be constructed. A good benchmark can be – what is the common ground between Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul? Or perhaps, what are the common fundamentals upon which both monetary reformers [who are opposed to the Federal Reserve System] can potentially come together on? Use that in turn to seed a [consensus] monetary reform statement. Is there no one in the world who can put down a 100 million dollars towards creating the equivalent of a 'Ford Foundation' to fight on the side of monetary reform? That is what it will take to merely seed a real power-game.

  • Monetary Reform Bibliography – A self-study guide for uncovering the agendas behind the economics gibberish

    The videos and publications referenced in this bibliography are some of the sources that we at Project Humanbeingsfirst have used in our own work on understanding the monetary and economic system, and the agenda for world government for which the monetary system appears to be the sine qua non. We have found these sources particularly pertinent and useful, and feel that new comers and others will benefit from this culled compilation that errs on the side of essentialism instead of exhaustivism. Researchers can find many more pertinent references in Project Humanbeingsfirst reports. The prime method adopted here is to allow the antagonists to speak for themselves.

  • The Real Unhidden Agenda – Response to The Federal Reserve Suck Machine is propelling US into 'Neocommunism'

    Project Humanbeingsfirst once again thanks both Mr. G. Edward Griffin, and posthumously, Mr. Norman Dodd, for their untiring efforts to uncover hidden agendas, even at the expense of being ignored. So was Socrates in his time. The complex puzzle for the “Enduring Capitalist Conspiracy for World Government” [1] all comes together when viewed in this perspective, of socialism, communism, or 'Neocommunism' as the author of this article put it, that it is the not-so-hidden an agenda. The agenda is empirical - and each time there is a bust, the banksters consolidate their grip on ownership. The WB-IMF [1a] tag team [through its structural-lending magic] owns pretty much all the developing nations' assets, including the Amazon Basin (as I have been told, I haven't actually confirmed the latter item, but indeed have numbers to substantiate the general claim). In the developed nations, the con is committed through the private central banks ending up owning all the real assets of the nation by owning the National Debt.

  • Not-Voting is a 'YES' vote to Reject a Corrupt System which thrives on the facade of Elections and Democracy!

    And we can observe that the systems of governance in the United States have stolen a page from the Third Reich (well one among its many pages), and astutely led its gullible peoples to actually believe, from the day they are born, that the elections are empowering to them. A fuller excerpt with more context for the role of propaganda and indoctrination for manufacturing both consent and dissent when “when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor” can be gleaned in Project Humanbeingsfirst's report: “Weapons of Mass Deception – The Master Social Science”. It is shocking how much has been learned from the Third Reich. It is, almost as if, the Third Reich was merely an advanced laboratory testbed for the Fourth Reich. The myth of elections being anything useful, has been so craftily cultivated over the past two generations that none are able to see through the fog of indoctrination that something else entirely, “a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive,” such that people only whisper in hushed voices “when they speak in condemnation of it”, runs the United States with the elected Representatives merely as its front faces.

  • Monetary Reform: Who will bell the cat?

    So find me a “Jesus” courageous enough to alter that reality, who will cleanse the lawmaking bodies of the world of the presence of the moneychangers' influence, and bring forth new legislation which will effectively repeal those laws which originally gave power to coin money out of thin air to the moneychangers. Unless a proposal for monetary reform addresses these issues of the grotesque reality of immeasurably entrenched global power, as an integral part of their implementation architecture, it's like I read on some website once “dreams without funding [power] are hallucinations”.

  • Why Bluff Martial Law?

    It is Project Humanbeingsfirst's thesis that the threat to impose Martial Law was merely a bluff, and the uncourageous Congress blinked. It matters not what the tyrants do – for they shall do whatever they will – the good guys are supposed to follow their principles in guiding their own actions regardless, especially when they are even sworn to uphold a national obligation. Besides, if it was the right time to impose Martial Law in the country, it would have surely been enacted without issuing blackmailing threats. All the preparations for such military policing of America have been in the works for a very long time, with a battle hardened military Brigade even getting ready to patrol the main streets USA starting October 01, 2008, as already reported by the Army Times. The threat of Martial Law has existed since 911 when the US government declared itself on war footings. But it hasn't been declared yet. Therefore, the following question logically surfaces. If the eventual goal of the oligarchs is world government (see “The Enduring Capitalist Conspiracy For World Government”), and if the baby-step in that direction is to cement the North American Union and the creation of a new currency called Amero, and the way to reach that stage is through manufactured crises which would demand Martial Law as the only bailout solution, why was it not done during this present crisis when Martial Law was only threatened for passing this bailout Bill? Why not simply enact it in America – the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team is already at hand. The answer is really simple. || Also watch this 10 min. Video: Martial Law - U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S

  • No Exits on this Super-Highway!

    As the grotesque raping and disillusionment of America by “The Creation of the Second Great Depression” proceeds with an expert chess-player's grace, a bigger scale invasion of Pakistan by the oligarchs running the United States appears imminent in order to save the world from those other 'terrorists'. And the oligarchs have copious help from insiders. In the case of the United States, it's her own Congress. In the case of Pakistan, it's her own 'Uncle Toms'. That is, all of Pakistan's leaders! While many in the United States Congress may entertain genuine dual allegiances, Pakistani leaders, politicians, and military Generals, are rumored to have only one. This is amply demonstrated by the straightforward act of their paying homage to their own puppetmasters with an entire entourage of wannabes the moment they come to power. And this was repeated once again last week where they all took their real oath of office before the President of the United States to solemnly prosecute the 'war on terror'.

  • The Enduring Capitalist Conspiracy For World Government

    Noam Chomsky had once observed an insightful nature of such “conspiracies", as the open shared natural goals stemming from the very nature of its definition, which could therefore, no more be termed a conspiracy than both GM and Ford endeavoring to maximize their profits at all cost be termed a 'global corporate conspiracy'. I have always added to that, the equally un-remarkable observation that a hungry lion anywhere in the world pouncing upon a lamb is similarly no global conspiracy by the world's lions to eat up all the lambs on the planet. That is just the nature of the bestial predators when its “might defines right”. The only thing that occasionally deters such primacy is a collective natural response like the one observed in the “Battle at Kruger” park. ... So when these 'divine' beings behave in their primal predatory natural manner across time and space, across evolution or creation, are they being “conspiratorial”? In the Chomsky-Ebrahim nomenclature, perhaps not.

  • WHAT'S TO BE DONE: Urgent Breaking News – Bomb blast in Islamabad Marriott September 20, 2008

    For Heavens' sake peoples of Pakistan and the World: stop blaming India's RAW, Jihadis' Taliban and Al-Qaeeda, etc., as the prime-movers of this new atrocity on the Pakistani peoples. Misdiagnosing a systemic disease is a sure protocol for never finding its cure! The destabilization of Pakistan has needed a confluence of patsies and mercenaries. A patsy or dupe is one who strongly believes in what he/she is doing, but is deftly controlled by puppetmasters. A mercenary is one who sells his/her allegiance to the highest bidder at any moment in time. The suicide bombers and cultivated “jihadis” of the likes that Pakistan has never seen in its entire history before, are patsies. The Pakistani ruling-elite are the mercenaries. Between the two, Black-ops and aid dollars have been well spent in Pakistan!

  • Happy-Happy in Hope and Voluntary Servitude

    Hope” – the eternal friend and the perennial enemy of man! Hope is what empirically subverts us from becoming the so called “Ashraf-ul-Makhluqat”, and lulls us into inaction even as it enables us to survive the darkest of times without despondency! Like a snake's venom, both a poison and an antidote, “hope” is what co-opts us to become less than animals by falsely leading us into losing our basic instincts to be free from servitude under some fuzzy higher cerebral function of optimism that we seem to have acquired from who knows where over the eons of supposed evolution of our species! There are however no vestiges of such an abstraction in the Darwinian worldview of how man might have descended from the lower beings. No other living creature possesses it, in any amount. It is characteristically a human trait! Where does “hope” spring from? Did god implant it in us? Or did the devil? When is it god's work, when is it the devil's, and how is it an evolutionary gift that leaves no trace in other species, but is present in all of humankind on all continents? Is there a “hope” gene? Regardless, it is quite evident that it is mainly the deprivation of “hope” that enables one to abandon “Voluntary Servitude”. Be it towards the despondency of the weak, and hence they perish. Or be it towards the assertion of fight-back by the strong – who have had it up to their neck and are not willing to take it anymore as they are going to perish anyway, who are left with no hope of being rescued by anyone else and have nothing further to lose by standing up – by their minimally copying the instinctive behavior [45] of the free animals! The courageous history of mankind is evidence that it is only when there is no hope of rescue, or of the suffocating conditions ameliorating, that “Voluntary Servitude” ends!

  • Happy-Happy Zardari: A monologue on Hope and Voluntary Servitude

    Observing the events of the day (September 10, 2008) [24] being rehearsed with all the pomp and majestic show – complete with horse-drawn buggy and kisses on the cheeks and all – before the applauding world with Mr. Zardari taking the highest oath of office in Pakistan, reminded me of the opening wedding scene from Mario Puzo's movie the Godfather, attended by the motley of morality-challenged, all dressed in their finest Sunday outfits. The only thing that appeared to be missing during the festivities in the non-movie version was the camera zooming into private meetings in beautifully shuttered oak and mahogany paneled darkened rooms behind closed doors on how the “territory” was to be divided up, who would get what loot, and who would be assigned to make which offer that couldn't be refused! Even the fictional Michael Coreleone could not go so “legit” as the real life enactment! Once made “legit” and cleansed into a “virgin”, is it slanderous to recall the past? None of the afore-stated staid recollections from newspaper reports even begin to scratch the real surface of the actual experiences of many Pakistanis under Asif Ali Zardari during the two short hereditary reigns of his beloved wife. His popular nom de guerre of “Mr. ten percent” among the general public hardly did him justice. And neither could Al Capone ever be charged for anything other than tax evasion! Even that opportunity no longer exists – so long as the godfather dutifully continues America's “war on terror”!

  • Hegemony is as old as mankind

    Hegemony is as old as mankind.” That pithy statement captures almost 100% of mankind's recorded history. It is either a struggle for, or against, hectoring hegemons – big and small. And as this pathetic history demonstrates, all hegemony is only broken before its natural 'time-constant', with active resistance to it; never with platitudes or wishful thinking. At its natural 'time-constant' however, the hegemony simply collapses (or dies its natural death) under its own weight of successes, expansions, or failure to maintain. This natural death of the hectoring hegemons and their systems of hegemony need not concern us here as their 'time-constant' today is long enough to destroy all or most of mankind leaving behind only their scurrying interests, and those of the cockroaches to content with each other. Thus, the remaining history of mankind only teaches us one insightful lesson with respect to effective takedown of hegemony – hectoring hegemons only understand other hectoring hegemons, and also the effective resistance of fed-up victims with nothing more to lose and un-willing to take it anymore. Since the mass resistance of the peoples has been very effectively neutralized worldwide, we are only left with “Mr. Oppenheimer's simile of the two scorpions in a bottle” [1] to practicably safeguard the fly between them via a precarious “balance of terror”. Either or both predators may be killed, or either may get the meal, or, in a most delicate balance, all may survive in peace! That is the theme of this report.

  • Response to 'How the GOP Turned the US Into a Hideous Police State'

    As I read through your chilling summation of what's presently transpiring in the real America that most Americans still do not get to see and hear, I feel no sense of gloat or satisfaction; only intense frustration at what this beautiful country has been so very very predictably turned into. It is incoherent to blame it upon the GOP alone. The GOP/RNC represents the same ruling interests as the DEM/DNC. They have the same common financiers and power-wielders, policy-planners and think-tankers – surely you know all this already. Both presidential platforms represent the same “imperial mobilization” agendas. They differ only cosmetically at best, and perhaps a bit in temporal tactics if at all.

  • Response to 'Deconstructing Brzezinski’s Russia'

    I think Brzezinski's thinking is espoused more closely in Albert Wohlstetter's Rand Report “The Delicate Balance of Terror”, in which this old-timer long-dead war-mongering mentor to the neo-cons, preached against the [squalid] “Balance of Terror”, and more along the neo-cons' present day line of "unilateral terror". The latter is already examined in Project Humanbeingsfirst's report “From Balance of Terror to Unilateral Terror on the Grand Chessboard!” Therefore, from the powerless un-courageously spectating world's point of view, this forced intervention of Russia into Georgia, if played astutely by Putin, can lead to what the 'empire' actually does not want in these times – a return to "balance of terror" – which is a far more desirable outcome [on the Grand Chessboard.]

  • Georgia-Russia: It's a Classic Brzezinski Project!

    Put it another way, this Georgian-Russian conflagration is as much a miscalculation or happenstance in 2008, as George Kennan's “Truman Doctrine” was in seeding the Cold War in 1948. Provoking Russia is very much a component of the grand master plan and Putin well understands it. The gambit offered to Putin in Georgia has willingly been accepted because Russia too is fed up of the oligarchs' “New World Order” raping her and the rest of the pluralistic world. Putin sees Russia's destruction as a mighty nation and civilization, in her continued passivity and inaction. Among all the nations of Eurasia, Russia by far has paid the greatest price in the useless wars and machinations of the Anglo-American establishment during the 20th century. No more. No more Jews bringing revolutions to Russia, or pillaging its wealth, and no more petty fascists under imperial tutelage bringing wars to its ancient borders! With that as the backdrop of overarching motivations, let's look at the American side. If such an opening gambit as argued above isn't its main purpose, then it was asinine for the Georgians to have attacked Ossetia like this.

  • Response to “The real meaning of the South Ossetian war: Russia strikes back”

    Very good article. Thanks. However, also consider another aspect: that this was a setup to get the Russians to do precisely what they did.

  • A Response to “Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran”

    Pakistan will not escape either and us Pakistanis need to “wakeup to this grotesque reality” as the nation chases down deftly cultivated red herrings. The timing is interesting - the world is kept busy with the Olympics along with China, Russia with their petty war in Georgia, and Pakistan with their petty “impeachment” facade of 'democracy' being implemented by the greatest plunderers in Pakistan's short pathetic history. Under these red herrings and distractions, who is paying attention? An “accidental Gulf of Tonkin” is the hair trigger in the waiting. But the way things stand with the pusillanimous world, even that may not be necessary. What can you do? Let your imagination and self-interests be the guide. I gave up on conscience being the guide a long time ago.

  • Happy Birthday America 1776–2008!!

[July 04, 2008] A Litmus Test of Integrity for America's Famous Talkers, Moralists, Pied Pipers, and their fawning followers, that sufficiently separates the 'ubermenschen' from the 'lesser' peoples, for all times:

1) Can you say it publicly: “911 was an inside job”?

2) Can you say it publicly: “Al Qaida is a fabricated enemy to fight a perpetual World War IV”?

3) Can you say it publicly: “Israel is a terrorist State systematically killing Palestinians with the American Congress's eager financing, aiding and abetting”?

4) Can you say it publicly: “Israel is the war-mongering apartheid state in greater collusion with the American Hectoring Hegemons daily crying out for the United States to attack Iran, just as five years ago her ardent exponents 'cake-walked' America into 'Mission Accomplished' in Iraq”?

5) Can you remind the world how you voted on “Patriot ACT I” in September 2001 – the primal enabling blanket Authorization which effectively set the stage for the passing of all further draconian Executive Orders and oppressive Legislation to usher in the Police-State setup in your own lofty nation?

6) Can you kindly remind the world how you and your very moral Representative leaders in America voted on her very first Act of Aggression – the primal enabling blanket Authorization for launching the “supreme war crime” of “imperial mobilization” which now contains within itself “the accumulated evil of the whole” and the full culpability for “all the evil that follows” – when the courageous Congresswoman Barbara Lee in September–October 2001 alone exhibited a conscience in a room full of grown-ups, to loudly assert “NO” to America's “full spectrum” visitation of its “Algebra of Infinite Justice” upon the poor impoverished peoples of Afghanistan?

Dear American peoples – dump the pied pipers and traitors who wax lyrics with the minnows and swim with the sharks – and this litmus test is how you gentle giants can easily tell them apart!

Bring forth from amongst your good selves, new moral leaders and statesmen of a new generation, not habitual war-mongers and “reformed cats” who go for “Hajj after having eaten 900 mice.” Become a real ACTer today, one with teeth rather than perennially roaring toothlessly on the treadmill of zero efficacy.

Happy Birthday!!

  • So What's Right About America – why do “they come to America”?

    [July 04, 2008] My favorite imperialist neo-con author – if it is possible to have one – Dinesh D'Souza, wrote a fabulous narrative in April 2002, in the aftermath of 911, to remind all of America's detractors “What's So Great About America” in order to sell the shocked world America's barbaric defense of its greatness from the “evil doers”.

  • Thou hast talked too much – time to show-it!

    [July 03, 2008] Dear readers of Ron Paul's “Something Big is Going On” If these confessional words in this posting are really the respected Congressman Ron Paul's: “I have, for the past 35 years, expressed my grave concern for the future of America.”, then one would also have to rightfully ask WHAT has “expressed my grave concern” actually accomplished?

  • Response to 'Islam in America's public schools: Education or indoctrination?'

    A Project Humanbeingsfirst commentary submitted to the San Francisco Chronicle in response to their oped of June 11, 2008, written by the Chronicle writer Ms. Cinnamon Stillwell, also of the Zionist Campus-Watch organization which specializes in “Monitoring Middle East Studies on Campus” as the thought-police guardian-angels of America. This organization is founded by the erstwhile Daniel Pipes, Director of the Middle East Forum, who reports himself as: “a columnist at the New York Sun and the Jerusalem Post. A former official in the U.S. Department of State, he has taught at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, and the U.S. Naval War College. Mr. Pipes is the author of fourteen books on the Middle East, Islam, and other political topics; He has published widely in leading magazines and newspapers and his writings have been translated into eighteen languages. Mr. Pipes frequently discusses current issues on television and radio. He was appointed by President Bush to the board of the U.S. Institute of Peace, has testified before many congressional committees, and has served on four presidential campaigns.” A previous Project Humanbeingsfirst's Open Letter to this world famous Middle East Scholar may be read here. A brief background study material is here. Project Humanbeingsfirst has an open invitation to Daniel Pipes – whenever the distinguished Middle East Scholar and terror expert on Islam is ready for a video interview with this lowly Muslim scribe on whose lofty religion and worthy heritage the Jewish scholar has acquired such formidable expertise. It's terrific that so many Zionists are experts on Islam – we can all stand to learn from them, especially when they also serve as President George W. Bush's appointees to the U.S. Institute of Peace. Blessed are such “peace makers”!

  • Response to Nafeez Ahmed on 'Peak Oil Motive for War'

    The story is far more convoluted than either "Peak" or "reconstruction fraud" mantras. Surely Mr. Nafeez Ahmed would already know it. But for the rest of the readers, there is as much shortage of oil in the world as there is "global warming" on the planet due to man-made effects (as opposed to natural effects being the higher impacting coefficient), and both are in even far greater excess than WMDs in Iraq. The point to appreciate is really the infamous “Technique of Infamy” – and the [earnest] Brigadier-General James Ellery's narrative is merely another example of this sophisticated Machiavelli – an advanced postgraduate level course beyond 101, 201, ... 911 – in action replay. Why employ it? To continue creating “Revolutionary Times” For what purpose? “What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”! And what might that “revolutionary times” be for?

  • Impeachment alone does not solve the problem!

    Let the people not forget, amidst all this hoopla and excitement over the 35 Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush, the two-term 43rd President of the mighty superpower United States of America, 1) A new set of monumental criminals are ready and waiting in the wings. 2) Who will re-instate the devastated tabula rasa of innocent nations? Who will bring sanity back to the lives of the barely living who have seen DU and Daisy Cutters rained down upon their loved ones? Who will pay them fair and just compensation for their cataclysmic loss, pain and suffering? And those today waiting in the wings have each indicated their desire to nuclear decimate Iran. Pakistan can't be too far behind judging from the continuous mantras of "loose nukes" and "terrorists" emanating at an accelerated pace from its mightiest think-tanks. 3) Therefore, unless you kill the DNA, this round of 'Roundup' is only going to temporarily do away with this crop of deadly blood-sucking weeds!

  • Weapons of Mass Deception – The Master Social Science

    Weapons of Mass Deception – the master social science, and the real power of Western Democracy which famously permits dissent among its free peoples. The manipulation of the mainstream public to get them “United We Stand” is a well understood and rather banal social science today, often euphemistically labeled as “manufacturing consent”. From Roman Emperors to Hitler to President George Bush in the modernity du jour, all have expertly capitalized upon it. Zbigniew Brzezinski even expertly documented it with great finesse. “Prisoners of the Cave” entirely unraveled it as “Deception Point 911 And Its Greatest Democratic Enablers”. The manipulation of the dissentstream however – the handful among any population who are the thinking peoples, as Hitler had noted: “First, those who believe everything they read; Second, those who no longer believe anything; Third, those who critically examine what they read and form their judgments accordingly” – is the least understood. The manipulation of the intelligent conscionable ones, the “Manufacturing of Dissent”, is the most poorly analyzed master social science in the West, even though it is also the most secretly practiced Black-art of modern democratic state-craft to effectively deal with the “Second” and “Third” groups of people.

  • Response to 'Expulsion of Jews from Muslim Countries in the 60 years of Nakba'

    And there is certainly no doubt that indigenous Jews belong as much in Israel-Palestine, and in the Middle East, as all its other indigenous peoples. No one, especially no alien, has the right to dispossess another native – unless the time-honored hands of the victor's system of Justice have to prevail as in the case of rectifying even any ordinary crime of robbers taking over another’s home in armed invasion robbery, let alone when a supreme monumental crime against humanity is continually being committed over the past 100 years! As per Nuremberg laws, much of the Israeli Zionist leadership, past and present, both within Israel and those supportive of Israel from outside its borders, would hang multiple times! But of course, those laws have only been used to settle scores by the victors for the defeated peoples crimes! Just that fact unto itself is a precedent – a condition that ought to worry the entire world-wide far-sighted conscionable Jewry.

  • Celebrating Israel's 60th Birthday in the 60th year of the Nakba

    [May 15, 2008] On the festive and felicitous occasion of the 60th anniversary of Israel's existence which is being celebrated with much fanfare from Tel Aviv to Washington D.C., President George W. Bush along with his notable wife landed at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport on May 14, 2008, to the warm greetings of Shimon Perez: “Welcome to the new Israel: Three thousand years old, and going on sixty”. President Bush effusively replied: “Our two nations both faced great challenges when they were founded. And our two nations have both relied on the same principles to help us succeed. We built strong democracies to protect the freedoms given to us by an Almighty God”... [Footnote May 20, 2008]: It is known to be customary to celebrate independence day with much mirth, joyous merry-making, firecrackers, and bonfires. The “New Israel” which excitedly welcomed the fervent Evangelical Christian American President, George W. Bush Jr., and his fair lady, to its holy lands for three days of love-fest and merriment, the moment their guests departed, lit the brightest bonfires to continue on with its “Three thousand years old, and going on sixty” traditional celebrations of “protect[ing] the freedoms given to us by an Almighty God”, as reported today by the Tel Aviv based Hebrew language Daily, Maariv, the second largest in Israel. AP translated it for the rest of the world who haven't yet learned Hebrew: “Orthodox Jews set fire to hundreds of copies of the New Testament in the latest act of violence against Christian missionaries in the Holy Land. The books were dumped into a pile and set afire in a lot near a synagogue. The Israeli Maariv daily reported Tuesday that hundreds of Jewish religious school students took part in the book-burning. Israeli authorities and Orthodox Jews frown on missionary activity aimed at Jews.”

  • Beware of the 'wise men' of opposition – A response to Gorbachev's unhidden wisdom

    There isn't much on the surface that one can disagree with in Walter C. Uhler's exposition, and certainly not with the statement: “Mikhail Gorbachev is not a frivolous man.” Though one might mildly quibble over the characterization of the word “peaceful”, as in “the man who did more than any other individual to bring the Cold War to a peaceful conclusion” even if one overlooks the destruction of Afghanistan and being the recipient of the gift of “giving to the USSR its Vietnam War” at the expense of shattering the tabula rasa of an innocent peoples and their entire civilization, one would certainly not argue with the main thesis being propounded. That yes indeed, this man was responsible for seeding the pivotal prime-mover transformation “From Balance of Terror to Unilateral Terror” which today fuels the unilateralist quest for “full spectrum dominance”.

  • From Balance of Terror to Unilateral Terror on the Grand Chessboard!

    'A half a century ago, in the midst of the Cold War, Prime Minister Winston Churchill noted in the House of Commons the “sublime irony” that in the nuclear age, “safety will be the sturdy child of terror and survival the twin brother of annihilation.” The Cold War is long over and new approaches to defense are overdue. As President Bush has stated, “We are no longer divided into armed camps, locked in a careful balance of terror.…Our times call for new thinking.”' In essence, and as has been empirically evident over the past seven years, what Douglas Feith was arguing before Congress in the euphemistically disguised verbiage of “new thinking”, was that the “careful balance of terror” must now be replaced by unfettered and uninhibited unilateral terror!

  • 'Bin Laden': Key enabler of “imperial mobilization” ... and nuclear attack on Iran–Pakistan

    Indeed, Project Humanbeingsfirst 'clairvoyantly' predicts that the scientific study finally published in a peer-reviewed Civil Engineering online Journal only this past week, on how the three WTC towers (WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7) collapsed so suddenly at almost free fall speed as if it were controlled demolition, titled “Fourteen Points of Agreement with official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction”, ever gains mainstream traction before the tipping point, it will be attempted to be blamed upon 'Bin Laden'. It will be asserted by newsmedia, by the Pentagon, the White House, and by the scholars and technicians of 'empire', that the only obvious candidate who had the capability to pull off such an outrageous controlled demolition on America, is 'Bin Laden' and 'Al Qaeeda'! When that transpires, one hopes that these bastions of 'ubermensch' intellect will at least have the sense to get the FBI to first update their most wanted poster of Usama Bin Laden!

  • You Bunch of Losers” – 'Get Real'!

    The world is lucky we didn’t unleash a nuclear arsenal on several different countries, and what would the rest of the world be able to do about it.”

  • The attack of 'Al-Qaeeda' and Pakistani 'loose nukes'

    A peek into the creation and execution of mantras as pretexts for War of 'Imperial Mobilization' – and the basis for its legal containment. This ominous report “2 die in Pakistan nuclear plant accident” (AP April 08, 2008) will shortly be blamed by the West upon the ubiquitous 'al qaeeda' as having attempted, and perhaps even succeeded in, getting their hands on the Pakistani 'loose nukes'. Unlike the Benazir Bhutto assassination that the Government of Pakistan had immediately blamed upon the 'al qaeeda' with copious help from the Pakistani newsmedia, this time around, both will surely deny it. If this diabolical 'Al-Qaeeda' spin ever materializes in the Western press, be forewarned that the crossing of the nuclear Rubicon which already appears imminent despite what President George Bush might state publicly, is very close at hand! Exponential ramping will make challenging the catalyzing events for “'defensive' US military action”, after the tipping point, impossible. If I was the hectoring hegemon, I would shoot for an immediate nuclear fait accompli. This time around, there will be little of Congress or of deliberations of any sort, just raw pre-planned 'retaliation' within hours – that's the game plan! If one understands that the overarching goal is the construction of “revolutionary times”, then reading the tea leaves becomes an exact science! It's called political science, in which nothing happens by chance - if it happened, it was designed to be – or so thought the three-times President of the United States of America who led this nation into World War II under the catalyst of the original “Pearl Harbor”.

  • Wakeup to the grotesque reality of the 'Grand Chessboard'

    We, the Pakistani peoples, self obsessed with our religion, our stomach, our petty loot and plunder of each other, or the graft of the national exchequer – and that pretty much captures most of 170 million of us busily engaged in our slumber – are being Machiavellianly set up for 'imperial' slaughter as we chase this and that cleverly planted political red herring. As we celebrate the auspicious Eid today and practice our own 'obligatory' slaughter with glee in complete obliviousness to the grotesque reality on the 'Grand Chessboard', a storm gathers upon our shores to do the same to us!

  • How to derail 'imperial mobilization' and preempt the crossing of the Nuclear Rubicon

    If there is reason for the United States to nuclear decimate any country or any peoples in purported 'self-defense', the American peoples must demand a ratification of the decision to go to war through a public referendum – let its great “populist democracy” speak directly in the modernity of the 21st century before it is called upon to make its sacrifices, before it is called upon to pay its taxes to fund the war, and before it is called upon to acquire innocent blood on its hands! >> Further understand the failure of dissent in the West | >> Read how American public opinion can be mobilized for dissent... | >> Read more about Full Spectrum Deterrence... | >> See it in action in Battle at Kruger ... | >> Read how Pakistan can precipitate it overnight – the raison d'être for the mantra of 'loose nukes'...

  • The Missing Link – Full Spectrum Deterrence

    For instance, many of them easily observe what is manifest for all rational plebeian peoples to see even in the global North (which the latter inexplicably don't seem to notice), that how the nations of the Global North are continually uniting among themselves into larger administrative, collaborative, and security entities, but the Global South is deliberately being made to divide in all sorts of ways even further. That 'divide and conquer' is at play on their shores is visible to all and sundry, and even when they may not be able to articulate it as elegantly as some erudite hectoring hegemons in the West who seek its vainglorious justification, as in "Hegemony is as old as mankind" [3], they surely recognize it trivially, being on its receiving end.

  • Someone's Holiday, Another's Nakba, Our Shame!

    So – which way to go? “My Holiday” celebrations, or “Their Tragedy” matams*? What do you think? What do the Jews think? More importantly, what do the Americans think? Is it really true that “A person is closer to his own friends, tribe, and people.”? If so, why should the world even give two hoots about the Holocaust or the Jews suffering?

  • Re-Remembering Rachel Corrie – in the 60th year of the Palestinian Nakba

    Re-Remembering Rachel Corrie (1979 – 2003) – the selfless teacher of Moral-Activism – in the 60th year of the on-going Palestinian Nakba.

  • Heads-up warning to the American Peoples – Nuclear attack on Iran appears imminent!

    [Final Addendum June 29, 2008]: An alleged assassination attempt was made on Nicholas Sarkozy at the time of his departure on June 24 2008, from Israel's most closely guarded institution – the Ben-Gurion Airport. That same day, Israel, the United States, and Iran, all denied rumors of the launching of full spectrum attack on Iran, as narrated by the Jerusalem Post “US, Israel, Iran all flatly deny attack rumor”. See assertions and denials in Jpost, Haaretz, Atimes here, Press TV, Globalresearch here here here here, armchair scenarios here here. See Iran's ineffectual bravado of its limitless response as in “the response would have no time and space limitations and would be quite devastating” here here, which is analyzed and deconstructed by this scribe in the as yet unpublished Letter to Editor to Tehran Times and Press TV. Also visit the famous conscience of the US military brass and the IAEA brass who “will quit” if US attacks Iran – some good will that do for the millions of 'wretched of the earth' on the receiving end of a nuclear holocaust! Finally, witness these ominously descriptive words of concern emanating from the Republican Congressman Ron Paul, as reported by Press TV on June 28, 2008, with no formulation of effective prescriptions and merely still restating the supreme monumental crime to be, which most already know.

  • Beware of Red Herrings on Nuclear Security spun by Hectoring Hegemons and their patsies!

    Project Humanbeingsfirst cannot humbly emphasize enough the first order most crucial question that must concern all conscionable 'United States persons' today, including courageous genuinely patriotic whistleblowers. How do Sibel Edmonds' revelations of FBI recordings about supposedly 'treasonous' matters that are already fait accompli from ten years ago, and the incessant demands by Ms. Edmonds and her supporters to hold a (surely to be sensationalized) Congressional public inquiry to air them out, today deter Presidents Bush/Cheney or Israel from their devilishly crafted premeditated plans for launching nuclear attacks on Iran disguised as a “defensive U.S. military action” (Brzezinski)? There must be only one immediate, near term, and long term goal for the equitable security (and prosperity) of all peoples on the planet Earth so long as there remains an imbalance of power among us, so long as there remain 'hectoring hegemons' seeking “full spectrum dominance” among us, and so long as there remains an absence of “full spectrum deterrence” to “the pursuit of power”, for indeed, “hegemony is as old as mankind”: prevent new “defensive U.S. military action”. Anything, including all acts, revelations, and magical mantras that distract from this goal, regardless of how compelling the reasons, must be treated by the unwary and gullible American public and its intellectual dissenting-chiefs, as red herrings, pretexts, and deceptions for premeditated “imperial mobilization” by their nation's rulers.

  • Profound Clairvoyance or Blatant Obviousness?

    Pakistan's election results are in – it has been declared a 'free and fair' elections. This was 'clairvoyantly' predicted by Project Humanbeingsfirst in its bold wakeup call to the Pakistani nation two months ago. While almost all pundits of Pakistani politics everywhere, including Pakistan's own newsmedia and its intelligentsia, were crying hoarse of 'rigging' at the polls until today – the day after elections – Project Humanbeingsfirst seems to have been the only analytically deconstructing voice to have suggested to the contrary as far back as December 21, 2007 in its wakeup call: “ ... This mantra of elections is replete with red herrings craftily synthesized to maintain Pakistan as a servile client-state in order to carry on with the same bold 'imperial designs' on the 'Grand Chessboard'. It is merely the rebottling of the same old wine in a different bottle. It will surely be legitimately conducted, with no apparent riggings, and duly approved by all the impartial international observers to give the artful elections an official international legitimacy. It is quite immaterial who wins in these elections. The laws and the judiciary of the nation have already been reconstituted under the umbrella of 'emergency' to enable the nation to carry on unfettered in its primary objective of fighting the 'War on Terror' as an obedient patsy client-state – and hence to carry on in its own devilishly crafted suicide! ...”

  • Perpetuating the fiction of Who Killed Benazir Bhutto

    What's it gonna take for the Pakistan's ruling establishment, and its press (never mind the world or its press) to wakeup to the grotesque reality of simple arithmetic of '2 + 2 = 4' on the 'Grand Chessboard' and to stop rehearsing the asinine mantra of 'war on terror' against the fabricated 'al qaeeda'? An ex post facto narrative in ten-twenty years? A multi-million dollar book deal after the nation's 'descent into oblivion' is complete? Or the 'morning after'?

  • Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? In her own words!

    Benazir Bhutto correctly identified that the same people who killed her father might kill her too. But she misidentified who 'they' might be. Brig. Tirmazi, former Director of the ISI, correctly identified in 1995 who killed Benazir's father!

  • Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? A revised 'strategy of tension' in Pakistan

    A systematic deconstruction of the present murderous chaos in Pakistan that is reminiscent of 'Operation Gladio' in Europe! Its purpose? To come 'save' us! A forensic dismantling of the manifest horrendous reality in Pakistan in the light of the 'Grand Chessboard', to boldly uncover the hidden only-in-plain-sight even more grotesque reality of “imperial mobilization” for “full spectrum dominance” at whose altar Pakistan's former Prime Minister was sacrificed in order to continue seeding “revolutionary times” through the “strategy of tension”.

  • Rise of the Fourth Reich in America – Revenge of the Zionofascist–Judeofascist cabal against Christendom for 2000 years of persecution

    Musings and reflections on war and peace, empire and victims, crime and punishment, in a modernity for which our children will surely curse us. Culminates in an Open Letter to the First American President of the 21st century. Written on Christmas day in 2004; it's almost as if Time itself has stopped beating in its abject mourning of the loss of humanity in the 'modernity' du jour!

  • Response to Zia Mian's 'How Not to Handle Nuclear Security'

    Challenges the conventional definition of 'nuclear security' which domain-experts like Zia Mian in prestigious institutions and think-tanks in the United States, including at the Pentagon, seem to have relegated to the accidental (mis)use, and 'hijacking' of nuclear weapons. Wherever one turns, one finds the new ubiquitous threat of “radical Islamist militants making a bid for its nuclear weapons”. The very definition of the term 'nuclear security' has been deftly resemanticized to deliberately preclude the premeditated use of nuclear weapons by the 'hectoring hegemons' in their monumentally criminal doctrine of preemptive nuclear strikes, including against non-nuclear nations, and even against those who have signed the NPT. This predatory behavior poses a far greater and imminent threat to humanity than either well-controlled and risk-managed deployment of nuclear weapons despite their purported occasional failings in handling procedures, or the fiction of hijacked 'loose nukes' which is no different than the fiction of WMD that the world has already witnessed.

  • Disassembling the Pakistani red herrings

    Dismantles some of the key red herrings that the Pakistani public and the Pakistani military are being misled into following instead of focussing on the real fundamental core issues that is not only widening the already acrimonious chasm between the two, but is also providing further justification for others to come 'save' us! If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might have even claimed that this rift is being deliberately crafted, for it evidently only benefits one entity - the 'hectoring hegemons', so that they can 'save' us!

  • Re-Imagining Pakistan's Defenses – Open Letter to a Pakistani General

    Open letter to a Pakistani General bluntly laying out the unfiltered reality of America's global 'war on terror' being a complete fabrication, and exposing Pakistan's pivotal role in enabling it as a patsy client-state as her rulers go about bombing their own peoples not realizing the Machiavellian-Straussian 'doctrinal warfare' to which they are themselves falling prey. Thus the immediate need to wisely disengage as the very basis of Pakistan's own survival on the 'Grand Chessboard'. Unless we astutely save our own-selves now, the matters will unfold so rapidly at the appointed hour that there will be no time left for self-defense when the 'hectoring hegemons' angrily come to 'save' us from our 'loose nukes' that will be claimed precipitated a 'new 911' terrorist act in the United States and which will be blamed on Iran to launch a nuclear 'shock and awe' upon both Pakistan and Iran. The ultimatum given to Pakistan will be to hand over the nukes now or suffer the 'saving' witnessed in Iraq! And just as on 911, our courageous commandos will hand over the family jewels to 'save' Pakistan once again! Once we are de-nuked, American and NATO forces will be patrolling our streets and in the synthetic 'civil war' that will follow, we will be partitioned in order to 'save' us from ourselves! A reasoned call to Pakistan's military rulers to wake the damn up to the manifest reality on the 'Grand Chessboard' regardless of their own past history, and to come to the genuine self-defense of their own nation now by ushering in a genuine transformation - a re-genesis!

  • Saving Pakistan from Synthetic 'Terror Central'

    Orchestration of 'Lal Masjid' – a precursor to 'shock and awe'? Rationally attempts to unmask the deadly deception-game of fabricated 'islamofascist' threats that has direct visible bearing on “imperial mobilization” on the 'Grand Chessboard'! Fleshes out an overarching rational preemptive self-defense doctrine based upon the perception of realpolitik reality when 'Alice' is wide awake - as opposed to sitting around at the 'unbirthday party' singing 'United We Stand' with the 'Mad Hatter' - that can save Pakistan from meeting the same fate as Iraq. If it is adopted before the inevitable 'oops, too late', it can potentially derail “imperial mobilization” ushering in world peace through an early détente forced by the once patsy-pawns themselves!

    [Update Sunday, July 06, 2008] Orchestration of 'Lal Masjid' in July 2007 – a deliberate seed of hatred and civil-war planted for Pakistan's destabilization by the willing accomplices of the Hectoring Hegemons! Its first anniversary is kicked off with the entirely anticipated harvesting of its enduring legacy with the revenge bombing and further cultivation of the self-sustaining 'strategy of tension': “We are in a state of war and time has come for the people to expel anti-state elements from their ranks” (DAWN). Before the “Islamofascists” take the patsy fall and people predictably implement the plan so devilishly devised for them: “Apparently the purpose [7 explosions kill one, injure 40 in Karachi] was to create panic in the city. There is also a possibility that these people who planted the bombs wanted to fan ethnic tensions in the city”

  • The Re-Gathering Storm

    And Pakistan is indeed the heart of the matter in all these imperial baby-steps – the only nuclear armed state that can change the tables overnight on 'The Grand Chessboard' were it to acquire a truly independent government working in the interests of its own peoples. This will never be allowed to happen willingly in any nation, least of all in Pakistan, as should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. If there was a statesman like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto alive today and in any position of national leadership – we may well have seen interesting alliances and mutual defense pact treaties with our neighbors coming into existence.

  • Poodle–states are necessary for Imperial Mobilization!

    Bush needs to accomplish his dastardly plan for completing this phase of the 'birth pangs of the New Middle East' before his term in office is over, and he needs his partners in monumental crime to maintain the status quo, namely, ensure that no nuclear umbrella is extended from Pakistan to Iran, or SCO to Iran by it transforming itself overnight into a mutual-defense pact treaty ATO (Asian Treaty Organization).

  • Islamofascism – Zionofascism – Judeofascism – Christofascism – Neofascism etc. An equitable distribution of Collateral Language!

    Fight Zionofascism (fascism of the Zionists – too well known to need an explanation), and Christofascism (fascism of the Evangelical Christians hell bent on bringing on 'Armageddon'), and Judeofascism (fascism of the Jews hell bent on asserting their 'god's chosen peoples' mantra that puts them beyond the pale of ordinary people's morality), and Neofascism (fascism of the neo-cons to conquer the world regardless of the cost to anyone else), and Atheofascism (fascism of godless atheists who seem to be in the majority among the imperialists du jour who play realpolitik with other peoples' blood), and last but not least, Uberfascism (fascism of all the Nietzscheian supermen in all cultures who think they are better than human beings and can run rough-shod upon ordinary mortals as their 'god-given' primacy imperative), in your own backyards in this holy “War on terror” – the 'highest order bits' upon which the real 'page faults' (in computer science geek-speak) – and the threat of 'Islamofascism' 20,000 miles away will automatically melt away without spending an additional dime as the insignificant and dependent 'lower order bit'.

  • History is great fun to rehearse – what does it do for us today?

    So while the erudite scholars go on profoundly quoting Noam Chomsky and NSC memorandum 68, and helping sell more of his books full of the same platitudes of 'rogue state' this and that, when it comes to 911, all of the chief 'dissenting priests' rushed to magically accept the testimony of the same 'rogue state' in whom all seem to have magically acquired a new found trust! But wait – if one is still alive in 50 years and new NSC memorandum 911 will be made (or leaked) public, more history books, more accolades on erudite exposés, and more money in the bank!

  • America's Shame!

    The Americans as a nation, seem to have bizarrely frozen in time all crimes against humanity committed by a state, to Nazi Germany. Even as the slaughter of innocent civilians goes on in Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq with impunity, it is only the crime of Holocaust against the Jews that remains persistent in the American public psyche with vows of never to let it happen again to anyone. As the American nation continues to reflect on the Holocaust victims with memorials and Hollywood films over decades, it silently watches the public spectacles of the Bush government compelling the world to exempt them from America's own yardstick for civilized existence by seeking immunity from prosecution in the world court for war crimes. And the nation dutifully salutes the flag “United We Stand” at the systematic launching of “Shock and Awe” of civilian populations and their civilian infrastructures with millions of tons of Depleted Uranium bombs and other frightening munitions. And this after a decade of strangulating economic sanctions which have already resulted in the death and starvation of a million civilians. These new victims however remain ignored and unmourned in the American conscience as the Holocaust is commemorated with even more fervor, and pledges for “never again” staunchly renewed. What is going on here?

  • War on Iran and Responsibilities of a People!

    What is the collective and individual responsibility of a people who live in a Democracy for the crimes of their government? Can the people morally claim the “I didn't know defense” and absolve themselves of culpability, the same defense claimed by the German citizenry for the Holocaust? Hitler had indeed come to power “legally”. He had motivated his reluctant people based on his well publicized doctrines in Mein Kampf, into the conquest of Europe. Now that he is vanquished, what does the civilized world think of him and his Nazi war machine? Or is it only the vanquished foe that we can see the faults with? Will our own faults also only come to light when we too have been vanquished? Or is there a less painful way to recognize that what we might be doing to the world has been done before, time and again? That the lessons of history might already be there as the low hanging fruits of wisdom ripe for the plucking?

  • They dared to knock on my door!

    This essay describes my two encounters with the United States of America's Security Agencies as they came knocking on my door in March and April 2003 in the supposed hot pursuit of the boogie man du jour. The essay describes what transpired, how I felt, and my extemporaneous lecture to them on how dare they come visit me without any justification other than ethnic and religious profiling. Why should they want to interrogate me just because I am a Muslim from a foreign country? Is that now a crime in America? A humble narrative of how the 'banality of evil' is to be conquered by both ordinary civilians, and the martial executors of the state who are human beings first too!

  • Dialog among Civilizations: Whytalksfail? Part-1

    The power to deceive, and the power to corrupt in order to create accomplices, are the twain weapons of any ruling elite. Disarm them of one of their most primary potent weapons, and the hectoring hegemons are left naked, unmasked. Does it also make them impotent? Whom will they send to fight wars if the peoples know and comprehend the real intents behind the wars and understand all the pretexts that create the conditions of war and conflict? Every conscionable peoples must indeed demand, create, and force such genuine civilizational dialogs upon the consciousness of their nations (as opposed to the faux one being driven in the United Nations under the bombastic name “Dialog Among Civilizations”). A battle initiated with intellectual capital, can also be ended with intellectual capital – the only peaceable way. The alternatives are too horrible to contemplate.

  • Whytalksfail? Letters and Replies

    A continuation of the dialog between the two childhood friends from different species – one a blue-blooded ubermensch Pooka Rabbit, the other, a red-blooded plebeian Pakistani – as introduced in the preamble to the conversation “Dialog among Civilizations: Whytalksfail? Part-1”.

  • Responsibility of Intellectuals – Redux

    Sure the Western intellectuals living in free societies “have the power that comes from political liberty, from access to information and freedom of expression.” So why must they not use it in the service of the ruling elite, and instead “seek the truth lying hidden behind the veil of distortion and misrepresentation”? How can the plebeian tell the difference what the scholars are doing? It was indeed Plato, wasn't it, who portrayed the rule of the virtuous 'know it all', the 'ubermensch', leading the sheep to their manifest destiny – a virtuosity of supermen, that some like Leo Strauss interpret it, a Nietzscheian morality that is beyond good and evil. One that is wholly utilitarian in serving some vested interests.

  • The endless trail of red herrings

    While the world silently spectates the immense suffering that the occupation continues to bring upon an innocent peoples, the Israelis keep seeding the land with new reality on the ground which too then becomes “impractical” to undo and becomes new leveraging points in any subsequent peace talks – take 10 and give back 1 if the Palestinians behave, then repeat! This reality formally got constructed in 1948 and is continually being constructed as we speak, at each turn becoming impractical to undo requiring the victims to continually having to accommodate to the new reality for “peace settlement”, because true justice is now deemed “impractical”.

Book Reviews

  • Letter to Richard Dawkins – Error in the First Chapter of 'The God Delusion'?

    An un-review of another book with an interesting title that will remain unread because of obvious error of ignorance (and arrogance) on the very first page of its chapter one. Signs of our times!

  • Introducing Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid

    An un-review of former American President Jimmy Carter's courageous but still anemic and disappointing book.

  • Introducing A Game As Old As Empire

    Introducing the sequel to the revolutionary book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins in which several more 'insiders' come forward with more first hand stories of how neo-liberalism actually works in the real world of globalization. The real question that apparently escapes all John Perkins admirers (like this one) is: After the Economic Hitmen retire from their cushy jobs of raping nations and peoples under “legal cover”, they write confessionals as victims of conscience; should the Jews have let Adolph Eichmann go had he too written a confessional, as an extreme example to illustrate the point? He also had 'legally' conspired the Holocaust! Why should the victims of the EHM espouse a different tolerance? Why should the uber-moralists in the EHM's society espouse a different tolerance? From 'legal' wars to 'legal' rape into economic conscription and bondage – is one continuous achievement of any super-morality throughout the pages of history! But only of course, until victor's justice is made to prevail! Then, confessionals only cement one's ascent to the gallows! Should the conscionable John Perkins be donating the monetary proceeds of his Confessions to the nations and peoples he helped rape and plunder, in restitution, just as he is now presumably helping them with forensic information on how he covertly did it to them? Selling books on one's con-game in the name of helping future victims only imputes impure motives to the enterprise: First be highly paid for orchestrating the rape, then get paid again writing about it, while also winning praise and fame in the process!

Letters 2008

  • A Project Humanbeingsfirst response to mantras and BS on Gen. Alavi's Murder. December 24, 2008.

    I believe that the spin being put on General Alavi’s murder in Islamabad is a poor-man's psyop. But that's all that is needed in modern times, apparently, for decimating any nation. The next in line is Pakistan, and an "Iraq" is in the making at an accelerated pace with Pakistan's famous military's fate to be no different than the Republican Guards'. The Pakistani people will shortly be needing a shock-and-awe “saving” from themselves.

  • A Tapestry: From suffering God and Tyrants to Hope and Servitude December 23, 2008.

    As any rational person can attest, these deprivations have nothing to do with being a 'test from god' and/or absence of 'god's justice and mercy' in this world and therefore, having the victims to wistfully wait for it until the next life. But that is precisely what the survival instincts, as well as philosophers, or perhaps the most devilish Machiavellis, have led us to believe since time immemorial. In fact – and surely only coincidentally of course – since the time when 'hegemony' was discovered by man. And Zbigniew Brzezinski glibly asserts that “hegemony is as old as mankind” as justification for further perpetuating it. It is these usurpers and tyrants who create the conditions of deprivation for “full spectrum dominance” and conquest, as amply documented by Project Humanbeingsfirst and others. And these are indeed the prime-movers who actually beget the false issue which all mankind seems to have been forced to struggle with since time immemorial: “questioning the justice and mercy of God”. A very clever red herring. Mankind's attention is nicely deflected from the Tyrant, King, Emperor, Feudal Lord, President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasury, Banksters, Federal Reserve System, World Bank, IMF, CIA, to karma, predestiny, philosophy, and god! But since god was killed off after the Renaissance in the West, its replacement has been necessitated by the invention of the dialectics which in these times reside between Orwell and Huxley, between manufactured consent, and manufactured dissent.

  • Letter to Editor DW: The sounds of silence can be deadlier than the roar-and-thunder of F-16s! December 20, 2008

    If one recasts the "military-industrial" complex to its truer but still minimalist manifestation: "military-industrial-academe-media" complex, all matters become crystal clear as to the role of academics, among others, in the greater scheme of things.

  • Letter to Editor 5 Towns Jewish Times: Of Emperors and Pirates, nothing more! December 17, 2008

    In reference to the article 'The Appropriate Response To Islamic Terror' by Lawrence Kulak, dated 11/12/2008, appearing in your newspaper, its bold author had gallantly concluded without fear or favor: “Muslims believe in the literal interpretation of the Biblical doctrine of an eye for an eye, and they do not have respect for anything perceived as a lesser standard of justice. They killed our innocents, and unless we kill theirs, they will go on killing ours. The Torah, however, preaches a doctrine which, if implemented by the West, could finally put an end to all Islamic terror: If somebody is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” Project Humanbeingsfirst responds: The wonderful thing about the Great Holy Book Torah is that all can follow it. It is bizarre that “Muhammad's Sword” had never heard of this before. Thank you for informing us. Please be advised of the following statement of principle from Project Humanbeingsfirst's website: “Please be advised that Project HumanbeingsfirstTM fully cooperates with all law enforcement and other governmental agencies worldwide in rooting out Terrorism in all its nuanced shades and stripes in order to end its Neanderthal reign of terror upon all who are human beings first. Project Humanbeingsfirst does not distinguish between terrorists clad in turbans and those wearing suits, nor between the predatory rampages of the pirates vs. the emperors, albeit each is apportioned the measure of crime and guilt commensurate to their respective station of power and impact on their victims.”

  • Letter to Editor DAWN: Are we suicidal? December 16, 2008

    I am searching for what one might do, efficaciously, to avert the looming attack by India on Pakistan. The following report in PressTV has greatly depressed me this morning even before I could have my cup of tea (usually I try to wait until my first cup of chai before reading the news): 'India gearing up for Pakistan attack'. I am greatly distressed at the jingoistic tone being set by many Pakistanis, on many Pakistani websites – are we collectively suicidal? A people who can't feed ourselves want to take on a war with India? Fly Pakistani flag on India? By what chutzpah? What insanity? What right?

  • Population control, US bio-weapons research, McNamara, Rockefeller, and AIDS – Response to 'Everything you know about AIDS is wrong'

    It is not a world that any of us would want to live in. Is such a world inevitable? It is not sure but there are two possible ways by which a world of 10 billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way. (Robert McNamara, Speech to International bankers as Head of the World Bank, October 2, 1970)

  • NB: On Global Warming

    It is somewhat akin to acquiring control of a nation's money supply in the guise of managing the economy better. Few in the public understand why such a control is bad anyway, but those who do try to understand it are thrown layers upon layers of obfuscation. Something similar is happening here. Think of acquiring control of 'carbon-credits' almost equivalent to acquiring control of a nation's money supply! This will control every aspect of sustaining life, just as control of money determines every aspect of sustaining the economy. You name it, between the two of them, it will control it in a world-government. And the first recipient of these controls, the carbon-credit specifically, is the developing world, the Global South, because that is where development must be arrested, and populations thinned out! Just as control of money was first exercised where there was a superfluity of industry and commerce, control of 'carbon-credit' is intended to be exercised where there is a superfluity of populations aspiring to grow their nascent economies! For the simple reason that Global Warming mantra is to be Machiavellianly employed to control humanity, and we have even seen a glimpse of that in the Financial Times editorial, I oppose it. If it turns out that the human emissions are the most significant bit, let the affluent nations bring themselves down to the level of poor nations before demanding from them to do anything. After all, the ruling-elite are pitching that we are one ship of humanity and global control is necessary. Let not the upper-deck live in plunderous wealth while the lower decks are thrown to the sea! That is only fair for something as intimately shared as the environment!

  • Response to Financial Times Gideon Rachman's 'And now for a world government'

    And there you have it, right from the mouthpiece of high finance, the shill for the New World Order, the media asset of the intelligence apparatus, testing the water temperature. This time, the FT's chief foreign affairs columnist lets the full caboodle out of the bag, saying exactly what Project Humanbeingsfirst has been warning about: that the most natural solution to global fictions and global manufactured crises will be presented as “world government”. As David Icke had pointed out over ten years ago, there has to come a point at which the devilish conspiracy for world government will need to break surface. But before that time, all references to it must be discredited as 'tin-hatted' conspiracy theories. That breaking of surface has been happening gradually in disjoint bits and fragments for the past few years. Even Congressman Ron Paul blatantly talked about it during the 2008 Republican Debates carried on CNN – something that would have been unheard of in mainstream coverage in the past. But this instance in the Financial Times editorial is the most egregious testing of the waters because it brings all the manufactured global boogiemen together, and exactly posits their solution-space as “world government”. It brings to full circle implementation these ominous words of G. Edward Griffin from 'The Capitalist Conspiracy': “Create conditions so frightful at home and abroad, that the abandonment of personal liberties and national sovereignty, will appear as a reasonable price for a return to domestic tranquility and world peace.”

  • Rebuttal to Paul Craig Roberts': 'Washington Arrogance has Fomented a Muslim Revolution'

    Do you mind, Mr. Paul Craig Roberts, if you stopped blaming Muslims for all the black-ops' false-flag operations on the planet: “The attack on Mumbai required radicalized Muslims”? Thanks!

    Mr. Paul Craig Roberts responds: “Whoever wrote this letter cannot read. I wrote that the Muslims were revolutionaries, not terrorists, that they had been driven to revolution to throw off their Western oppressors.”

    Your article is nonsense. It is the work of a disinformationist, if not an outright simpleton. It ignores black-ops entirely. It ignores the reality-space of creating pretexts for incremental faits accomplis for world-government. It blames the Mumbai terror event as the blowback for America's excesses. The wanton and meaningless terror act was nothing of the kind. There is also no revolution brewing among the Muslims “to throw off their Western oppressors.” Far from it. Your essay is merely a devious attempt to resurrect a boogieman that doesn't exist – along the lines of clash of civilizations, but replacing Bernard Lewis' “Islamic Triumphalism” with your “radicalized Muslims” due to oppression. It isn't clear why one should rejoice in Muslims being called “revolutionaries” for acts which are entirely terroristic, wanton, take the lives of innocent, and outright criminal. If anything, it is maligning an entire peoples. Still works wonders when the enemy is kept external. And the name of “whoever wrote this letter” is Zahir Ebrahim. Thank you.

    Mr. Paul Craig Roberts responds: “you are a completely stupid fool, a disgrace to humanity”

    And we graciously let him have the last word!

  • The Real Terrorists: Letter to Pak Alert Press December 05, 2008.

    The atrocity in Mumbai last week, and the bizarre data that is emerging, will make more sense if one stops viewing this heinous terrorist act from the traditional Indian-Pakistan lens. It is urgent that people in both nations begin to appreciate what's at stake so that each may initiate proper self-defense against accurately identified hidden dangers from the overt 'katputli tamashas'.

  • Letter To Economic Policy Institute November 29, 2008

    I wonder if you have any research documents, by any of your distinguished members, who might have addressed the following: a) the mechanics of money as debt which is the prime reason for the United States debt being close to 11 trillion as advertised on the US Treasury's website. b) the policy of the control of money supply in monopolistic private central-banking hands legally controlled by their fronting cartel represented by the Federal Reserve System.

  • Mr. Obama – The Post Modern Coup: Response to 'You’re Scaring Me, Obama: Let the Bush Years Die'

    Dear Ms. Heather, I wish the same as you do in your letter to Mr. Obama. The reality however is manifestly otherwise, and was/is very predictable. As Robert Jensen noted in his recent article “Real hope: Facing difficult truths about an uncertain future”, just below yours on AFP, “Expressions of hope are only as truly hopeful as the honesty of the assessment of reality from which they emerge. Conjuring up hope rooted in a denial of reality can only deepen despair in the long run.” And therefore, the response to this statement in your letter is probably already obvious to everyone else reading it: 'In short, Mr. President-elect, you promised "Change we can believe in," but across the board it's looking a lot more like "Business as usual." ' But just for the sake of completeness, Mr. Obama's favorite philosopher is probably Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski. Mr. Obama's favorite financiers are probably from the same Rockefeller money. Mr. Obama's election campaign, probably the costliest in American election history, some say to the tune of $2 billion dollars, merely to ensure that a 'change' mantra would get sewn into the fabric of American social discourse - which has apparently succeeded, as all of the right, left, and center, echo that mantra. The reality of 'change' is analyzed here: .

  • Response to 'Why I won't vote for Obama' November 03, 2008

    Obama is backed by Zbigniew Brzezinski. McCain by his son, Mark Brzezinski. The two are just two wings of the same airplane owned by the same airline. They are the two sides of the same imperial coin, minted in the factory owned by the same oligarchs. Just two different pairs of socks in the same drawer to be worn the day after elections depending on the great democracy's choice. Both take marching orders from common think-tanks and foundations, and their overarching policies are constructed by the CFR. And in this elections, since the Americans have had eight too many years of vanilla, and are sick of that taste, therefore it's time for chocolate, and won't that be a great leap for civil rights in America! Obama is the next President of the United States as already predicted by Project Humanbeingsfirst ( Not-Voting is a 'YES' vote to Reject a Corrupt System which thrives on the facade of Elections and Democracy! ), and I fear that a great war with Russia and Iran is brewing to be unveiled during his watch.

  • The entrenched notion of Public Debt in America – will take a gestalt shift to overcome!

    A seeding–prose for Collaboration. This is the single most important point that Project Humanbeingsfirst is humbly attempting to drive home among would be 'revolutionaries'. Some of the realistic challenges in effectively overthrowing an entrenched system that is maintained by power-wielders who overwhelmingly control the triumvirate of political, social, and financial agendas, is discussed in Project Humanbeingsfirst's reality-check essay: “Monetary Reform: Who will bell the cat?”. And this letter highlights the additional challenge of overcoming an entrenched worldview so ingrained in the myopic consciousness of an entire generation, that even its axioms remain unexamined by its highest lauded thinkers. I refuse to accept the un-stated premise among some, that the US Treasury department is run by morons, just as I refuse to accept the premise that Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, and Dr. Ben Bernanke the Fed Chairman, both MIT alums with Ph.D. in economics (1977, 1979), holding prestigious chairs at imperial Princeton, are morons. A worldview so entrenched, and a un-hidden power so pervasive which nurtures this worldview in pernicious ways that only become apparent a hundred years later, as Mr. Norman Dodd revealed to Mr. Griffin for instance, is the nemesis, not peoples. I use the singular advisedly, because indeed, the root nemesis is mainly one.

  • Open Letter to Hon. Ron Paul Supporters October 29, 2008

    Hon Ron Paul retains that idea of 'bin laden', 'al qaeeda', 'external terrorists' did 911, as: “they attacked us”. He therefore, maintains the fiction that there is indeed a real 'militant islam' which is very capable and something to be feared; and they attacked us due to “blowback” of our ill-conceived foreign policies. That they are so powerful that they could override all of America's air defenses with cellphones and laptops from their hideout in the Hindu Kush, and simultaneously control-demolish America's famous tall buildings in a perfectly timed precision destruction collapsing three of them within a span of less than 10 hours into their own footprints at near free-fall speed. His core argument is that misguided America shouldn't be using this “blowback” attack for “imperial mobilization”, but rather, address the powerful 'attackers' concerns of American imperialism inflicted upon them on their own native lands. He spouts 'Constitutionalism', that we should go to Congress for permission first before declaring war. But he never takes on the fiction of manufactured terror, synthetic terror, self-inflicted terror as a 'transformative' event to usher in the long planned world-government, the new world order, even though, he does talk about the New World Order, the North American Union, the neo-con-servatives, loss of national sovereignty, and rightly positions himself as opposing it all. Thus he elicits thunderous applause from the audience!

  • Message to the United States Congress from Project Humanbeingsfirst: It's now or never!

    Assert the plain truth that the “war on terror” is a fiction! That the enemy is fabricated. And therefore, the emergency and war-footings basis upon which the Martial Law has been declared in the House, is fictitious. And therefore, you, as the Representative of the People, revolt against this fiction being forced upon you as it is preventing you from upholding your own oath of office to protect and serve the nation against all enemies, both foreign, and domestic!

  • Response to 'America is rapidly becoming Talmudized'

    Today – it is way past time that cultural history is discarded as motivators du jour. This is true for all of us, regardless of our inherited creed. We are human beings first, before we are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, etc. Together, with a clearer understanding of hidden forces which manipulate us – “the forces that drive them” – and some empathy for each other, we can take on any 'hectoring hegemons' regardless of its creed. Otherwise, we are merely practicing the black-art perfected by the most prominent “Western Scholar of Islam”, Professor Bernard Lewis, in his 2001 Edward Bernays' special edition: “Crisis of Islam – Holy War and Unholy Terror”, where he so eruditely, and painstakingly, tried to construct the reality of Osama Bin Laden and 'militant Islam', craftily drawing upon ancient Islamic texts to justify his thesis of “Islamic Triumphalism” out to conquer the West, after he had already brilliantly crafted the mantra of “Clash of Civilization” a decade earlier for the CFR.

  • Response to Greg Palast on 'The Theft of 2008'

    To: Mr. Greg Palast and Newsnight, Thank you for this report. It indeed provides new methods and ideas to the so called emerging democracies in the third world for running their own elections by learning from the beacon of democratic dispensation. And I am slightly confused by your emphasis on these elections. If both candidates are supported by the same oligarchs, backed by the same brains and ideologues, both keep the main mantras of "war on terror" against an "indomitable" and illusive foe sitting on his rump in the Hindu-Kush intact, and both parties, Democrats as well as the Republicans, in a truly bipartisan way, standup and salute the President of the United States on his every suggestion to pass oppressive legislation, bailout bills, and more monies to wage more "imperial mobilization", what is the purpose of paying so much attention to these elections?

  • Response to 'The “Real” Terrorists'

    The following summation statement by your good-self is very disturbing: 'Eventually, these evil Zionists will enact 'The Noahide Laws,' which were appended to the legislature in 1993. These laws "behead" Christians should they refuse to accept a generic form of Judaism.'

Response by Project Humanbeingsfirst

October 14th, 2008 at 2:21 pm

Thanks for staging such a question.

Project Humanbeingsfirst’s question to Obama would be, why?

Why does a distinguished person like yourself become so co-opted in your life that you voluntarily work for enslaving others by serving people like Zbigniew Brzezinski – your mentor and advisor – who in turn serves the Rockefeller interests, who in turn desire nothing less than to destroy nation-states to create a world government of which the North American Union is but one of its four vertices with the power of private central banks at its center?


Thank you,

Zahir Ebrahim

In response to '“This Election is Winnable” – An Interview with Cindy Sheehan'


Dateline: Monday, Sep 1, 2008 at 2:36 AM

What a courageous “ordinary” American! An example for all ordinary peoples on the planet!

Thank you for your relentless efforts Cindy.

While you are at it holding the mighty Ms. Pelosi accountable, perhaps you might care to read the following Project Humanbeingsfirst's analysis and endeavor to hold the entire mighty United States Congress accountable alongside bringing up the issues of compensation and restitution to the unholy recipients of “imperial mobilization”: Impeachment alone does not solve the problem!

Attacking the symptoms and leaving the systemic disease intact is merely more eyewash as I am sure most will agree. And watching Aaron Russo's gift to the American peoples, “Freedom to Fascism”, makes it quite clear that the un-hijacking of America must begin [ab initio] at nationalizing the Federal Reserve Bank!

You have our support if you can address and drive the above issues in your election campaign.

Thank you again,

Zahir Ebrahim

  • Letter to BBC on “Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program and the plan by the US military to destroy it”

    To: BBC Radio 4 Document Series Subject: Mike Thomson's documentary in the“Uncovering Pakistan” season titled “USA and Pakistan in the 1970s” on “Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program and the plan by the US military to destroy it” being re-broadcast today. There are many omissions and inaccuracies in Mike Thomson's program on Pakistan's bomb. Apart from the fact that the attitude and tenor of the program reflected the “White mans burden” quite clearly – obviously as heard with only “non-white” ears – it lacked information on the shenanigans of the real sponsors of terror in the world regarding the removal of Z. A. Bhutto, and the Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan. To correct this in a followup program – please refer to the following three references:

  • A Call to ACT!

    To Dear ACTers of Conscience, I am convinced that additional writings (and readings) alone are now meaningless going forward. There needs to be ACTs to match. The reason for this conviction stems not just from the truism succinctly observed by Bertrand Russell “Many people would sooner die than think. In fact they do”, but also from the empirical evidence of the past 7 years where that bit of truism has been lent universal credence in spades even for those who do tend to think! Thus writing more wonderful prose and analysis while useful for self-catharsis, is plain meaningless for efficacy when all those who do read and write these things already well understand the overall problems – as noted in this excellent motivational essay by Les Visible where he observes: “We don't have guns. We don't have banks. We don't have storm-troopers and we don't have a powerful media. What we have is our convictions, our courage and our potential. We've done a lot of research and we've done a lot of talking and writing. What we have not done is taken the next step toward calculated revolution. A revolution always begins with ideas and ideals. These power the willing and cause the ranks to swell. Sometimes, often… the revolution becomes subverted and when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there. This is simplistic but most of you have a grasp of the minutiae and some sense of history; real history.”

  • Open Letter to Palestinian Intellectuals

    You have some very good websites. Thank you for the stellar documentation work. It is certainly useful, and in a just and moral world, these narratives and documentations of the Nakba would make good evidence in a fair court room. Among these stellar websites which appear to carry authentic accounts include:,,,,, and many more narratives which can be found on this links page. The most significant and substantive work done in documentation of the Nakba, in the humble view of Project Humanbeingsfirst, is by Dr. Salman Abu Sitta of Palestine Land Society. His new book “The Return Journey, The way to return Home” – A Guide to the Depopulated And Present Palestine Towns And Villages and Holy Sites – is a masterpiece of factual compilation that would be hard to challenge in any fair and moral court of law on any planet. Except on Earth! In this world, and on this planet, where only power dictates and not its victims seeking redressal and justice, it is going to take a bit more than just documentation and narratives to get one's homes and lands back. As those given to even a modicum of reflection and empiricism well understand, among humanoids, power is only known to respect power – as “Hegemony is as old as mankind” – and justice in this system on such a vast national scale is only that which is administered by the victors to the vanquished!

  • Letter2 to Palestine Think Tank on 'Take 10 and give back 1 if the Palestinians behave, then repeat!'

    Anecdotally, in 1967 after the onset of the second Nakba, another Pakistani, a far more distinguished and astute one, wrote to Yaser Arafat to not engage the Israelis by firing Katsuya rockets at them – but to understand that the Jews barely escaping their Holocaust will always garner the Western world's sympathy ex post facto, in their disingenuous vociferous clamoring 'they are doing another Holocaust on us' as they conquer more and more in response to the Katsuyas. That instead, the Palestinians should engage the Zionists by astutely comprehending their antagonists strengths, and their weaknesses (and not just in military terms). That the best and most efficacious defense against them was Gandhian means – effective surrogates and "frontier-post" as they were of the superpowers. He was entirely ignored.

  • And he 'sleeps with the fishes'? – A response to 'Government Insider: Bush Authorized 911 Attacks'

    The most disturbing question about this interview is why should a famous gadfly like yourself, one who has become an immensely popular magnet for the most radical and overzealous of 'truth-seekers' among the dissent-space in the United States, deliberately try to push this concept of “Bush Authorized 911 Attacks” in this interview, and even attempt to give it extra credibility by prefacing the interview transcript with: “Keep in mind when reading this, that the man being interviewed is no two-bit internet conspiracy buff”, and yet, produce not a shard of the purported evidence? I am entirely worried that just as the uber gadfly extraordinaire Noam Chomsky takes the opposite extreme position, of a “Bin Laden” and “Al-Qaeeda” dun-it without producing any evidence or rational analysis to support his conjectures that can withstand any forensic scrutiny, you seem to be taking the other extreme position, entirely following in his very large and distinguished footsteps. It almost appears as if, surely only inadvertently, a dialectics of infamy (also known as Ezra Pound's 'technique of infamy') is being re-constructed in the dissent-space to cater to the needs and proclivities of every breed of emergent flock and every possibility. Everything except that which might actually be true, provable, or useful in efficaciously preempting “imperial mobilization”!

  • Letter to Palestine Think Tank on 'Palestinian options as the Nakba turns 60'

    To catch a mere glimpse of the sophisticated intellectual capital that went into the construction of Israel – just look at this statement of David Ben Gurion – “What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”! When the Palestinians can come up with such intellectual capital – that is the day when their fortunes will perhaps begin to change!

  • Letter to Editor Tehran Times on 'Iran busts CIA terror network' and on 'the United States' dreams about Iraq will not come true'

    What does the respected Ayatollah mean that “Surely the United States' dreams about Iraq will not come true,”? They have already come true! The raping of Mesopotamia, destroying the DNA of its ancient peoples, and bombing all of Iraq back to pre-historic times from whence it cannot even reclaim clean non-Uranium laden drinking water, is the meaning of “Mission Accomplished”! Perhaps the respected Ayatollah understands this all too well. And perhaps he does not. In the latter event, he and the rest of Iranian leadership who, while asserting “Politicians do not deal with imaginary things”, are consistently “hallucinating” in their own imaginary conception of the reality du jour, and therefore, do a great disservice to the people of Iran who are today poised at the brink of nuclear annihilation. The least these leaders can do is to comprehend, and publicly betray their apprehension, of the grave dangers Iran faces today that can create a far worse fate for its ancient and proud peoples than the one that has been so devilishly constructed for the Iraqis!

  • A letter to the American Peoples from Project Humanbeingsfirst

Good morning [America]. At this moment, somewhere in the world, terrorists are planning new attacks on our country. Their goal is to bring destruction to our shores that will make September the 11th pale by comparison.” (President of the United States, George W. Bush, Feb. 13, 2008)

What can possibly “pale” this exploding building “by comparison”?

What can possibly “pale” this anti-gravity exploding building “by comparison”?

Project Humanbeingsfirst would certainly like to assist the President of the United States in preventing any “new attacks on our country” and bringing any “destruction to our shores” whatsoever, whether or not it will “make September the 11th pale by comparison”! This must indeed be the duty of all men and women of uncommon courage, to rise-up to the age old challenge of “ask not what my country can do for me, but what I can do for my country.” >> Download recipe for “what I can do for my country”... | >> Download recipe to make your soufflé rise...

  • Letter to Editor Press TV with a message to the Iranian Peoples

    It appears that it is the Iranian political leadership who, while asserting “Politicians do not deal with imaginary things”, are consistently “hallucinating” in their own imaginary conception of the reality du jour. While this may perhaps be calculated bravado, or some bizarre political ploy to deliberately appear moronic on the world stage, on the face of it, it betrays an asinine comprehension of the “real intention” of the Goliath of the world and the diabolical forces that are driving its “imperial mobilization”.

  • Letter to Editor Guardian: 2008 Orwell Prize for the Palestinian Narrative of Nakba

    There appears to be much satisfaction among the Palestinian people at one of their own winning this prize – perhaps because some feel that it draws attention to their miserable plight. But perhaps some prizes and accolades are meant to be turned down by a dignified self-respecting peoples perceptively seeing through the honey-coated poison pills? The Palestinians suffer surely not because of want of knowledge of their cataclysmic sufferings by the silently spectating world! Intellectual co-option is most assuredly the biggest weakness of the Palestinian struggle for survival on their own lands. This co-option is not by its ordinary peoples who merely pay for it in spades, bullets to the head of their children, and daily suffocation, but by its own educated ruling elite who do indeed struggle genuinely in the cause, but the enemy is far superior and has continually overwhelmed and outclassed them. This 2008 Orwell Prize is just another 1994 Nobel Peace Prize for the Palestinians! Therefore, 'I hesitate to offer my humble congratulations to Mr. Raja Shehadeh and the long suffering Palestinian peoples – if that's indeed the right sentiment to offer here. Perhaps the prize is more appropriately labeled than first meets the eye – for the situation is even more tortuous than just Kafkaesque. Some English Lord, Sir, and Dame in the manors born must surely be chuckling nigh at the fatal faits accomplis being handed the natives while its depiction by the beleaguered natives is applauded as “political art”. The best Orwellian conquest indeed that the unfortunate victims make an “art” of telling their own misery and celebrate in the prize that is handed them with these words of the chair of the prize, Professor Jean Seaton: “One way of measuring the quality of your freedom is just to take a walk,”

  • Letter to Jim Hoagland in Response to his war mongering oped in Washington Post: Try 'Pakistan First'

    Pakistan, with its two dozen nuclear weapons, popular and official support for Kashmiri and Taliban terrorism, and political instability, is ultimately a greater threat to world peace than Afghanistan and Iraq combined. That is the unavoidable reality that campaign promises should not obscure.” While you may surely be right on the 364 'unbirthday parties' with the 'Mad Hatter' thumping to the beat of “United We Stand” with 'Alice', for that one real birthday when 'Alice' is wide awake, please permit me to point your kind attention to three short essays which betray a different, even more grotesque reality of the 'Grand Chessboard':

  • Letter to Editor Bentham Open on Steven Jones seminal paper on the destruction of WTC towers

    In order to preemptively thwart such facile deflection, it would be prudent to urgently undertake a detailed scientific study of how each of the three towers could have been demolished through controlled demolition, as a continuation of extending the scientific understanding of the key hypothesis left standing in Jones' paper. Such a study might show what it takes to plan and execute a controlled demolition of this magnitude and fantastic precision, including identifying the precise location of cutter charges, the manpower needed to access and plant those cutter charges, the time frame within which to do it quickly (it certainly appears to be longer than a 7-hour period in a single day; in ref to WTC7) while not attracting attention, and how it could be pragmatically done at all without any of the native residents of these tall buildings noticing the clean-shaven turban-less foreigner-jihadis running amok up and down the towers laden with thermite explosives and knocking down walls and ceilings and drilling holes into the steel structure within to plant them.

  • Letter to Noam Chomsky on Steven Jones seminal paper on the destruction of WTC

    That is the difference between covert-ops and conspiracy theory - obviously! It is 'conspiracy theory' until after it's a fait accompli, and the famed declassification process and FOIA has made it a field day for historians, at which point, it magically transforms into 'covert-ops' of that abominable “outlaw” empire. Well this one just transformed a bit sooner [but not soon enough]! This is the history of 'empire' as I have studied it, as introduced to me by you, starting if I remember correctly, with Nicaragua. But it's one long chain from the 'USS Maine' to '911', each one leading to some “imperial mobilization” in the name of fighting “pirates”.

  • Letter to Editor: Iran, the Associated Press, and Covert-War of 'Imperial Mobilization'

    A peek into the synthesis and propagation of calculated 'doctrinal motivation' for 'war on terror'.

  • Letter to Juan Cole on Nuremberg: The grotesquely dancing trumpeting elephant in the newlywed's bed!

    the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole. ... If certain acts of violation of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them, and we are not prepared to lay down a rule of criminal conduct against others which we would not be willing to have invoked against us.”

  • Letter to on Why is the impending Nuclear Attack on Iran being treated as fait accompli?

  • Letter to Editor on 'Hamas Accepts State Within 1967 Borders' (as if the 'ubermensch' conquerers made them that proposition!)

  • Letter to Editor – Journal of 911 Studies On how does their focus on 911 deter a nuclear attack on Iran?

    I hope you would also permit me to share this one final lament. I sometimes sense that even well intentioned peoples in the United States often tend to forget that other's dead and destroyed are not mere statistics to their loved ones. Sitting 20,000 miles away from the murderous war zone, it is easy to become engrossed in solving the riddles of 911, or rehearsing interesting histories in conference halls that are already fait accompli. Can the conscionable peoples in this nation at least make it a point to also sometimes imagine, as a shocking thought experiment, that with every falling American bomb upon a 'lesser' peoples, paid for from their own tax dollars, their mom, dad, sister, brother, kids, wife, and the family dog is killed? What courses of action, and with what urgency, would one take then?

  • Letter to Matthew Bunn of Harvard on his risk assessment of Nuclear Terrorism from 'pirates' while ignoring the 'emperor'!

    I would like to humbly inquire if you included in the calculus of nuclear security and the nuclear threat to America, the also very real threat from a cabal within the United States Government hijacking its nukes and its foreign policy instruments to construct an 'ubermensch' global empire by seeding 'perpetual war' in the “Global Zone of Percolating Violence”?

  • Letter2 to FPIF on ignoring the real security threat from America's real loose nukes! (and instead, focussing on the fictitious one from Pakistani 'loose nukes')

  • Letter to Sibel Edmonds on 'Pakistan's Bomb, U.S. Cover-up'

    Unless you are bold enough to assert that “imperial mobilization” is itself a monumental crime; that it is counter to the democratic aspirations of the peoples of the United States of America because “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization” and thus its covert pursuit is treasonous by definition under any pretext, even when couched as 'American Foreign Policy Initiative' or 'preemptive self-defense'; that the very exercise of 'hegemony' is the prime-mover that leads to covert-ops in the first place, and to the wanton usurpation of the 'lesser' humanity; and that both its advocates and harbingers alike are the worst monumental criminals of humanity to be sent off to Guantanamo Bay for eternity; unless you boldly assert all these commonsensical truths, at best, after you are done successfully prosecuting your investigations at the FBI and getting your public Congressional hearings on them, what do you get? One set of dispensable 'hectoring hegemons' is simply replaced by another, but in continuation of the same overarching policies of 'empire'. The 'party' still continues!

  • Letters to Editors on their perpetuating the fiction of Who Killed Benazir Bhutto in cahoots with the 'hectoring hegemons' and their agents!

Letters 2007

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Please be advised that Project HumanbeingsfirstTM fully cooperates with all law enforcement and other governmental agencies worldwide in rooting out Terrorism in all its nuanced shades and stripes in order to end its Neanderthal reign of terror upon all who are human beings first. Project Humanbeingsfirst does not distinguish between terrorists clad in turbans and those wearing suits, nor between the predatory rampages of the pirates vs. the emperors, albeit each is apportioned the measure of crime and guilt commensurate to their respective station of power and impact on their victims. Law enforcement personnel worldwide, but especially in the United States and the West, are encouraged to participate with Project Humanbeingsfirst. It is essential for all nations' state security apparatus to learn how to forensically identify the monumental supreme terrorists hiding in plain sight among us under legal cover, the real merchants of death, while they dutifully chase down the easy to spot handful of often deliberately manufactured pirates at sea.