Open Letter To Imran Khan From Zahir Ebrahim

California, Thursday, July 26, 2018 11:45 am
Dear Prime Minister Elect of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan:
Your speech today after winning the 2018 general election, dear Mr. Imran Khan, was so humble, statesman-like, and sincere that despite my considerable reservations about your political acumen and your backers, I, an ordinary Pakistani living in the United States, have decided to actively support your divine mission as the new prime minister elect of Pakistan.
In whatever humble way I can, I support the notion of “Naya Pakistan”, but not exactly your prescription. If one is not part of the solution, one is part of the problem --- a maxim that only the activist mind-set, the revolutionary mind, can dare live by, while the rest remain part of the problem. Your speech and your life's singular dedication to Pakistan at great personal sacrifices, has inspired me to rise beyond my own limitations, both real and imagined. Thank you.
I congratulate you on your expression of deep religious sensibility and deep humility that you appear to fully realize that you have been given an incredible opportunity to serve man – Pakistan's common man – as a statesman.
In the past I have critiqued your political acumen and I list these analyses for the record [1], [2], [3]. Moving forward, the proof of the pudding will be in its eating. Platitudinous claims are always easy to make. These escape every man's lips, especially the Machiavellian demagogue's who seduces with honey rather than at the point of bayonet, to induce voluntary servitude in man. The genuine categorical imperatives which spring from these moral platitudes however, at least for the genuine revolutionary mind holding a divine mission, are a real pain to implement in actual life. “Thou Shall Not Kill” has existed for three millennia --- I still await its implementation anywhere in the world, most of all in the Holy Land which gave birth to it. Pakistan's creation too is a mystery not too distant from the one revealed in the Sinai. And she too remains beholden to the Divine Promise --- of being obliterated from the face of the earth unless she reforms herself by her own efforts. Only then, all that is noble in the Universe, and its Creator, shall conspire to help her fulfill her true destiny. I hope that journey for Pakistan indeed begins with your coming to power. That it is not another illusion.
My forthcoming Open Letter II to you will outline the actual macro challenges facing Pakistan as I perceive them, and the macro solutions as I imagine them, and how one might dare to implement these given that Pakistan has been a vassal state, a client state, a rental state that has shamelessly rented out its men and its services for pecuniary gain since its very inception.
The only thing ideological and noble about Pakistan has perhaps been what's written in her school children's history books. Those holding her ungodly reigns in their clenched fists are not about to give up their geopolitical advantage of having a compliant Uncle Tom client-state that has been brought to its knees by its own House Niggers, just upon hearing your lofty platitudinous speech as the new noble prime minister elect of Pakistan.
I imagine the first thing you will undertake upon taking oath is to pay homage to your own real qibla, one which all rulers of Pakistan bow before --- I remain expectant that yours will not be situated in the West.
I invite you to call upon me when I am in Pakistan this fall --- for someone who publicly states that he takes great inspiration from the nobility of the Prophet of Islam, and from the humility of Khulafa-e-Rashideen, which you again stated with your own deep humility in your incredible speech, there should be no problem in you visiting an ordinary common man, me, at my home in Islamabad, to at least hear me out. None are kulle-ilm, let alone kulle-sagaciousness, and a large number of zeros still add up only to a big fat zero. I hope you will navigate that egotistical trap with far deeper humility than even your profoundly platitudinous words betray.
I offer my humble help to you, despite its very small measure, in rebuilding Pakistan to surpass the Pakistan of our youths, yours and mine. It will take more than your political will, and your tenaciousness; though both are necessary, but still not sufficient. It will take considerable skill in the Art of War, and having the courage of your convictions, to execute amidst the narrow self-interests that now surround you. Both from the front, and behind you. They will each demand their own pound of flesh for loaning you their support. There is no free lunch. The most powerful can easily find themselves powerless in power.
With Best Wishes from a Pakistani common man,
Zahir Ebrahim
The plebeian antidote to hectoring hegemons

For the Record
[1] Zahir Ebrahim, January 22, 2018, Pakistan Election Illusion,
[2] Zahir Ebrahim, February 21, 2013, Some Context for What's Transpiring in Pakistan,
[3] Zahir Ebrahim, January 09, 2011, The bogus Hegelian Dialectic - Response to Imran Khan's 'Pakistan will implode if the US does not leave Afghanistan',

Click on image to download PDF Open Guidance to Imran Khan - Reimagining Pakistan : Project ReGenesis by Zahir Ebrahim
Open Guidance to Imran Khan - Reimagining Pakistan : Project ReGenesis by Zahir Ebrahim Click on image to download PDF
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Open Letter To Imran Khan From Zahir Ebrahim

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